1 ????? ??? 10kg ????? | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month with GREEN MAGICAL JUICE | | Phentermine37.5 - No. 1 Diet pill is Phen375

1 ????? ??? 10kg ????? | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month with GREEN MAGICAL JUICE

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1 ????? ??? 10kg ?????|NO DIET-NO EXERCISE|Lose 10 kg in 1 month with GREEN MAGICAL JUICE

Quick Weight reduction with TRASH JUICE:
Quick Fat burning with POTATOES:

50gm coriander leaves
2inchs karela( bitter guard).
1/2inch ginger.
Potato (point of views, individuals that r suffering from stone issue just for those, rest individuals just skip) 50gm.
Garlic.1 COMPUTER.
Curry leaves (essential ingredient, don't miss).
Lemon juice( opinional) 10drops.
Black salt 1/2 tsp.
Make juice based on video clip directions.
Keep in mind:-.
1) Have juice as an initial meal, after15 mins take hefty breakfast, n 150 ml regular milk tea.
2) light lunch after 15 grean tea 150 ml.
3) very light between 7:30 -8:30 pm no environment-friendly tea.
4) 1/2 pleasant almond oil prior to bed.

10 kg shed implies individuals who carry weight to loss.if u r 65 kg to 85 kg ur result careful in 2-5 kg.

If u r 50-60 kg u will obtain excellent skin, hair, look n healthy body.
Diabetic patients (325):- skip potato.
Hypothyroidism use 25 gm coriander leaves.
BP patients:- skip black salt, use normal salt or miss salt ideally.

Disclaimer: These video clips are just intended for informational purpose.Any information associated with these videos need to not be taken into consideration as a substitute for prescription suggested by REGIONAL charm, diet and also health care professionals.Viewers undergo use these details by themselves risk.This channel does not take any duty for any harm, side-effects, illness or any wellness or skin treatment problems triggered as a result of using our web content or anything pertaining to this.

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38 thoughts on “1 ????? ??? 10kg ????? | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month with GREEN MAGICAL JUICE

  1. tamil beauty tips with me says:

    if I drink this juice, do I fallow any diet or not??

    1. Recipe With Dr Shalini says:

      See discription box

  2. Zayyan Khan says:

    mam mia nia 28 november siy yi juice shoro kiya hia or koi dait nahe falo
    kirte hu kiya is sy mara waight lose higa my wight is 93 kg plzz tell me k
    mia or kiya karo ta k mara waight jalde lose hojai ga plzzzzzzzzz jawab
    zaroor diana?

  3. Sangeet Pravah World says:

    thanks for video?

  4. Rakshanda Thakur says:

    can we make it in bulk and store…because it will b hectic to make it
    every single day..?

    1. Rekha Soni says:

      Rehman Oynarsa

    2. Rehman Oynarsa says:

      M? daught?r ?nd I ?r? l?sing w? s? far have lost 10 p?unds b?twe?n b?th of
      us… Hav? ? lo?k th?r?
      https://twitter.com/49ef5dfe174d006b8/status/788632172043366400 1 à à à à à
      à à à 10kg à à Ÿà à à N?O? DI?? N?? E?XERCISE L?s? 10 kg in 1 m?nth with

    3. ISA ANSARI says:

      can i have orange tea,, pink tea ,green juice and garbage juice all 4
      together in same month

  5. puja debnath says:

    Can we have ds after exercise? Or before??

  6. S R-A says:

    kya morning main protein shake le sakte hain??

  7. anitha dharmaraj says:

    hi mam. my baby is 8 months old and in breast feeding. how to reduce weight
    and tummy??

  8. Nishath Azhar says:

    Hi mam karela juice banane ke liye 200 grm karela chahiye aur coriander
    kitney gram lena chahiye mam plz tell me?

  9. Nidhi Kothari says:

    I have been drinking this juice for last one month but I have not lost even
    100 gms?

    1. Debasri Sarkar says:

      Nidhi Kothari

    2. AAngelus28 says:

      Nidhi Kothari no diet doesn’t mean you eat all the sugar, fried food ,
      bread and pizza. Don’t be a moron. Eat good. Not empty calories.

    3. rahul togari says:

      i was gonna try it

  10. Aalema Khan says:

    karela ka juice kitne month pie sakte hai jada pine se nuksan to nahi hai?

  11. Heena Khan says:

    wow mam u r amazing?

    1. Namrata Kuvalekar says:

      Heena Khan

    2. Heena Khan says:

      Ha bohot useful hai dr. Shalini k tips… mai ye juice le rahi hu wt. pe hi
      effect hua hai n skin pe bhi… hair loss bhi kam ho gae hai…

    3. Md Riyaz uddin says:

      Heena ji Kya such may ya tips amazing hai

  12. sharoz butt says:

    ma farah aro ma wazan kam karan chate ho maer shide ka bada wazan zada ho
    ga ha is ke waga sa mare datt nehi hate?

  13. rukhsar saiyad very good song says:

    hum ise bana kar nahi rakh sakhte kya. rukhsar sayyad?

  14. Sara 4m says:

    Are you sure to lose 10 kilos in a month !? Because I urgently need, where
    I suffer from pressure, sugar and cholesterol.?

    1. Rekha Khoiwal says:

      Sara 4m

    2. Fatima Mansuri says:

      can pimples go from it

    3. satnam singh says:

      Izhar Asif

    4. ranjana sahai says:

      Izhar Asif we

    5. Izhar Asif says:

      +Izhar Asif follow this

  15. harsh m says:

    Can I give this juice to 11 year old girl for weight loss?

  16. Renu Khullar says:

    mam karela liye bina bhi juice benefit deta Kya? bcoz Meri daughter 14 yrs
    old h vo karele ki vhajah se piti nhi h & uska weight 90 kg hai.?

  17. Keejall Ketann Shah says:

    Hello mam can we use this juice without garlic, potato because we not use
    it we r jain?

  18. khair uddin Ali says:

    if thyroid person wants to drink this green juice so they have drink before
    breakfast or after breakfast?

    1. khair uddin Ali says:

      please reply

  19. Pathan riyazalikhan says:

    hello mam maine 2maine piye phir bi Koch weight kam nai howa maine phele bi
    bola aur kitne maine peena hai?

  20. Aisha sd says:

    kisse kab pina h?

    1. Aisha sd says:

      isse *

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