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Beginner Weight Loss Workout – with Big China

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Typical individuals: shed your stubborn stomach fat FAST:

If you're a regular guy like Tony that's planning to obtain in form, I posted a video clip just for you. It reveals why normal men like you cannot obtain torn despite the fact that you worked hard– and also just what you should start doing in different ways to get six pack abdominal muscles:

Hey individuals,

So today I am with my buddy Tony that is training as difficult as he can to lose fat quick. He is well on his method and the M-100 workout we are doing today is going to get him one action near to the body he has actually constantly wanted.

Allow's do this:

Workout Failure:

** 10 associates each, repeat each workout till you reach 100 complete reps.

Burpees – Fall and also do a push up as well as promptly jump back up and enter the air as high as you can.This will certainly amount to one rep.

Mountain mountain climbers – Stay in a push-up setting as well as alternate kicking your knees ahead to your upper body. A combination of a left as well as right kick will certainly amount to one rep.

Dual pump crouches – Squat right down, come half means up as well as pull back. Follow this with a complete extension dive squat. This will equal one rep.

As well as If you wish to obtain ripped just in time for the summer season, check this video out.

I made use of to have a ton of belly fat. It obtained so bad guy that I nearly gave up entirely. I disliked the way I looked, as well as worst of all I disliked unknowning ways to make the fat disappear. However every little thing reversed for me when I located this set unusual workout "shortcut" that assisted me burn all my tummy fat as well as obtain the six pack abs I have today!

Discover on your own if this one easy exercise faster way will certainly work for you like it provided for me. You owe it to yourself to check this video out.

Train Hard,.

~ Mike.

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43 thoughts on “Beginner Weight Loss Workout – with Big China

  1. Evangeline Matthews says:

    This ?r?oooduct is ?mazing!!!! it really w?rked I have lost 8 ??unds in 3
    w?eks, but keepp in mind th?t I workout 5 da?s and lift weights ?nd c?rdio
    30min ?ls? I ?hang? the w?y I ??t ?nd this ?ill just cut my a?p?tit? s? far
    I lov? it >==>>

    1. DF VV says:

      Fr?? ?ooonlin? vid?o shows that eat real f?od ?nd still ga???in re?l weight
      loss! Cli?k here t? watchit n?w. B?ginneeer
      Weight Loss Workout with Big China

    2. ?? says:

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      Quickly Read h?re n?w => Beginne?er
      W?ight Loss Worko?oout with Big China

    3. Arnold Alvarado says:


  2. Benita Leonard says:

    this tips can make your diet better >==>>

  3. aaron rothe says:

    I would like an update on big China?

    1. -, Whats-A-Modder? says:

      +Ashhal bullshit

    2. Jesus Christ says:

      +Ashhal no!

    3. Ashhal says:

      Start to use Weight Loss GreenStoreTea , Burn than fat and watch your belly
      go flat.

  4. Lietuvos Vyras says:

    damn Ancient Chinese secrets?

    1. Legendary Uchiha says:

      Lietuvos Vyras ???

    2. Ayat Love says:

      Weight Loss Workouts ,,,

  5. Huy Tr?n says:

    This reminds me of my friend and I. Ps: my friend is on the left, and I’m
    the one who got tired after 2 minutes?

  6. Billie says:

    I read this book after listening to Michael Mosley on the radio. The book
    makes sense and I have now lost over half a stone. *>from here *
    *** :)*?

  7. Sugar Hill says:

    ?????? to Big China!!! He gave it 110%?

  8. Maxptv says:

    I miss Mike so much.?

    1. Maxptv says:

      Osman Cardona look it up

    2. Maxptv says:

      probably sold it

    3. Osman Cardona says:

      +Maxptv why how come ?

    4. Maxptv says:

      Osman Cardona he left the channel

    5. Osman Cardona says:

      Maxptv where did he go ?

  9. Greek Freak 34 says:

    How long did it take him to bench 225 if he started at 85??

    1. Tristan Taylor says:

      I want to know that too. I’ve always only been able to press about 90, but
      I weigh 245 and am about the same (probably less muscle) than big China.

  10. Jonathan Garrett says:

    Eventually, I came across a diet that is simple to follow. I am so anxious
    to continue this particular journey and to lose an additional 14 lbs. Check
    out “sowo amazing plan” on google.?

  11. sobekflakmonkey says:

    I weigh 260, and I look smaller than him, I’m 5’11 maybe 6′, not sure…or
    maybe I do look like the dude on the right and I’m just not aware.?

  12. Janet Norton says:

    I had not heard of the diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) until
    eventually my good friend gave so highly about it when they lost nearly 12
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  13. Carroll Sharp says:

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  14. Olli Hukkanen says:

    Is Mike still on the channel??

    1. IMAAJJ says:

      +MarineHulk why

  15. Thorguy says:

    he kept up pretty good?

  16. Joshua Da Silva says:

    What is the background song used here??

  17. anna fowler says:

    I lost a good deal with the easy diet to complete. It turned out my good
    friend who indicated the diet program which she might lose 21 pounds. The
    dietary plan has arrived

  18. Umbree says:

    Please do a workout for someone who cannot incorporate their legs (at
    all!) 🙁 (I have cerebral palsy and had bad surgery and my legs don’t
    bend at all, this means I can’t put pressure on my knees, cant run, can’t
    walk, but I want to loose belly fat)?

    1. Erick Quinones says:

      its been 2 months any luck bud

    2. Calvin ivan says:

      +She’sCalledJessie yeah, swimming tho, its okay if you cant use your legs,
      you can still swim

    3. Umbree says:

      Thanks I’m not a very good swimmer as I can’t use my legs that well, but
      I’ll give it a shot.

    4. Epic GamingTv says:

      you should try swimming idk if that will help just putting it out there ?

  19. Arshya Arya says:

    How many calories will this burn each workout? And if I do this for a
    month, will I see results??

    1. Nahaha WoW says:

      +Arshya Arya yes. If your body is using more calories than it is taking in
      then fat will be burned.

    2. Arshya Arya says:

      +Nahaha WoW well i have a really clean diet( literally no junk food). If i
      try to burn more calories then i gain, will i be good?

    3. Nahaha WoW says:

      Food is more important than the exercise. Depending on what you eat you
      could lose a lot of weight or none at all.

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