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Celebrities transformations BEFORE & AFTER The rock, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Zyzz, etc

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Stars' makeover before and after (that do you believe took steroids and that do you assume is natural??) This is the final cut.

Will certainly smith, mark wahlberg, Jason stathan zac efron, taylor lautner, Dwayne Johnson, the rock, Christiano ronaldo, kellan lutz Webcam gigandet, Robert de niro, Tom Hardy, Jamie fox, Charlie shine, Mickey Rourke, Hugh jackman, Chris Hemsworth, daniel craig, Alistair Overeem, Zyzz, Matthew mcconaughey, arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Craig David, Gerard butler, Seth rogen, Three-way h, Paul levesque, Paul pedestrian, Jonah hillside, Jake Gyllenhaal, celebrities transformation, celebs on steroids, stars before and also after, the rock before and after roids. Thor Makeover, no discomfort no gain makeover.

Star's doubtful improvements, steroids or natural?
From acquiring muscles in a short amount of time or slimming down.

Train Like a MMA boxer exercise # 1 Tire flip part 1.

Train Like a MMA competitor exercise # 1 Tire flip component 2.

Train Like a MMA fighter workout # 2 PULL UPS.

Train Like a Mixed Martial Arts competitor workout # 3.

Train Like a MMA boxer workout # 4.

Train Like a MMA fighter workout # 5 Monkey bar side-way.

6 MONTHS NATURAL BODY IMPROVEMENT prior to and also after (from slim to muscle).

Amazing 6 months body makeover prior to as well as after.

Pro bodybuilders prior to and after steroids (Ronnie Coleman, Arnold, Jay Cutler, etc).

55 rise in 50 sec.

RE: GSP 25 finger pointers push-ups obstacle (Georges St-Pierre Fitness fan challenge).

Pro bodybuilders prior to steroids Component 2 (Kai Environment-friendly, Phil Heath, etc).

Jay Cutler, Dave Palumbo, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Pavol Jablonicky, Gary Strydom, Art Artwood, Nasser El Sonbaty, Frank Sepe, Shawn Ray, Paul Dillet, Rolander Kickinger, Bertil Fox, King Kamali, Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Flex Wheeler, Dennis James, Kevin Levrone, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Priest, Markus ruhl.

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MICHAEL JAI WHITE PULL UPS (never ever back down 2).

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's towel pull ups training for hold toughness with weights.

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41 thoughts on “Celebrities transformations BEFORE & AFTER The rock, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Zyzz, etc

  1. Dva Kolesa says:

    my ears…?

    1. Tatianah Vencatapillay says:

      Pro?oMuscle Fit will natur?ll? boost ??ur t?stoster?n? levels, en?bling you
      to build more mus?le, FASTER…
      https://twitter.com/0aeea43ee0ceed76b/status/742668391975096320 C?lebrities
      transformati?ns BEFOR?EE AFTER Th? rock M?l Gibs?n Jas?n Stath?m Zyzz ?tc

    2. Fitness For Life 365 says:

      +Jack Morris People get paid to but music, my approach is different. I get
      paid to stop making music 🙂

    3. Jack Morris says:

      stop doing music, man.

    4. Dva Kolesa says:

      +Fitness For Life 365 ???

    5. Fitness For Life 365 says:

      Well speaking that I created this music, I could not be more flattered lol

  2. trefod says:

    They all look so content and happy in their before pictures though.?

    1. Wicked Odie says:

      +Dimitar B. Because that’s how were are supposed to look? If there wasn’t
      all this processed food with tons of sugar in it, do you think there would
      be so many obese people? Nope! We would be as Marky Mark put it, the most
      buffed up country in the world.

    2. Dimitar B. says:

      +trefod Exactly… and so much more natural. Why so many men are busting
      their asses to end up looking as damn neanderthals… I wonder?!

    3. Micro Aggressor says:

      +trefod There’s something about being fat that makes you jolly.

  3. TheAAP2011 says:

    new steroid commercial??

    1. Jackson Price says:

      If your whole life is just the gym then your bound to change somehow

    2. Fitness For Life 365 says:

      +TheAAP2011 Glad I can impress you

    3. TheAAP2011 says:

      +Fitness For Life 365 wow you found one guy who probably didnt use
      steroids! Congratz!

    4. Fitness For Life 365 says:

      Doubt that Ronaldo used anabolic steroids. Charlie sheen is the least
      impressive transformation and yet he took steroids lol.

  4. Mike T says:

    It’s ALL ABOUT access to good steroids and nothing to do but work out 4-6
    hours a day.?

    1. Joonha Shcal says:

      And a very stringent diet. With the none huge guys I’d say it was natural.
      For example roids are awful if you practice martial arts like statham. And
      Silvester Stallone was too broke to get em either.

    2. Reincarna two says:

      yea so you spend 4 or 6 hours per day !!!! what a great life you have

  5. Nguyen Vo says:

    last one is a legend?

    1. Fitness For Life 365 says:

      Needed a big finish

  6. Pece17 says:

    Song gave me epilepsy?

    1. Reincarna two says:

      are you dying

  7. pikineitor says:

    Christian Bale is crazy for the machinist his daily diet consist in a
    yougurt and maybe some tuna?

    1. Francisca Escobar says:

      +Mike T was for a movie

    2. Mike T says:

      I ate nothing but tuna and water and an occasional apple and lost 35 lbs in
      3 weeks

  8. BATUHAN ASLAN says:

    alistair overeem?

    1. TheAAP2011 says:

      +BATUHAN ASLAN Mr. Testesterone aka jiucehead

  9. Jamie Melissa says:

    Nothing like a guy with nice arms and abs…?

    1. Reincarna two says:

      yea especially for a skank

  10. Nicholas T. says:

    1:56 what film did make The Rock that big? Ive never seen his shoulder on
    that size …?

    1. denNicola says:

      +Nicholas T. Pain & Gain, Marky Mark’s after pic was also from that movie

  11. AQUILES CF says:

    cual es el qie aparece en el minuto 1:43?

    1. HitlerOppar says:

      Ryan renolds

  12. Hail and Rain says:

    lol zyzz is god?

  13. Max Bepunkt says:

    What is the Movie on 0:14 called??

    1. Fitness For Life 365 says:

      +Max Bepunkt The Machinist

  14. Sarah Smith says:

    holy crap hot belike?

  15. Bogie says:

    anything is possible with steroids. LOL !!!!?

  16. DM Murphy says:

    Only a few men look like they work out in their before picture.?

  17. Mike Hawk says:

    They’re all impressive but in my opinion Edward Norton was the most
    impressive because he’s always been a skinny guy. When he appeared in
    American History X he looked fantastic and had the kind of build I think
    looks the absolute best – not crazy bulging but cut just enough for good
    definition. The shot of skinny Christian Bale was just plain scary, but he
    was well-built prior to deliberately taking it all off for a movie, then
    built himself back up again afterward. The things some actors will do…?

    1. Joonha Shcal says:

      He went from the Machinist to Batman Begins within less than a year.

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