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#1 Fat Burning Tip: Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Fast (2 Week Challenge)!

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In this video clip males's style, brushing and health and fitness specialist, aaron marino, shares with you his best fat burning suggestion to shed body fat, tummy fat and also drop weight with this basic way of living alteration. Losing body fat is simple if you understand how to utilize fats as the energy resource to maintain you moving. Cardio on a vacant tummy first thing in the morning is the best means to shed body fat.

Good things take place when you have a reduced body fat percentage: you look much better, you feel much better, and you're healthier. Yet there's details overload concerning ways to lower body fat. Alpha is actioning in and tossing his fitness hat in the ring. He's supplying his advice as he's been around the health and fitness as well as weight loss block a time or two. He's been an owner gym as well as a nutrition shop.

The number one method to minimize your body fat the fastest, most convenient, and also best is doing cardio First point in the early morning on a vacant tummy. Doing it for 30-minutes very first point in the early morning coincides as an hour-and-half later in the day. The body dips right into your fat stores as the power to maintain going. You need to do the cardio in your target zone:.

220 – your age = number.
That number is multiplied by.6 in addition to by.75.

Those 2 numbers are your reduced and also top range. You will be using nothing but fats to maintain going in that area. You don't need to go the fitness center. You can walk the area or jog in position. Just obtain your heart rate because area.

There's a lot information available that is rogue science. Alpha additionally discusses 'muscle memory'. He states that muscle mass does not vanish from missing out on meals. Muscular tissue is not a 'priceless snowflake. Attempt this approach for 2 weeks with consecutive sessions. You will certainly see the results.
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63 thoughts on “#1 Fat Burning Tip: Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight Fast (2 Week Challenge)!

  1. Diana101 says:

    I’m 16 years old.Today is saturday and I’m starting tomorrow.During the
    week I’m going to run in the afternoon,but i’m in soccer so i run in school
    then after school i have dance practice and soccer practice + i’ll run
    15-30 min every day + some ab and leg workout

    In two weeks I’ll come back and check in
    Btw if any of you think i’m over working can you please tell me? I want the
    best results and ik sometimes the more you workout the less you see results
    in my personal experience
    So please feel free to leave suggestions?

    1. Jakub j4kob Dubaj says:

      +I Was Absent (shh, you’re ruining my joke!)

    2. Freakin Edits says:

      +I Was Absent mayb bro

    3. I Was Absent says:

      Jakub j4kob Dubaj I believe it was a girl not a guy but I’m just saying
      that because the account is named Diana.

    4. Freakin Edits says:

      same situation.. ive been working out for a week.. there is no reasonable
      change… in my opinion.. u will loose 10 kgs in 2 months..

    5. Jakub j4kob Dubaj says:

      It probably went so well he never used the internet ever again cos he keeps
      getting laid!

  2. Cristian Castro says:

    ineed to lose wieght in one month and half before ni go to highschool lmao?

    1. Random Person Who Doesn't Want Your Input- says:

      JSB how’s it going?

    2. Resul Mujic says:

      Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover best
      ways to burn fat fast try Ichordo Incredible Weight Fixer (do a google
      search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got amazing
      results with it.

    3. Steven Acosta says:

      InfiniteJoe alright I will do my best. There is this park I like to ride
      around and each time I go will will switch gears as well as push the
      peddles as fast as I must.

    4. InfiniteJoe says:

      try to get 45 mins of good biking. remember though, try to push yourself!
      you can do it

    5. Steven Acosta says:

      InfiniteJoe I will do my best thank you so much. So 30 min a day is okay?

  3. Audri Granados says:

    I went from 136 to 112 in 2.5 months by doing this! size 9 to size 5-6!?

    1. coawler oz says:

      +DarkShadow you must be really fat

    2. Tommy Chappell says:

      Audri Granados nice one!!! 😀 ?keep it up!!

  4. Quenton Millstid says:

    time to go to 4% because he says it’s healthy?

  5. MATT MATT says:

    Going to start this tommorow, wake up at 5 30 and workout at 6 on an empty
    Who is with me, I will update after 2 weeks?

    1. JonnyBoy's Vlogg says:

      MATT MATT im with ya man! i gotchu!

  6. Julieta says:

    Great intro on Paleo diet. Reading this book helped me understand how Paleo
    diet can help reduce body fat, increase immunity against diseases, and
    prevent chronic illnesses. The meal plans were indeed very helpful..*here *
    *https://t.co/engzN1xy3F** :)*?


      Fr?? onlin? vid????? sh?ws th?t ??t r??l f??d ?nd still g?in r??l w?ight
      l?ss! Cli?k h?r? t? w?t??hit n?w.
      https://twitter.com/49867974a11222f6b/status/788632172043366400 1 F?t
      Burning ?i? Burn B?d?? F?t ?and L?s? W?ight F?st 2 W??k Ch?ll?ng?

  7. Cantosman. bwa says:

    Im starting today! ill be back in a week with my results?

    1. Jesse Varela says:

      Cantosman. bwa

    2. Enya Zegers says:

      cool let me know how it goes

    3. Son Goku says:

      I like your profile pic YG – Still Brazy

    4. Son Goku says:

      I’m trying to get Gohan to get his six pack back you feel me. Will this

  8. Enlightened Soul says:

    listen to him boys . that’s the same thing we did in army bct before we are
    breakfast . worked wonders for a lot of people there. it’s not just good
    for burning fat but it also helps you increase your endurance for when you
    run when you have eaten .?

    1. Zach S says:

      +Kochos Ok, thanks.

    2. Kochos says:

      +Zach S man are you stupid? He said that you need to run in an empty
      stomach. Keep running for ten minutes with an empty stomach, 10 minutes
      every day and I promise you that within 7 days the nausea will stop

    3. Zach S says:

      I tried running before eating breakfast, but i get nauseaus, any tips?
      Should i eat a snack before hand? Thanks

    4. Kochos says:

      how long did you do that in the army for?

    5. Enlightened Soul says:



    K I’m big af and I’m doing this?

    1. Brand Bishop says:

      good luck…May anti-fat goddess be with you

  10. Jemaine Clement says:

    I’m on my first week of doing this and I’ve lost 14lbs running for 45min?

  11. JustSem says:

    uhm alpha, does this still work if u wake up at 2pm? i mean yeah ur body is
    empty of callories then but its not morning anymore :??

    1. Robert Alexander says:

      +Rixify we all have dif time shifts. I wake up at 2pm cause of late shift

    2. Science above All says:

      JustSem Of course.

  12. Sad Bon says:

    Ok I’m gonna start this I’m 13 (kinda tall) and I weigh 123 lbs I’m gonna
    update every week Wish me luck! :)?

    1. Jannick E says:

      +Joey’s Father Bro-science for the win.

      He needs to eat more calories, while consuming more protein and work out
      regularly to build muscle. but because of his natural bodytype it’s going
      to be more difficult for him to build muscle.

    2. Joey's Father says:

      Dude 123 is light if you are tall you gotta eat protein and pump iron.
      Since there is no body fat you will just get bigger muscle

    3. Joey's Father says:

      Dude 123 is light if you are tall you gotta eat protein and pump iron.
      Since there is no body fat you will just get bigger muscle

  13. Conner Rich says:

    can I still lift weights during those two weeks please answer my question?

    1. Conner Rich says:

      I’ll try it out thanks for the advice I appreciate it

    2. ThatGuyDave says:

      Conner Rich Yes, it happened to me, the first time I trained that early
      without eating something I run out of energy in like 15 minutes of lifting
      What I do? I take a cup of coffee without sugar before the training (7:00
      at clock) at next day. Coffee contains “cafeina”, a natural supplement of
      what people call “pre-workout scouts”. So, the coffee is going to pop out
      the Arnold you have inside, making you feel indestructible. A cup o coffee
      combined with workout music equals 500 calories loss per session.
      Try it bro 🙂

    3. Conner Rich says:

      ThatGuyDave But won’t I run out of energy if I do weights before cardio? I
      think I’ll get hungry.

    4. ThatGuyDave says:

      Conner Rich Yes, you can lift heavy, actually, its indispensable to do it
      BEFORE the cardio. If you don’t lift weights before cardio, you are gonna
      loss muscle and strength.
      Its very good to do cardio before breakfast, early in the morning, but as
      you can loss fat, you can also loss muscle and strength. That’s why its
      very important to lift heavy before a session of hard cardio.
      I hope I helped you 🙂

  14. The Praxidine Channel says:

    why does he look like george michael?

  15. Waqas Ahmed says:

    So wats the best percentage of body fat???

    1. iSwervz says:

      Waqas Ahmed probably 8% to 10%

  16. Luis Vargas says:

    what do you think of drinking a cup of coffee before cardio on an empty

    1. Kostas G says:

      as long as it is sugar free it s great. coffein enables your body to burn
      more fat

  17. xavier ledesma says:

    so do we eat after ??

    1. majid aziz says:

      +xavier ledesma i know XD

    2. xavier ledesma says:

      majid aziz it’s a joke lmao

    3. majid aziz says:

      +Untitled i dont know why there is stupid people like him ?

  18. kevin kling says:

    first i could only do 21mins but imma do at least 25 tomorrow morning then
    30s for the next 13 days, once in the morning as instructed n again at

  19. Kevin Kev says:

    I go to school wake up at 6 to get ready leave at 6:30 to take the
    bus,should i just skip breakfast and do cardio in the after noon (also skip

    1. Brobruhh D says:

      you make it a priority and get up and do it before school. Is it really
      that hard?

    2. haruna haruna says:

      +unknown hello Try intermitent fasting. And watch Doctor Jhon Bergman
      youtube channel for healthy ways of loosing weight.

    3. Stephannie Lyman says:

      unknown hello

    4. unknown hello says:

      Kevin Kev same timing for me but I am gonna try to wake up 5:30 so I can do

    5. haruna haruna says:

      if you wanna loose weight, dont eat bread, sugar, process food, eat fruits,
      veggies, and if possible organic. and you will loose weight and stay

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