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Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 ? Wengie ? Diet Plan ? Lose Weight ? Diet Tips and Nutrition

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Here are some diet plan pointers from Asia that you could use to assist you reduce weight. I wish this video clip aids you make a plan for your wellness and also nourishment, yet it's not expert suggestions, just from my experience!
Make life stunning:
Part 2:
The diet tea that I utilized:

I lost 7 kg's in 3 months last year! In this video clip I share 5 pointers in order to help you to regulate your parts so you don't overeat.
My Food strategy:

Last weeks diet regimen tips: Just how calories work:

If you are seeking where I obtained my jumper from and also a short story regarding my childhood years experience with food please read my article here:

The My Health and fitness Friend Application:

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46 thoughts on “Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 ? Wengie ? Diet Plan ? Lose Weight ? Diet Tips and Nutrition

  1. xMiso12x says:


  2. Yuki Chan says:

    in germany we always have soup before the dinner ^-^ i don’t know ANYONE
    eat soup after the main dish?

    1. Yuki Taite says:

      Hm…. I’m asian and for me It’s usually a bowl of soup before main course
      and a bowl after too

    2. Uchiha Beats says:

      im german and also never heard of it

  3. Alejandra Tello says:

    Thank you very much for all this tips and translation?

  4. Hannah says:

    I think Asian women are just naturally skinny.?

    1. T Davis says:

      +Elizabeth Yurievna Feder No worries πŸ™‚

    2. Elizabeth Yurievna Feder says:

      Oh I knew that didnt’ sound right πŸ™‚ haha, thanks
      +T Davis

  5. River Song76 says:

    This was so fascinating to watch and if I hadn’t realized it’s past
    midnight now, I’d watch the second part immediately! I’m adopted from
    Thailand so I grew up on a Western diet and while I just look chubby, I’m
    technically obese, again, again. I wish someone would speak up before I
    get to this stage of being overweight and I wouldn’t mind at all if someone
    put me on a diet probation! Ideally, I’d just have better awareness and
    discipline. I don’t eat more than other people here in Denmark, but I’m
    much shorter and the diet here is so heavy on red meat, starchy foods and
    dairy products. I’m going to watch more of these types of videos to give
    myself that motivational kick!?

  6. Dawn Lee says:

    I used to drink a lot of black tea, Turkish tea, and Japanese matcha tea.
    However, I always added milk, soymilk, and tons of sugar (from cubed,
    refined, white, brown, to cane, and zero-calorie satches of sugar) every
    time so I guess they caused my body to react worse rather than for the
    better as I was warned by my doctor that I was in risk of getting diabetes
    and my face has turned into aest for huge red pimples. I cut down the sugar
    and milk that were added into my usual tea, yet it didn’t help much. So I
    switched to pure warm water (boiled then cooled, no tap nor bottled water)
    then just within 3 weeks, my pimples disappeared and I lost 7 pounds
    without changing any of my daily routines. The key to my weight loss is
    water over tea :3 ?

  7. Miyuki Nishioka says:

    I have a Japanese father and I weigh 57 kg and measure 1.67 meters, and he
    seriously tells me every day that I am overweight -.- …asians ?

    1. d says:

      +Cleo Moseley

    2. Cleo Moseley says:

      ikr, you’re perfect though πŸ™‚

  8. Sandra Jefferson says:

    Wow really good advice. Also Japanese woman have really lovely skin what’s
    their secret? If you could please tell us, we would appreciate it. Thank
    you. ?

    1. Sandra Jefferson says:

      Tea aye thanks I will get started on my green tea lol

    2. Amber Brunty says:

      Becase of tea! Especially Green Tea gives you veeery nice skin! (^.^)

  9. DR. BHD And The Kids says:

    I live on pocky…..?

  10. John Carry says:

    I’m sorry, but this information is not ‘ healthy’ as you continue to state.
    Eating a sweet potato for lunch is NOT HEALTHY. DO NOT replace meat as
    vegetables… Good idea, but definitely not good in the long run. You seem
    to be very focused on the ‘low calorie’ foods rather than just being
    healthy. This is not right and many young people watching this are looking
    up to you and your tips are nothing other than saying ‘skinnier is better’.
    Many people might say that this is not what you are really meaning but you
    need to change the way that you phrase your words- many May get confused on
    whether you want your views to be healthy or just thin. Stop being obsessed
    with your weight and just care about your healthiness.

    1. zukodude487987 says:

      +Amoroussparkle Meat has more evidence that it’s bad for you in the long
      run. Fat is not an enemy, but rather saturated fat and trans fats. Sugar is
      not the enemy either, but rather sugar that is isolated from the whole food
      thus losing it’s ability to be digested slowly. Another hazard is
      cholesterol, both good and bad cholesterol are bad in high amounts so even
      eggs are not recommended. If you are worried about not getting any
      cholesterol into your diet? No problem, you body produces all the
      cholesterol you need. I recommend you look up nutrition facts on youtube.

    2. stumblestar says:

      eating vegetables in place of meat is completely fine. meat is actually
      very unhealthy for you so not eating it will keep you alive and healthier
      in the long run

  11. rilakkibum says:

    Ahh! Does anyone know how to get bangs like that??

    1. Michelle Tsang says:

      lol. I think those are clip in bangs , it doesn’t really suit her hair.

    2. Intestinies says:

      She’s wearing a wig.

  12. ?? says:

    i like how japan goes about keeping peoples weight on track. in the western
    world theres this false notion that everyone needs to accept you beeing fat
    just because you have no self control. its even worse when people pass it
    on to their children.?

  13. M A R U says:

    Guys, if I drink green tea for 3 months i will lose weight???

    1. bambamroxu says:

      It depends, I drank green tea for 3 months and lost 10 lbs but I only had
      1000 cals a day

    2. meli april Casuga says:

      oolong tea works too

    3. CNstudiozz says:

      Not really, try a detox tea it flushes out rubbish in your stomach and try
      and not eat bread

    4. Vicki Zhang says:

      depends what else you eat on the side. Green tea isn’t magic

    5. meli april Casuga says:

      green tea worked for me

  14. J?na says:

    why do asian restaurants serve large meal portions??

    1. Penelope Chung says:

      Because in Asian culture, it is usually based on bringing people together,
      and sharing a meal from one dish is a sign of coming together as one.

    2. abracadabra says:

      Because Asian restaurants in America are catering to Americans, who on
      average, eat large proportions

  15. All-that-glitters 93 says:

    How can you sweeten the green tea without adding a ton of sugar and
    calories? I’m not a tea drinker at all but I want to switch from coffee?

    1. Yume Kuran says:

      You can use honey or a sweetner like stevia or splendid

    2. ExoPanda says:


  16. Claudia says:

    Americans should be sent to Japan?

    1. Suzy Ng says:

      One of my friends went to japan to study abroad for three months and he
      lost weight πŸ™‚ of course not in an unhealthy way, it’s just that the
      portions are smaller in Japan compared to America. So instead of eating too
      much, they just eat enough to feel full. I feel like if people in America
      simply ate smaller portions, that would solve a bit of the problem….

  17. Good Health, Good Life says:

    you look like a 22 year old trying to act 16?

    1. NOW PANICING says:

      She is 28 but I think she 27 in this video

    2. Jessica Dang says:

      (She’s like 27 in this video. Mind blow right?)
      I think she’s super adorable though πŸ™‚

  18. BunnaySango says:

    Here in Britain tea is an institution, but still it is the fattest country
    in Europe. Though brits do like milk and sugar in their tea.?

    1. f says:

      Yeah milk and sugar is honestly what makes you gain A LOT of weight.

  19. Lady zooze says:

    I will definitely follow this I really think it’s will help me with my diet
    thank you so much?

  20. Cherish Daly says:

    My high carb low fat 80/10/10 lifestyle keeps me slim naturally and no
    animals have to suffer! 30bad ?

    1. JoyClarke017 says:

      Yass! HCLFV ftw!

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