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10 Minutes Belly Fat Workout : How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast For Women

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Food that burns tummy fat food to shed stubborn belly fat foods that burn belly fat foods that melt belly fat foods that trigger stubborn belly fat foods that lower stubborn belly fat get a level stomach get a level stomach quickly get flat belly remove stomach fat do away with tummy fat do away with stomach fat quickly get rid of tummy fat getting a level stomach removing stomach fat eliminating stubborn belly fat eliminating belly fat just how can i shed stubborn belly fat how could i lose weight just how can i lose weight fast how do i shed stubborn belly fat exactly how do i reduce weight how do you lose belly fat. How shed stomach fat ways to burn stomach fat ways to melt belly fat ways to shed belly fat fast the best ways to melt reduced stubborn belly fat how you can burn belly fat how you can burn belly fat fast how to squash belly the best ways to obtain a flat stomach how to obtain a flat tummy how you can get a level belly ways to get flat tummy ways to obtain flat stomach the best ways to get flat stomach how you can obtain rid belly fat how to remove stomach fat the best ways to have a flat belly the best ways to have a flat belly ways to loose stomach fat ways to loose belly fat rapid ways to loose stomach fat how you can shed abdominal fat ways to lose abdominal fat for ladies.

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44 thoughts on “10 Minutes Belly Fat Workout : How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast For Women

  1. Vardan Movsesyan says:

    i wonder how much weight i will loose if i do this every day for 2 weeks.

    1. ASB says:

      I don’t know if you will lose weight, as this doesn’t seem very
      calorie-intensive. However, what is likely to happen is that you will
      develop some great core muscles which will help you burn more fat and get a
      leaner look, keeping in mind diet and other factors.

    2. King Clash says:

      Hunter Plays around 10-20 pounds I’m guessing

  2. Natasha Xo says:

    I had to stop in the middle of this video. I am so tired omg!?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Jayne Vlogs no you can’t

    2. Jayne Vlogs says:

      Natasha Xo I can go for 20 mins on any workout

  3. gymnastics is life 2016 says:

    i did 200 of each and i have no result ive been eaying heathly?

    1. Ayesha Mehar says:

      You need to do cardio aswell.

  4. I love Hawaiian pizza fyi says:

    I did this exercise, It’s pretty good, yall should try it ??

    1. solei says:

      Keep me updated

  5. neomu tella says:

    ok i feel like dying and i took less than 5 mins?

    1. Katerina Petrova says:

      Yuu Ichikawa managed to go through the whole video… let’s pretend the
      countless falls during planks never happened xD

    2. Yuu Ichikawa says:

      7 minutes with small breaks..but I can’t more xDD

  6. Thilde From says:

    What is side plank doing? It just hurts my arms and the same with mountain

    1. Yuyu Jung says:

      Thank for share.

    2. Yuyu Jung says:

      Thilde From

  7. itz_just_me says:

    do I have to do mountain climber ??

    1. Anonymous says:

      itz_just_me yea

  8. Euh Delta says:

    she looks like Holland roden?

    1. i love ana sofia says:

      Euh Delta its true

  9. Gianna Lazzara says:

    lost 2 pounds!!?

    1. Gianna Lazzara says:

      Squishymadness1820 the whole video ? I checked my weight after

    2. Rozalia Ana Darie says:

      Gianna Lazzara in how much time

    3. Squishymadness1820 says:

      how long did it take you?:)

  10. Henry Townshend says:

    im looking for something less hardcore lol?

    1. joe mart says:

      you can try doing small repetitions, or cut in half the exercise, then you
      pick it up in a week, do half the workout for a week every 2 days then you
      pick it up

  11. kaleb amofah says:

    Usually tired before the end of work day but this energizes me and takes
    the edge of a long day off. I not have enough energy to go to the gym after
    work. I must say this *weight loss green store tea* product is the reason.
    I haven’t stepped on the scale just yet, but I will do after two weeks into
    this program.?

  12. Aarmau Alliance says:

    3:46 UGHH KILL ME NOW!!?

    1. Katerina Petrova says:

      Aarmau Alliance you made me laugh so hard ! 😀

    2. Aarmau Alliance says:

      5:49 MY ENEMY IS BACK

  13. Sadie Prosser says:

    is your knee supposed to touch the ground on mountain xlimbers?

    1. M Hallenberg says:

      Sadie Prosser no

  14. Roedi. Alasde says:

    ???? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??????

  15. Mariah S. says:

    does it really work ??

    1. Nadia Gauthier says:

      She was asking other people who have done it..

    2. Tedi says:

      Mariah S. I don’t know try

  16. Amelia Stelfox says:

    This exercise is terrible ??
    No motivation
    No speaking
    No talk through of what the hell we are doing
    Go and go to blogilates if you want anything drcent?

  17. Heather White says:

    It’s a good thing the title doesn’t say “for beginners”. This is a
    challenge for sure. Thanks for the video! It’s best to focus on your form
    and technique of an exercise than doing as many as you can. Doing 100
    crunches doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t doing them correctly.?

  18. Amy Cush says:

    This work out is great, it’s quite quick but you feel the burn. Thank you!?

    1. Nadia Gauthier says:

      Does it work?

  19. mohamoud Abdiweli says:

    Daalimaysid xitaa neef tuurina mayso Good Mashaa Allaah?

    1. SUNDARESAN RAVI says:

      eng Ak. P

    2. eng Ak. says:

      mohamoud Abdiweli sxb yaaa ku fahmaya. xalimo yinkii baa na dhibo six abs
      na gala dhamn wayey daaal baaan kugu oga hay sxb

  20. Holly Roddis says:

    How many times do we do this for and how long will it take for w flat belly?

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