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10 SHOCKING Weight Changes Of Famous People

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10 celebs that have undergone severe weigh-loss transformations. Subscribe:
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When you're constantly in the limelight, your body and also weight become a topic on everybody's lips. Not that it's anybody else's organisation, however there's a requirement in Hollywood that states thin remains in. Not all celebrities who climb to popularity have the excellent type of body that world advertises, as well as lots of have taken it after themselves to shed their undesirable pounds. As long as they're slimming down in a healthy and balanced way, all the power to them. Some shed the weight for a film role and also never ever looked back, and others made a pledge to themselves that they would certainly begin living a healthier lifestyle. As well as some loaded on crazy weight for their pregnancies, however had the ability to transform their bodies post-baby.

For both of Jessica Simpson's maternities she obtained a great deal of weight. Not just the typical infant weight, yet she loaded on around 70 additional pounds. She really looked like a different individual during her maternity, however many thanks to a rigorous fitness regimen and also diet plan, she obtained her amazing body back. Khloe Kardashian has consistently yo-yo' ed with her weight for many years, yet recently her body is watching out of this world. She dropped a tremendous 40 extra pounds, and also shed 11 pounds in simply a month as well as a half via removing dairy products from her diet.

Jonah Hillside is an additional superstar whose weight varies constantly. Back in 2011, he dropped 40 pounds for his duty in The Wolf of Wall Road as well as had a comparable makeover after he gained weight for his role in Arms as well as the Dudes and afterwards lost it once more. As well as Chris Pratt has changed from a charming, funny, chubby man to a licensed stud. For his leading role in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy he went down 80 pounds and got 20 pounds of muscle mass. He looks better than he ever has– a huge modification from his days on Parks and also Entertainment.

Jennifer Hudson made one of the most striking makeovers when she went from a dimension 16 down to a size 6. The face of Weight Watchers for 4 years, every person was shocked and astonished by her face-lift. And when Beyoncé stepped out looking better than she had in the past, people took notification and also she attributed to The 22 Day Change. From Adele's weight-loss transformation when she returned right into the limelight, to Zach Galifianakis' 50 extra pound shed, today's video clip features the most shocking celebrity weight loss transformations.

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93 thoughts on “10 SHOCKING Weight Changes Of Famous People

  1. Haelynn Mickens says:

    Good Morning starting my day with the Talko again lol?

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    4. x. Amanda .x lollipop says:

      +Adil khan umm

  2. Safiye Brock says:

    how can the media criticize a pregnant woman for gaining weight ?? thats
    usually what happens to pregnant women.?

    1. neverburstintotears says:

      eating for two is actually not healthy …
      when pregnant, you should only add about 200-400 kcal daily

    2. Angela Cooper says:

      Exactly she has to eat for two people. Unless a person wants an anorexic

    3. Kayla Clark says:

      +Jill Valentine well that’s weird because women usually gain about 30
      pounds or so but everyone’s different I suppose

    4. jillian valentine says:

      i have never gain weight while pregnant !

  3. Sophie Davidson says:

    I hate how people criticise women for putting weight on when they are
    pregnant!! Your body goes through so much at that time with hormones and

    1. Cindy Sanchez says:

      Brooke Nelson exactly. When you’re pregnant you’re eating for two people!

    2. Brooke Nelson says:

      Sophie Davidson yeah really and besides, when you’re pregnant you’re
      supposed to gain more weight bcuz of the food consumption

    3. icedwhite mocha says:

      When pregnant, the typical recommended weight gain is 25 to 35 lbs if you
      are at a healthy starting bmi. If you are underweight typically the
      recommended weight gain is slightly more. If you are obese, they recommend
      you not to gain any weight. Gaining excessive weight can put you and your
      baby at risk. That is why women who gain so much weight like 70 freaking
      pounds are criticized! It’s not healthy.

    4. dee leigh says:

      exactly it’s disgusting to slate anyone like this and even more so as a
      woman is going through the most emotional and beautiful experience if her

    5. Kyra Welch says:

      +sally garama But everyone is different some may put on a lot of weight
      some may not. Pregnancy affects people differently sometimes.

  4. Puppy Lover says:

    U should of add josh from drake and josh he lose a lot of weight?

    1. Ambi tion says:

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    2. cesar cifuentes says:

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    3. Deeznutz Troll says:

      Oh my God, yes. He was always cute to me, lol.

    4. Mel ish Unicorn Msp says:


  5. X says:

    “Beyonce is flawless”.
    Well in my eyes she isn’t anything special, and her music isn’t for me at

    1. Nebula says:

      I don’t understand why they call “superstars” flawless, they are not doing
      anything important like saving people from cancer. They are just
      making songs 🙁

    2. Kris Tu?ková says:

      Her voice is good but overrated

    3. Mara Ram says:

      +Kris Tu?ková
      i never said she is flawless, i was replying to a comment about her voice
      not being very good, and overrated.

    4. Kris Tu?ková says:

      +Mara Ram I am not vocal couch so can’t judge that but if the point is just
      that her voice is flawless, it still doesn’t make HER flawless

    5. Kris Tu?ková says:

      +Aly Borntoolate They are just the same, sorry.

  6. Codi Krueger (Busterboomer11) says:

    I didn’t see a “chiseled six pack”?

    1. Codi Krueger (Busterboomer11) says:

      +EmxJo exactly

    2. EmxJo says:

      +codi krueger (Busterboomer11) you’re right. I am proud of my body but I
      don’t have a 6 pack. It’s really hard to stick to eating healthy.
      Especially when you are young and love chocolate like me

    3. A Very Angry Cunt On The Internet says:

      +Isabelle Mercer

    4. Codi Krueger (Busterboomer11) says:

      +Isabelle Mercer it’s different for different people, sometimes people are
      just lucky

    5. Chat Noir & Ladybug says:

      +codi krueger (Busterboomer11) I’m 10 and I have a 6 pack bc I work out too
      much and don’t eat a lot

  7. Fabliha Roza says:

    I know the The Talko doesn’t talk about Kpop stars, but in this video
    BIGBANG’s TOP”s HUGE weight loss transformation is definitely something to
    talk about. Who’s with me??

    1. Amy Thomas says:

      I was actually thinking that throughout the whole video like if you look at
      predebut pics of idols they’ve lost so much weight

    2. Angelica Duran says:


    3. Ciel XX Sebastian M.PHANTOMHIVE says:

      im with you the before and after pics are…….*squeal* OML HE LOOKS

    4. Oz Carvalho says:

      ? yas

  8. PastelRainbow says:

    Why does everyone obsess over people’s weight? Everyone is beautiful the
    way they are. Can’t we just except that? No matter your size, shape or
    colour, your beautiful the way you are.?

    1. Zhora Ezzekri says:


    2. grump_grump 16546 says:

      I agree

    3. saskia smith says:

      Load of bollocks. How is having fat rolls drooping off your body because
      you are obese in any way, shape or form beautiful?!?! This mentality of
      ‘ooh I love my body no matter what’ is killing people. You think that not
      being able to run up a flight of stairs without looking like a tomato is
      attractive? Oh, and before anyone goes haywire the same goes for anorexia.
      Both weight classes develop unhealthy eating habits which severely affects
      their health.

    4. Gina Brown says:

      I agree!

  9. Savanna Lugo says:

    So Beyoncé went from skinny to skinny??

    1. Yasper Madmoon says:

      +icedwhite mocha
      That’s JUST what I said.

    2. icedwhite mocha says:

      +Yasper Madmoon Fat people are not curvy. They are FAT. They can’t be cury.
      sorry. there’s a name for that. its called overweight, obese and morbidly

    3. Yasper Madmoon says:

      IcedWhite… Ummm… Curvy is a bone frame. You can still be skinny by fat
      mass and curvy by bone frame at the same time.

    4. Orly Swisa says:

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      10 SHOCKKKING Weight Changes Of Famous Peopl?

    5. icedwhite mocha says:

      she was never skinny. She was always more curvy.

  10. Awddry Ahmed says:

    Why would anyone criticize a pregnant woman for gaining weight?

    1. icedwhite mocha says:

      because gaining too much weight when pregnant can put the baby at risk and
      yourself at risk too. There is a limit to everything and moderation is
      always key. Just because you need to eat more when pregnant doesn’t mean
      you need to pig out and gain twice the recommended weight gain for pregnant
      women! If it will cause harm to the baby, of course people will criticize.

    2. Nor hamdan Fakru says:

      +bella boom boom its not a criticising issue, those are established
      truthful outcomes. before the psychiatric issue can root down, those
      listed acute conditions can kill both the mother and the baby, especially
      eclampsia. faster than the depression does.

    3. x. Amanda .x lollipop says:

      +Raina Luo uhh

    4. Albert krank says:

      +Raina Luo ok…eh… -.-

    5. Raina Luo says:

      Eh… overweight pregnant women risk transferring to much nutrition to
      babies and consequently have more difficulty in delivering large-size
      babies, since the pelvis would not change with the weight. But overall it
      is personal business, I am totally fine with gaining weight during

  11. Sabrina Islam says:

    who the hell criticises a mother for gaining weight!! grow up people?

    1. icedwhite mocha says:

      According to *doctors* there is a limit to gaining weight and a recommended
      amount to gain for pregnancy. Anything more can cause harm to you and the
      baby. She gained more than twice the recommended amount & that is why she
      was criticized.

    2. A Very Angry Cunt On The Internet says:

      Supposed to? You make me laugh

    3. Daniela Martinez says:

      You are only supposed to gain 20-25 pounds during those 9 months, anything
      over is unhealthy and you overeating.

  12. Melly Reed says:

    Remember, youre allowed to be overweight and have a great, positive body
    image, but not all people are required to find it attractive.?

    1. Lellewyen x3 says:

      I agree. it’s no excuse for people to be so mean, though. many people are
      incredibly mean towards the bigger folks.

    2. Hilary Sambou says:

      yes you can be overweight and still beautiful but if it’s affecting your
      health then you should try to loose some

    3. Shinsuuu says:

      It’s actually more unhealthy to be underweight than overweight, if we’re
      not talkin’ about very very overweight persons.

    4. Lucy Angelino says:

      Well I do agree with the fact that you can be overweight and confident, in
      my opinion if you can change it then you should because it’s unhealthy.

    5. Nola Vercoelen says:

      +Hope you could eat less meat, or go vegetarian if you want to lose some
      pounds, also don’t do strength exercises, but cardio, like jogging and stuff

  13. rosley says:

    I wanted to click the notification so bad, but I was also watching a video
    from my favourite youtuber…?

    1. BONY HOP says:

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      Weight Changes Of F?mous ??opl?

    2. Panda Eve says:

      The struggle is real

  14. I Hate Everything says:

    My transformation was the best.

    Before I was a person.

    Now I’m part of potato people.?

    1. upma gupta says:

      How I Cured My Yeast InfectionEx Suffer?r reveals secret s?st?mFor Lasting
      Candida Freeedomhttps://
      twitter.com/28ce774a29c3859c2/status/784262969735516160 10 SHOCKING Weight
      Changes Of Famous People

    2. iris 10brink says:

      +Ze Cookie Monster i have the same…? no serious, i have the same

    3. olen omena says:

      hei mitä suomalaisii onki iha pirust ?

    4. dskkdhdd l says:

      +ChibiAmethyst no aika moniki ku stara uutisoi the talkon videoita xd

    5. holly lauver says:


  15. DottySpotty Fan says:

    what about josh peck??

    1. Chat Noir & Ladybug says:

      +multidawson -Instagram yeah

    2. multidawson says:


  16. Top Selenator says:

    I think Ariana Grande looks so much different too?

    1. Savanna Lugo says:

      Yea from 101 to 80 pounds

    2. Jazmin Franco says:

      It’s because she’s vegan now but I don’t think it’s too much of a
      difference but idk

  17. Camille says:

    Plant based vegan diet power?

    1. No Name says:


    2. robin mcgregor says:

      +MeterMarker Lol.?

    3. Katerina B says:

      No, meat based vegan diet *rolls eyes”. Obviously its plant based.

    4. MeterMarker says:

      Meat based megan diet power

    5. king coconut says:


  18. nrk says:

    R u f?king kidding me?!!???….Putting on too much weight during
    pregnancy???!! Those a$$ holes should try being mother!!!!!?

    1. icedwhite mocha says:

      Generally if you are at a healthy bmi before your pregnancy, you are only
      recommended to gain 25 to 35 lbs. Anything more may increase chances of
      complications and cause harm to the baby. Considering she gained twice of
      the recommended amount that is why she was criticized. Even though you need
      to gain weight during pregnancy, there is still a limit for being healthy.

    2. tiny hope says:

      +Lissa Huizar well and the fact that she gained weight isn’t an excuse for
      you to fat shame her?? lol?? fat shaming can lead to depression and it’s
      worse than putting on weight? chill

    3. nrk says:

      No it isn’t but. Its OK to gain some weight which no one should fat shame u

    4. Satan Simpson says:

      You aren’t supposed to gain too much weight or it became unhealthy for you
      and the baby.. Do you really think eating fatty food is ok because because
      you are carrying a baby? Lol. I’m a mom and when I was pregnant I gained 20
      pounds and I dropped all of the weight not even 2 months after. I weighed
      the same I did before I was pregnant. Being pregnant isn’t an excuse to be
      a pig.

    5. MyWayToFitness Xoxo says:

      weight gain is normal ofcause but not too much. Probably you 2 don’t have
      kids yet…..

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