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6 Kitchen Tricks – Food Hacks

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6 helpful food methods you can utilize in your home kitchen

In this video clip you will certainly see 6 excellent methods you can use in your kitchen area, these are the methods you will see:

1. Egg quality examination
2. Ginger peeling off technique
3. Instantaneous mayonnaise
4. Reducing board motion
5. Making soft butter technique
6. Easy poached egg

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75 thoughts on “6 Kitchen Tricks – Food Hacks

  1. Jonathan L'Hirondelle says:

    then you dont have to pay for mayo like then you have to buy more things! i
    would just buy mayo?

    1. azcomicgeek says:

      Where do you get free chicken feed?

    2. mspisbea 123 says:

      azcomicgeek i get mine from meijers or Wal-Mart has it to ducks eat all
      stuff u give em!

    3. Bùi thuy says:

      Jonathan L’Hirondelle oh h

  2. Muteteli Harvey (Vampinista Extraordinaire) says:

    Ok with the instant mayo I got the egg yolks, mustard, water, canola
    oil….but what was that other ingredient??

    1. Minerva McGonagall says:

      flaked salt or something (i saw that in the comments, but i actually heard
      flaked SOAP).

    2. Muteteli Harvey (Vampinista Extraordinaire) says:

      Lol ME TOO! I was like what?? Lol Thanks

    3. Minerva McGonagall says:

      +Muteteli Harvey hahaha…ur welcome!

    4. rabbit hop says:

      Muteteli Harvey lemon juice and salt

  3. Mariah Kilgore says:

    Why am I watching this, I’m 13 and i can’t cook lol?

    1. Nichelle Wilson says:

      Mariah Kilgore and the big boy of a big brother a big deal for a while I
      had a little brother who had a big deal about it he was a little boy who
      that would have to pay the kids for the Christmas ? and he would have been
      the same way as the family and the family had to be a good morning for me
      the kids would have been blessed to meet the family that they had a little
      time for them and I hope they can do better than they are

    2. Error Sans says:

      Mariah Kilgore same ;-;

    3. killermaster coc says:

      Mariah Kilgore I can cook and I’m 10 I’m saying this a good way not the bad

    4. cupcake swirl says:

      killermaster coc SAMEEEEEEE!

  4. Mani Lol says:

    With the mayonnaise on be careful because you could get salmonella from the
    raw eggs?

    1. Alexis Wilson says:

      Mani Lol not me! 🙂 I raise healthy chickens. They are both pets and egg
      layers. They are some of the best pets to have

    2. Angela M says:

      You can actually buy pasteurized eggs, which are safe to eat raw 🙂

  5. Zino Diamond says:

    i think i stopped liking mayo after that..?

    1. Zino Diamond says:

      bc i didn’t know that that’s how mayo is made lol

    2. Brianna Robertson says:

      Robot Chicken showed me how mayonnaise is made. It’s so much worse than you

    3. myjay198211 says:

      +Brianna Robertson from the horn of a mystical unicorn lol

    4. Harry Craney says:

      Zino Diamond me too and i used to love it

    5. TheCrazyCatLady 354 says:

      Zino Diamond it looks like barf at first

  6. Fahad Tube says:

    egg trick is not good its harmful to boil egg in plastic sheet why not you
    boil it in egg shell its safe and better than boiling in plastic sheet?

    1. Ord Ellis says:

      Fahad Tube he didnt boil it

    2. Fat JW says:

      Fahad Tube I do that hack all the time and why would it be dangerous?

    3. Movies GO HD says:

      that plastic”s chemical is dangerous

    4. Fat JW says:

      Movies GO HD no wtf? They use it to store food and all so I’m certain it’s
      not poisonous

    5. Amy Wogen says:

      Fat JW it’s poison long term if you heat it up

  7. Ravin Ranasinghe says:

    6th one is waste of time you can do it with egg shell?

    1. emerine marquier says:

      thats how i do it

    2. HeyIt'sMe says:

      Ravin Ranasinghe the principe of a poached egg is that it is without shell..

    3. Radia(m) Discoverer says:

      Ravin Ranasinghe but thats boiled eggs, not poached. btw it is harmful to
      do it with plastic

    4. i Brierso says:

      +Radia(m) Discoverer no seeing as you put cling film on cd foo to keep it
      from going stail when exposed to oxygen 😉

  8. Jazhua Vanboven says:

    Is he Russian.. I swear he reminds me of you YouTuber “Crazy Russian”! He
    also always wears a sport watch that this guy is missing?…… So many
    questions lol?

    1. Nathaniel Wilhite says:

      Kelli Long shut up no one plays Pokémon go any more

    2. Elizabeth LeVan says:

      Nathaniel Wilhite I do

    3. Gorgeous Greg says:

      It’s not him.

    4. Nichelle Wilson says:

      Jazhua Vanboven and the daughter are you going back on your own and you
      have a little time and she needs you a lot to be able for her and she will
      get your way to stay with your family or friends and you can do that to
      your family or something that will be your life or you can be the best of
      you can you bring your life back and you can get your life back to your
      family or something you will need for your own business and your life is
      not a big part you can get your own money ? said she had a daughter who
      that was the only daughter you had to get your daughter to be done with
      ?????niece of a daughter who is the best daughter of all time of the
      day with a great day at home ? said the daughter

    5. Jazhua Vanboven says:

      +Nichelle Wilson uh sure will!

  9. GG DiG says:


    1. Mahda Lena says:

      Dylan C. 3ayajen 9??u

    2. irma.2013 says:

      GG DiG you can always add lemon juice or vinegar to your boiling water and
      it will poach

  10. Mila Suljagic says:

    Mayo recepy teached in cooking school – 2 egg yolks, a bit of mustard. Mix
    it with the hand mixer not an electric one, and then slowly, bit by bit add
    250ml of neutral oil. (the flavor of oil is going to determine the flavor
    of your mayo so no olive or sunflower oil! We used ‘arachide’ oil). When
    you have added all the oil and this came good, add limun juice or vinegar
    or more mustard, salt and pepper by taste. You can add fried, really thinly
    sliced bacon or cucumbers or any other thing to make flavored mayo. Add
    some ketchup in the pure mayo and you got your an ‘andalouse sauce’, or add
    in the andalouse some whisky and you made yourself a cocktail sauce… You
    can make any sauce home, no need to by anything.?

    1. ForensicCow says:

      Mila Suljagic recepy teached limun. I’m proud of you

    2. abirsashee says:

      ForensicCow she could be from a non English speaking country. No need to
      make fun of someone if you don’t know.

    3. Mila Suljagic says:

      +abirsashee I’m from Serbia, and I live in Belgium, so I know at least 3
      languages that have use every day. I have learned English from the Tv and
      video games mostly. I’m used to people making fun of my English, that’s why
      I knew better than replying to his comment, but thank you so much for being
      sensitive and actually understanding the difficulty of the situation in
      which some people may find themselves in.

    4. Janneth Barrientos says:

      Mila Suljagic i love your profile pic i love cats i have a cat too i love
      my cat and ever time i see a cat i always want to touch it ????

    5. A?layan Koala says:

      Mila Suljagic I’m from Turkish and I live in Belgium I’m learning
      Nederlands and speaking English in school :/ I absolutely understand your
      feelings that’s REALLY hard to learn a language!

  11. Green Blobz says:

    Guys don’t eat the mayo cuz the eggs ain’t cooked and don’t eat raw eggs!!!?

    1. Stan Vanillo says:

      sad life 🙁

    2. Brisa Esteban says:

      You’re not supposed to eat cake batter, but you eat cake. You eat pancakes,
      waffles, ice cream, coffee drinks like cappuccinos, meatloaf, and etc.
      Don’t say you don’t eat raw eggs cause you obviously don’t know what you’re
      talking about

    3. Mishro22 says:

      Brisa Esteban Not that I don’t think Esther Zhu is a complete moron or
      anything… but nothing you just listed has raw egg in it. You cook all of
      the things that contain egg in your list, and a couple of the things don’t
      even have egg in them…

  12. Michal Wubs says:

    So for the mayonnaise, you’re basically eating raw egg?!?!?

    1. xXKitty CookieXx says:

      Michal Wubs wait…. I’m confused now

    2. Rajan Rajan says:

      xXKitty CookieXx food Tamil

    3. Michal Wubs says:

      xXKitty CookieXx raw egg is really bad for you and that’s in the mayonaise

  13. Annette Prindiville says:

    wow all these cooking hacks are really good?

  14. Janneth Barrientos says:

    number 6 who cooks their eggs like that BTW i have those little glass bowls
    in number 6 also?

  15. Hanna Thioux says:

    The first one with the eggs is so simple yet so smart!!!?

    1. Nichelle Wilson says:

      Manunchaya Jaipinta got the best of the fire she had to put on the last
      time of year

    2. ??? says:

      Hanna Thioux

    3. angelica rivera says:

      no it is not.

    4. Cool King says:

      ??? p

    5. Kiran RajeMahadik says:

      Hanna Thioux

  16. Nina D. says:

    What does “homogeneous” mean? I don’t want to sound stupid, but I really
    don’t know :|?

    1. Blen Abate says:

      mixed throughout so you can’t tell the difference of the two particles by
      looking at them after you mix them.

  17. Musta Mies says:

    please do NOT do the #6 ( 5:34 )
    the plastic wrap releases toxins when its heated too much?

  18. DerangedEmu says:

    A moving cutting board can be dangerous when you are using a 1000° knife.
    Normal knives are okay?

  19. Designer Girl says:

    I love to cook foods like pizza?

    1. How To Make Sushi says:

      Of course I like cooking, I own a cooking channel… +Designer Girl

    2. Designer Girl says:


    3. Designer Girl says:

      I love cooking

    4. Ajaib Singh says:

      Designer Girl

  20. CC says:

    Why am I watching this…??

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