#91 Phentermine | | Phentermine37.5 - No. 1 Diet pill is Phen375

#91 Phentermine

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26 thoughts on “#91 Phentermine

  1. The1GWP says:

    very informative. thank you?

  2. Maria Torres says:

    Thank u :)?

  3. Michelle Maxey says:

    you said to take it two hours after waking up. does this mean after
    breakfast? My doc said take it 1 hour before eating in the am? what are the
    pros/cons to each way of taking it??

    1. Jibbie49 says:

      +Michelle Maxey You can go to the web site and read up on it.

  4. Roger B says:

    Cocaine is a Schedule 2 drug. Examples of Schedule 1 are heroin or MDMA. ?

    1. drac464 says:

      Sounds like something an addict would care to correct somebody on. If you
      don’t use it, you don’t care what level it is

    2. Roger B says:

      addict…or a cop. 15 years. addicts don’t care about drug scheduling,
      but we do

    3. May W says:

      +Roger B ?

    4. will1am618 says:

      +Roger B I know this is an old comment but maybe you’ll see this.My dad has
      diabetes and he has been taking phentermine for 3 years now, that i know
      of. This morning he was sitting in his truck having a semi seizure. I asked
      him what he was on and he said, “just my prescriptions.” I asked him if it
      was phentermine and he said no. I called my stepmom to come get him and she
      basically said it was no big deal. I flipped out and demanded she take him
      to a doctor. I find out that the doctor that is giving him the
      prescriptions is a “nurse practioner.” Not an actual doctor. After they
      left i went through his truck and found a phentermine bottle from a month
      ago. What should i do there is a phone number on his “prescription” bottle.
      Also most of his prescription bottles had all the labeles scratched off of
      them. one of them had “Nitro” written on it. I know absolutely nothing
      about drugs if i get sick i get over it.

    5. Roger B says:

      there are nurses and physician assistants that are legally allowed to issue
      prescriptions for patients. i would just take him to his primary car
      DOCTOR and explain his health issues and concerns. at his age he should
      ditch the phentermine.

  5. siriavgt says:

    guys how can i get phentermine i leave in italy and we dont have it over
    here…pls help….!!!?

  6. BeautifulCC2136 says:

    Do you prescribe Phentermine ?

  7. Social Society says:

    Thanks for this educational video?

  8. Melony Behr says:

    I buy my from this company on Facebook.com
    https://www.facebook.com/BuyPhentermine375 This is not Phentermine, but it
    is pharmaceutical grade supplement designed to offer same effects as
    Phentermine without side effects. What this doctor did not tell you is that
    use of Phentermine is actually dangerous (he don’t thinks so, but other
    doctors do) and it is creating heart problems that are irreversible. These
    heart problems only get noticed waaay after people stop taking Phentermine
    and sure do not relate it to the use of Phentermine. This product –
    PhenObestin 37.5 Extra Strength was recommended by my doctor, who said that
    instead of Phentermine I should take a supplement. Ingredients in this
    supplement are pharmaceutical grade, so essentially it is like medicine.?

    1. Sue Catherall says:

      Melony Behr

  9. StageBanndit says:

    You really think because some dummy put this in a class 4 category….that
    makes it safe??? This drug nearly fckn killed me and I now have permanent
    damage to my heart because of it….engaging your brains fight or flight
    response is not a healthy way to suppress your appetite…But it is a great
    way for you to keep writing scripts for your bosses over at big pharma who
    keep your payments up to date on that big house and nice car.?

    1. Sarah Sophia says:

      I am considering taking it .. is it that dangerous.. I already take 100 mg
      of caffeine so thats a stimulant too

    2. StageBanndit says:

      +Sarah Sophia Caffeine is a NATURAL stimulant…This is a chemical that has
      been formulated in a laboratory…There is a very big difference there. Not
      everyone who takes this will suffer the way I did. But just know you’re
      really rolling the dice with your health here.

    3. Eli Gates says:

      +StageBanndit Great job on sharing you’ll surely help someone.

  10. Cristian Disorder says:

    i dont know if phentermine can kill you , but it problably can IF you DONT
    eat , and excersise , i been taking phentermine for over 2 weeks now and
    yeah it has side effects like energy boost , but also increases your heart
    rate , i eat 2000 kcal in the day , and excersise when i can , and in 2
    weeks i lost 13 lbs , IT is addictive in some cases becouse it gives you
    this BOOST of energy (like speed) , so you dont eat and do other things in
    the meantime , so yeah , if you do it right it wont kill you , if you dont
    eat and dont excersise you are going to starve A LOT , and then problably
    die for other obvius reasons .?

  11. drac464 says:

    Good info! Thanks! ?

  12. Rita Hamilton says:

    I took phentermine years ago and that is when they found out how it damages
    the heart. I remember waking up in the night coughing from it. I eventually
    went off of it and I’m glad I did. The risk far out ways the weight loss.?

    1. Jibbie49 says:

      +Rita Hamilton In the ’90s it was given as Fen/Phen. The FDA ordered
      fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine off the market, but Phentermine is still
      used. The combination drug was the one that caused some people problems
      with their heart valve.

  13. VWGTI says:

    I took it and did not work for me. I guess because I eat because I am
    depressed. I felt like my balance was off when I took it and I guess it
    did help with my appetite but I kept eating the same anyway. I might have
    to go for the gastric sleeve surgery.?

  14. Philip I. says:

    Thank you for the info soc?

  15. zeinab charmchi says:

    Thank you for the information, I was wondering if I can take phentermine
    and tri-blend ( Pure Garcinia Cambogia HCA, Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry
    Ketones complex) together?

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