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Celebrities huge weight loss (steroids or natural) part 2

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Celebs transformation prior to as well as after (steroids or all-natural??) part 2

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Star's doubtful transformations, steroids or all-natural?
From obtaining muscles in a brief period of time or losing weight.
MICHAEL JAI WHITE PULL UPS (never back down 2).

Randy Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Lilly allen.

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Impressive 6 months body change before and after.

Celebs massive weight loss (steroids or natural).

55 push ups in 50 sec.

RE: GSP 25 finger ideas push-ups obstacle (Georges St-Pierre Fitness fan obstacle).

Pro body builders before steroids Component 2 (Kai Green, Phil Health, etc).

Kai Environment-friendly prior to and also after steroids, Phil heath prior to and after steroids, Shawn Rhoden, Chris Cormier, Ronnie Coleman before steroids, Kevin Levrone, Branch Warren, Flex Wheeler. Dennis James, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Clergyman. Dorian Yates Before as well as After Tom Platz Prior to and After bertil Fox Before and After Lou Ferrigno Prior to as well as After Samir Bannout Before as well as After Dennis James Prior to and After Nasser El Sonbatty Prior to as well as After Kevin Levrone Prior to and also After Flex Wheeler Prior to and also After Arnold Schwarzenegger prior to and After.
Pro bodybuilders prior to steroids (Kai Environment-friendly, Phil Heath, etc).

Jay Cutler, Dave Palumbo, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Pavol Jablonicky, Gary Strydom, Art Artwood, Nasser El Sonbaty, Frank Sepe, Shawn Ray, Paul Dillet, Rolander Kickinger, Bertil Fox, King Kamali, Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Flex Wheeler, Dennis James, Kevin Levrone, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Priest, Markus ruhl.

FINGER IDEAS DRAW UPS (Forearms & stronger grip/fist) toughness exercise # 10.

6 MONTHS ALL-NATURAL BODY CHANGE before and also after (from skinny to muscle).

50 push ups in 45 seconds (Fitness For Life 365).

45 push-ups in 40 sec (physical fitness for life 365).

FINGER SUGGESTIONS CHIN UPS (Forearms & stronger grip/fist) stamina workout # 14.

Lui Marco This is not how we do weighted dips in Australia (Fitness Permanently 365) 110 lbs dips.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson training towel pull ups for hold strength.

Michael Jai White bring up WITH WEIGHTS (never pull back 2).

MICHAEL JAI WHITE PULL UPS (never back down 2).

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's towel bring up training for grip strength with weights.

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Personal Fitness instructor: Adam Tanner.

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25 thoughts on “Celebrities huge weight loss (steroids or natural) part 2

  1. OriginalMindTrick says:

    Weight loss is easy. You just avoid eating as much. Gaining 20 lb of pure
    muscle in half a year for a role takes a lot of dedication and hard work +

    1. BadBoyDeGekste says:


  2. Vanish EditZ says:

    Steriods Arn’t just for building muscle there are cutting cycles out there
    too to keep you lean while you can keep building muscle. Different drugs do
    different things. Keep in mind when you do cycle on the juice and build
    muscle you will lose fat as you build more muscle, even if you’re natural
    building muscle will burn fat period unless you’re at a caloric surplus aka
    bulking. Some of you need serious education on a basic level.. ?

    1. Vanish EditZ says:

      You’re missing my point different drugs do different thing to the body,
      it’s sole purpose is not just for getting huge or to build muscle Solely.
      Example: Anavar is a steroid that helps to cut, you’ll be more defined(only
      through exercise) but you won’t get big taking Anavar you’ll get extremely
      lean cause it’s main purpose is only to (preserve) muscle not to build, the
      building part comes from tearing the muscle and forcing it grow. If you’re
      taking compounds such as dbol, test, deca, winne, clomid, nolva, etc..those
      are the steroids that it’s main purpose it to build muscle, their are
      steroids that help with endurance and focus and they are not for building
      muscle, such as what endurance athletes take. There are compounds that dry
      out and give you a rock hard look and raise you blood cell count to give
      you that extreme vascular look. My whole point is that people need stop
      thinking steroids are just to get “big” and only big people take them. You
      should really feel like a dumbass, going back to what I was doing. 🙂

    2. Erik Fr?o says:

      you are cool :O 🙂 i like you

  3. Vera Rose says:

    50 only lost weight for a role in a movie. He had cancer. This is false.?

  4. DARKO DARKO says:

    oh mi god !!! 1:39 it s not possible that is 50 !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!?

    1. Just Good and Sexy says:

      I don’t think the second photo is fifty’s…

    2. DARKO DARKO says:

      i talkink a bout before not now ??!!!

    3. sgonged says:

      It is and he is lookin so fine!

  5. Guardian Observer says:

    They take sheet for their fun, why they should take for their multimilion
    paying job??

  6. c VoLt says:

    how can a person usa roids to lose weight????? roids are using to grown
    up your muscles not for burn your fat?

    1. Harres Dirksen says:

      steroids dont have to be anabolic (muscle building).., but even anabolic
      steroids usually have strong fat burning qualities and can defintily be
      used to lose weight.

  7. Movies Online says:

    To anyone who wants to bulk up some day. Go google Ready Set Ripped to
    find out more.?

  8. longertrax says:

    what’s with the gay trans music??

  9. asia448 says:

    u must be dumb ^^?

  10. Get informed Wake up says:

    Oh so because it was a month ago it justifies your ignorance…..?

  11. Fitness For Life 365 says:

    He will not be able to find it using Shazam, this is my own track. ?

  12. Get informed Wake up says:

    Shazam app, download it?

  13. Get informed Wake up says:

    Are you dumb? Yes you can, you obviously haven’t a clue about steroids.?

  14. bobby fletcher says:

    no, hes right steroids are fore building muscle not weight lose, you should
    have your facts straight. ?

  15. mikelh says:

    You’re wrong. Anabolic androgenic steroids don’t make you lose weight…
    This from someone with 20 years experience with using them, Me. (As it
    happens they’re legal here in my country)?

  16. mantasuzka says:

    also 50cent wasn’t on steroids it was make up because he was in the movies
    to half of this already bullshit?

  17. JediDarkLOrdSK says:

    Have you seen Stupid Simple Slimming? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick and easy way to lose weight fast.?

  18. wiggggl3s says:

    I mean its not steroids, just a lot of kardio, diet and money on trainers..

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