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Abraham Hicks New 2016 – Trying To Lose Weight? Find The Vibrational Cause – Law of Attraction


Abraham Hicks New 2016 I lost three pounds with the help of a twelve-step program four years ago and I’ve been holding tight to the last forty thirty forty that I need to lose I’ve traced the feeling and looked at the the manifestation as an indicator and have likened them to some old feelings with my dad and abandonment of law of attraction my grandfather number of people have told me this is like inner child work is what they call it is finding this old energy that I’m holding on to my body now in terms of weight and so my question to you is isn’t doing inner child work reading an old drug and do past hurts hidden or deep alter my present experiences if i dont give them conscious attention the most important so you said so much we want to go to war but the most important thing that you came round two we want to address first and their fears if you’re not giving something conscious attention and you’re not feeling emotion around it then it’s not an active player in your point of attraction and it is a non-issue people say but Abraham Hicks New 2016 what if I have subconscious things going on and we faeva subconscious you’re not having an emotional response and if you’re not having an emotional response it’s not a player in your vibration or in your point of attraction if you are having an emotional response is not subconscious so if you’re not consciously thinking about it and you’re not feeling the emotions around it then that’s not the way we would go about now we want to talk about something that you said here because we think that while what you were talking about with this what you labeled inner child work and issues with things that happened a long time ago while it may seem similar to what we have going on here it’s very different in this way we don’t want you to go back there and figure that stuff out because the minute you go back and look at it first of all you’ve turned upstream and the minute you look at it you’re more upstream and the more you talk about your more upstream and all that happens is you activate a stronger and stronger and stronger which makes it more difficult to turn back downstream so we really don’t see the point of them within could have ever so much more powerful to take the clues from what’s happening in your powerful now and do something about shifting the way you are feeling now by using the resources of your mind now in other words something might have happened to you when you were a child over which you felt no control so you could for years feel out of control insecure powerless out of control insecure powerless until you have a manifestation out reflects it but you can’t go back and make those people different than they were you can’t go back and change those law of attraction circumstances but you can change age your vibrational offering right here in now and you can and then we’ll get an immediate change in what’s happening manifestation of wise and other words the manifestation will shift as fast as the vibration does so it’s work that really is worth doing so when you were describing the emotions of all of that stuff goes where emotions about other thoughts that you were thinking about about that stuff better man it’s like someone sane I had a past life regression and I found out that I felt that same way and all those past lives so no wonder I feel that way now and we say that’s pretty much baloney the reason that you’re having those in your past life we don’t know if you’re getting your past life or somebody else’s but one thing is sure they are all of vibration imagine how you feel right now in other words how you feel now is your point of attraction so everything that’s coming to you whether it’s a memory or a vision of the future or people who are tailgating new whatever is happening to you from your past or future or your present it is a match to how you’re feeling right now so we want to hear from you what words you would use to describe how weighing more than you want to weigh heels don’t try to tire him to all of the reasons that you’ve been programmed to believe that it hanging instead just simply describe what does it feel like to be carry extra weight around what does that feel why it feels like it protects me really today in this age today in this age you really think that protecting you from sharp thanks Abraham Hicks new 2016 protecting you from program if it is it is when you think about it yet you’re not carrying them around to protect yourself from something you didn’t starve to death in a past life and so you’re gonna make sure it doesn’t happen this time all the skinny ones will be the first ones to go but also all out for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks it isn’t about and and and and we’re not being hard on you were being hard on the concept of all of that so what does it feel like just simply in your own experience what does it feel like being uncomfortable that’s closer feels bulky feels awkward feels unnecessary feels like I’m carrying something around that I’d like to put down trolling controlling how saw them carrying too much stuff there yet right on so is that a familiar personality trait of yours yes so do you think that you can be carrying more than you have any business carrying do you think that you can take responsibility for all those people do you think that you can continue to see them to them capable and meanwhile I’ll just do it myself because it’s easier to do it myself you think you can keep killing all those ways and not and and and and not have a vibration that matches it in a manifestation hope so really good but you can’t work it out the work is vibrational work not about the physical body that’s just an indicator the work is about the vibration that has caused this manifestation the work is about feeling differently in those situations by logically saying it’s not my job to do it all it’s not my job to control of the whole is not my job I don’t need to take the final myself it’s Matt it’s madness to feel that it is your responsibility to single-handedly turn the world around in the words that’s what’s at the heart abraham hicks new 2016 of this isn’t it

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