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30lb Weight Loss Story [Before and After Photos + More]

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In January I considered 212lb; This video clip is everything about my #WeightLossJourney. I demonstrate how I shed virtually 30lb and also discuss the adjustments, the struggles/depression, and what I did to over come a #WeightLossPlateau! Prior to and after images included! It will encourage you to obtain going on your weight reduction goals!

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29 thoughts on “30lb Weight Loss Story [Before and After Photos + More]

  1. Mallory Beckman says:

    I’m glad I watched this video. I can relate to a lot of it, and I have a
    lot of the same thought processes/feelings about myself as you express in
    the video. Thank you for sharing, and keep it up! :)?

    1. _SunflowerGem says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video! I thought it was really important that
      people know they are not alone when they feel those things and go through
      the motions with weight loss! we all need to support each other cause no
      one should feel they are alone. thank you so much for watching! 😀

    2. Aguell cind says:

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  2. My smooth life?? says:

    great video I have a question I hate working out because I can’t find the
    right sports bras do you have any suggest where to buy good ones for

    1. _SunflowerGem says:

      Thanks for your comment, I created a video for you! it shows the sports
      bras I wear! go ahead and check it out. don’t forget to leave me a comment
      on how you’re doing! 😀

    2. Zeinabb Kog says:

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  3. Hakeber says:

    loved this?

  4. Damsel says:

    So dramatic?

    1. Reuben Adabonyan says:

      I know right

    2. Psychobilly H says:

      Damsel Weight loss is dramatic.

    3. Mandy B says:


  5. Aliana Roman says:

    this was such a beautiful story and youre so brave for sharing, thabk you
    for being an inspiration?

  6. Dean Ainsworth says:

    You look AWESOME!?

  7. Ms Lady says:

    This is my exact story about myself….. You look amazing, Don’t give up
    keep going the results be worth it…..?

  8. Elaine Lane says:

    So good but a lil funny. Great job.?

  9. keisa D says:

    Chips and popcorn my favorite. Now on a diet..Congrats..?

  10. I Love You My King of Love says:

    Alessa ????

  11. spark20001 says:

    Damn she used Naruto music, if her man won’t put a ring on it, i will for

    1. John Capada says:

      spark20001 I KNOW LOL

  12. John Capada says:


  13. AJ Writer says:

    Well done video. Congrats!?

  14. licia r says:

    Omg, this video was courageous and epically filmed! Thank you, you have
    inspired me, more then you know! Keep evolving!?

  15. Rebecca Reyes says:

    you just shared my same story that’s exactly how I felt and all feel?

  16. Kuukikira says:

    I love this thank you so much!?

  17. Kÿ Ari says:

    So encouraging ??

  18. chyna kat says:

    This was beautiful ??

  19. Fiza Iza says:

    Wow!! Keep it up girl!!?

  20. Antionette Smallwood says:

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey and too
    felt the same way?

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