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Celebrities Who Got CHUNKY – How NOT to lose weight

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Food Too Bomb: A Gallery Of Celebrities That Obtained CHUNKY

It's draft below for celebrities in our weight-obsessed culture where every little bit of weight gain and also pudge is hyped by the mainstream media/overanalyzed by the internet.

Strike the dive for a (surprising) gallery of celebs that morphed right into plump lumpkins( es).

britney spears
chris brown
christina aguilera
jessica simpson
kelly clarkson
kevin federline
kirstie alley
lady gaga
mike tyson
rob kardashian
steven seagal

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22 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Got CHUNKY – How NOT to lose weight

  1. Soso says:

    they are normal people?

  2. Aaron Wesley says:

    jessica simpson is still attractive ?

  3. Listchmet Prinston says:

    besthappyvids that video is rude no wonder you only got 174326 views.People
    still love theirself even though they just gained wait i bet you weigh

  4. larry lovette says:

    Chris brown is not fat just buff?

  5. # MyLifeAsJJ says:

    This is fake?

  6. Abi Folkes says:

    wow celebritys r real people :-)?

  7. Aaron Caldwell says:

    Boy you almost had me until you fucked up on your mike Tyson and Chris
    brown one the Photoshop is real with this one. Haha nice try?

  8. Bella Doll says:

    Okay people get older and metabolism slows down. Like cmon everyone can’t
    stay looking like you did in your 20s. Videos like this is why people have
    eating disorders.?

    1. TheMicky53 says:

      Yes! I’m 20 pounds heavier than I was in my twenties, and I’m loving it.
      Healthy and happy.

  9. LoseBellyFatFast says:

    awesome video. Fantastic work. Acquire a lot of knowledge from this video.?

  10. Maria Quintero says:

    que pena tener una mentalidad tan retrograda y de pelele de la sociedad. lo
    importante no es estar gord@ o flac@ sino ser como uno quiere ser y con ell
    gustarse y ser feliz sin importar lo que digan y opinen los demas?

  11. XX_Josy_X says:

    ohhh my goddd britney Did u eat 20 hearshys a day?

  12. Lulu B says:

    Who cares that they gained weight they are still awesome?

  13. sdozier4488 says:

    it happens to almost everyone,just a part of life sometimes?

  14. Paul & David says:

    Looks to me like a bunch of people who are enjoying their money without
    limits. where i come from your considered to be well off if you have a full
    figure. not saying be careless with your health, but I would most
    definitely be disappointed if i had the money but couldn’t enjoy it in fear
    of what people would think. Lol, if we’re rich, the last thing you’d find
    at my house is a fridge full of water. ?

    1. Shirley Pena says:

      @ Hesrizen Amen,
      Well said! πŸ™‚

  15. Chels_bee93 says:

    Some of these celebs had children! Ik my body after my kids looks nothing
    close to theirs! This is what wrong with society. And also people get
    older. Their muscles lose tone. So they gain a little weight. Whats wrong
    with that? ?

    1. Bianca Marie says:

      Also eating disorders.. πŸ™

  16. Phil Tess says:

    How could the Illuminati let this happen.?

  17. TriL TV says:

    I’m still really shocked about Rob Kardashian…..
    All that damn $$$, they stuff their faces & eat whatever the hell they

  18. Irma M says:

    Some of them just got older and your bones changes .. ?

  19. Guardian of the Galaxy says:

    celebrates look healthy?!?!!??????. SHUT IT DOWN!!!?

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