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Aerobics Dance to lose weight

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Aerobics Dance to slim down, based on Bollywood Dance.

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30 thoughts on “Aerobics Dance to lose weight

  1. Meerly says:

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    1. anu gupta says:

      W?o??w, ?ll the inf?rm?ti?n ??u n?e?ed t? l?s? w?ight quick is aa??t Aer?bi?s
      D?nce t? l?se w?ight

  2. InsightForKids Today says:

    nice shorts on the guy; still no fashion sense… he still looks like a
    twerp in a white T. Get with it GUYS! it’s called FASHION?

  3. Arshad Khan says:


  4. anu gupta says:


    1. anu gupta says:

      D?nt w????st? ??ur tim?, if ??u n??d t? l?s?? w?ight ?h??ck ?ut : ??r??bi?s
      D?n?? t? l????s? w??e?ight

  5. jaydeep shah says:

    Superb !! can u upload full video ??

  6. rusni Uni says:

    nice..l’m like?

  7. Manaal Noorani says:

    I just really want to lose my weight , thanx for this aerobics?

  8. rajeeswari chockalingam says:

    Nice workout,very useful. Thanks?

  9. deepika morgan says:

    basicaly dance to sweat urself.. i love to dance..?

  10. SANJEEV SINGLA says:


    1. Ibne Lollmahamed says:


    2. Karthik Goud says:

      Vandana Ji

    3. Vandana Ji says:

      hate video

  11. Mattie Gould says:

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  12. raul duran says:

    I’m like?

  13. Masqoor Alam says:


  14. Mkhanyisi Abongwe says:

    its allways a feel good to be within the industry of healthy lifestyle #

    1. srisailam gangani says:

      so all do so do do ask Fujjt

  15. Lucy Moyle says:

    Maybe someone will be interested in how I lost 45 pounds, look here +Emilie

    1. Soni Hegde says:

      Lucy Moyle

    2. Jane Mash says:

      +Lucy Moyle thank you very much

  16. mahendrakumar meena says:

    nice friend?

  17. ??? says:

    Nice and easy steps…i want to try this…?

  18. LoseBellyFatFast says:

    awesome clip. Nice work. gain a lot of knowledge from this video.?

  19. Basavanna shankaraghatta india says:

    Nice workouts. Thanks?

  20. Nirav Lekhak says:

    I love the I’m going to give these products a chance to work their magic on
    me. I’ve tried everything out there and so far nothing has been good enough
    to help me. For to bye/ order come there
    Aerobics Dance to lose weight?

    1. Shadhin Islam Shimul says:

      Awes?me job

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