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10 Steps Toward a More Positive Body Image!

One of my new years resolvings this year was to be more torso positive i located that last year I was actually nitpicky about my torso about the behavior it seemed and simply the behavior I felt about my torso was genuinely negative and this year i am only “ve been wanting to” take the steps to change the behavior I feel about my torso and I want to bring you guys along that passage with me today i have 10 steps to help you be more body positive and I genuinely hope you guys enjoy that we will go through the steps!

But you tell me down below how do you stay torso positive in your daily life because everyone is different and perhaps you do something that I don’t do it might help me to my assist other people appreciate all that your torso does for you your torso does a lot of things that are freaking astounding for you her this thing a while ago and it was I feel like in today’s society we are only feel like our figures our transportation for our brains for our psyches and we don’t really appreciate all that is it does for us! It helps us exhale it helps us move around helps us to select things up that we want to pick up it helps us run it helps us laugh helps us dance helps us have sex and that’s that’s pretty amazing deter a running index of all that is you like about yourself that doesn’t have to do with your weight and doesn’t have to do with your physical appearing.

So get off a sheet of paper or a sticky tone and write off at least ten things that you like about yourself are you intelligent are you crafty are you witty and funny and have a great personality write these things down on sticky notes you don’t have to write them all down now but when they do come up in your brain write them down so when you start seeming like you’re having a bad period or you just feel like blah about yourself pull out sticky tone or draw out your periodical and read those things that you like about yourself . Yeah it genuinely does help though when you’re having just like a shitty period and you’re just like “I hate myself” and ¬†“I have my torso”. I hate my weight I hate everything your weight your torso your physical appearing does not define you your personality your ardours your nightmares… The things that you do in life that’s what defines you surround yourself with positive people.

When i was younger i surrounded myself with people who were so obsessed with the behavior they seemed and that constructed me feel like I would never measure up to them they were always skinnier they were always more fit they were always blonder had longer fuzz straighter fuzz curlier fuzz whatever I always compare myself to others now I’m surrounding myself with most positive people who are more body-positive who mention a big fu just society it genuinely does help when you surround yourself with good positive people turn those negative considers into positive considers. I ¬†talked about this a lot of my channel in many different aspects for every negative thought that you have in your brain about yourself mention oh my nose is really big I crave you to combat those every single negative!

Just imagine with three positive considers about yourself so mention I don’t like my nose I think it looks really big on camera I talked about a lot to people I’m like is it strange because like the camera simply brings out like my nose and so I always focus on that one of editing editing Kristen you know talking about you focus on the nose i can go on about everyone has those little things about themselves but mine is my nose so for that imagine i am only mention well yeah your nose might be big whatever you’re really good freakin editing and you’re really good at talking to people and connecting with people and being passionate about things really great photography really good at painting your fingernails you know whatever sees to your brain just say good things about yourself for every negative imagined three positive considers get that I crave you to do that when you rule that the coming week because it takes rule to do this i know it might not feel like it does anything the first time but trust me it does and it will change that cycle in your brain.

I crave you to look at yourself like genuinely look at yourself either when you’re getting changed when you just got out of the shower when you’re taking off your clothes at the end of the day this is bizarre it’s a strange thing I crave you to do is gonna sound strange i want you to stand in front of the mirror and I crave you to become aware of your torso aware of your cables well informed where things are on your torso your freckles your imperfections how big things are how small things are genuinely look at yourself you don’t have to like what the hell are you ascertain what I crave you to be aware of what the hell are you ascertain I crave you to be aware of your torso because sometimes we feel like turd we feel like we’re too big or too small or too which is something we don’t really look at ourselves and we don’t really become aware of ourselves and the more that we are all familiar with ourselves the more we know about ourselves and trust me it does help this awareness.

Being mindful about who we are what we look like wear clothes that stimulate you feel beautiful you not anyone else I read things when I was doing research for this video wear things that complements your torso or attains your body seem good but I’m gonna mention F THAT wear things that stimulate you feel good so if you feel good in a crop top but civilization doesn’t think you do wear that crop top I necessitate I where things all the day that I know it’s not flattering to my torso at all but I seem comfortable and I seem beautiful in their own homes and that is what matters because it’s my torso and I can set whatever I craved it’s mine so wear things that stimulate you seem comfortable and confident beautiful and sexy and what it is you crave it’s your torso do that when i talked about mindfulness about yourself and being aware of yourself i want you to be well informed the things that you are devouring of the social media people that you are watching the youtubers…

That you’re watching the Tv shows the music i crave you to be aware of all that is you are devouring socially pay attention to the images the slogans the brand’s the things that you are looking at on the internet on the television on the radio and i want you to be mindful about what their content is is it stimulating beautiful and confident or is it stimulate you feel like turd so you can buy things to stimulate you feel beautiful surround yourself with torso positive people body-positive labels body-positive Tv proves i will leave my favorite body-positive youtube canals and Instagram accounts down below!

I genuinely think you should follow them throw away all that is attains you feel crap about your torso magazine different social media account clothing people all that is attains you feel bad about your torso toss that aside hurl that out get that out of the behavior we need to be body-positive know that it’s okay to be insecure about yourself once in a while we all of those periods where we just seem turd about ourselves about the behavior we look about the behavior we seem and that could be for a number of reasons it’s okay to feel insecure formerly in awhile but it’s not okay to feel insecure all of the time if it’s really affecting their own lives delight reach out for professional assistance and the final step to torso positivity is do something nice for yourself.

Self care is so important in different aspects of their own lives you should always rule self-care no matter if you’re suffering with something or not everyone on this planet deserves kindness to themselves and to present kindness to yourself and self-care is a behavior you can do that my favorite things to do for self-care are bubble soaks and red-hot rains reading my favorite journal being mindful and practicing mindfulness I actually got a new mindfulness coloring journal and coloring is really fun simply get your brain away from your tensions and were concentrated in coloring a swan it’s great find some self care techniques and routines that help you anyway how do you stay body-positive would love to know down below likewise follow me on all my social media accounts they are down below in the specific characteristics anyway i love you guys so much and I’ll see you guys next time bye guys.

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