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Cycle Your Carbs Like This To Lose Weight Faster

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Sounds a yet far brought, yet if you recognize the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH behind weight management, or more the point the POWER behind carb-cycling?

After that the above isn’t dream, its reality!

Actually, if your understand how and when to consume your carbs (as a matter of fact the timing is critical), then you could massively increase your fat loss.

If you believe its mosting likely to be made complex – its not, but you do need to know how to establish one up properly for it to work.

In today’s video clip, Im not just going to clarify THE BEST WAYS TO do it – however just how raising the amount of carbs you eat at the correct time is a (yummy) recipe for success.

Dive in right now to learn the best ways to establish your initial carb cycle … I think you’re gon na love it!

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40 thoughts on “Cycle Your Carbs Like This To Lose Weight Faster

  1. Unleash The Wolf says:

    Would it also work to alternate High carbs and Low carbs every other day? I
    am strength training Mon/Wed/Fri and need plenty of carbs on those days.?

  2. Kelly Ehrhardt says:

    this was great.. straight forward! with me I already low carb it to go
    lower is almost impossible..I am like that woman i found out I was only
    eating 1400 calories a day and I work out daily. so i started raising the
    carbs with fruit and veggies and some rice. I am assuming I can raise this
    more one day… then back to basically what i am eating now then the other
    day take out the fruit and starches. strangely enough I have fear in carbs
    ? so I have to add it in slowly and so far.. so good. thank you for the

  3. Deborah Hopper says:

    Wow i get it, finally some clear info, thanks!!!!?

  4. James Innis says:

    So on the third day, when the carbs are 25%-0%, do you increase your
    protein and/or fat consumption to maintain the same number of calories??

    1. Gowy says:

      James Innis yes man that’s right

  5. Joyce Johnson says:

    Short and sweet!! I’ve watched 3 other youtuber video and still had
    questions. This one… I had an ” auh haa” moment..? luv it.?

    1. morellifit says:

      Awesome! Thats so great to hear 🙂

  6. Shamra Rose says:

    thanks..this was really easy and clear to understand. I’m gonna start
    implementing this now.???

  7. Mikal Shahi says:

    if i do carb cycling by decreasing my carb to 25 ..%how many gram.of fat
    supposed to be consumed?? i am 55 kg nd i am so active plus lifting my
    protein intake is 85 gr but wb fat on low carb days??besides i am vegan?

    1. Gowy says:

      Mikal Shahi on your lower carb days increase the fat a fraction but not too

  8. Shampa Tiwari says:

    Hello.. i am a vegeterian and really have no idea as in what i need to
    intake id ut comes to consume protein… vegetables and legumes do not
    really provide much protein.. do u suggest for a protein supplement..?? if
    so then please recommend the name of the best one..
    also i have questions about carbs.. as u said that we have to consume 25%
    carb on the low carb day.. but vegetables do have carb do i need to
    discard the amount of carb vefetables and fruit contain or it should also
    be calculated in the daily macro nutrient count?? Please reply as i am
    really confused with these questions?

    1. Liz Mercado says:

      Shampa Tiwari he said vegetables don’t count as carbs. They are “free
      carbs” they don’t count. (Although yes they have a small amount of carb in
      it) as for protein content- legumes and vegetables have protein. As a
      vegetarian (I’m assuming you’re lacto-Ovo-vegetarian? You only avoid
      meats– if so, you will need a b12 supplement. B12 is only found in meat
      products. hope that helped. If you’re going to chose a vegetarian diet or
      any special diet for that matter, do your research.

  9. Just another YouTube cat says:

    Dang dude, you eat 2 grams of protein per pound??? That’s not too much??

  10. Pauline K says:

    Is that 1 gram of protein per body weight or on your ideal body weight?
    I’ve heard people say if you need to lose a lot of weight you need to base
    it off of what you want to weigh not what you currently weigh/?

    1. TheWarIsWithin says:

      from what? supplements??? gtfoh

    2. Gowy says:

      TheWarIsWithin you’ve got to be joking… don’t tell people lies. 1lb of
      weight to protein is perfectly fine to consume on the daily basis.

  11. brandon martin says:

    great video.
    One question though..

    If my calories were already calculated to be at a deficit of 500, if i do
    the carb cycling the way it’s suggested in this video then i would
    essentially be at an even higher caloric deficit on certain days when carbs
    are at a lower intake, so could that hurt my fast loss progress? I’ve read
    going below 500 calories of what your caloric maintenance is then it could
    be “too much”. if anyone could give a rookie here a little insight it would
    be greatly appreciated.?

    1. brandon martin says:

      +g1cbr that’s what i was thinking but i didn’t want to assume. thank you
      very much i appreciate it

    2. g1cbr says:

      typically you want to keep your protein intake at a constant level and
      manipulate carb and fat only, so up the fat intake when you cut carbs

  12. mruiz956 says:

    it would be nice if questionaire was sent to me so I can get started I
    purchased your product yesterday and haven’t recieved anything in email but
    funds was collected how fair is that?

  13. g1cbr says:

    at 5:33, you said protein is gonna displace other macro nutrient, what do
    you mean by that??

    1. The Ruff Life says:

      He uses way too many words. All he means is that if you’re eating 90%
      protein, you only have 10% left for fat or carbs. But it requires tracking
      – it’s not really “displacing” anything lol

  14. Yvonne jay says:

    If you’re cutting those carbs in half, would that mean you’re cutting
    calories too??

    1. E JAY says:

      1 gram protein = 4 calories
      1 gram carbs = 4 calories
      1 gram fat = 9 calories

      so yes if you decrease your carbs you decrease your calorie intake

    2. Charlotte Fear says:

      Yeah it does 🙂 don’t necessarily have to cut them in half but consume at a

  15. christina carvajal says:

    thank you. I love the way you explain.?

    1. morellifit says:

      Im happy to hear it, thank you for watching 🙂

  16. aka semoo says:

    waw i really like this video . one question michael . should i get my own
    cheat meal during a high carb day or its better to avoid it ?? by the way

    1. Daniel Baca says:

      cheat meals are good at least once a week. they help satisfy your craving
      as well as balance out hormone levels such leptin and thyroid (T3, T4)
      Witch are important in fat loss

  17. Human runner says:

    I’m sick of you greedy basterds trying to make money off people who want to
    lose weight. All this information is free on the web so why the hell are
    you selling it??

    1. RantingForSanity says:

      There is NOTHING wrong with what he’s doing. He’s giving you the foundation
      to design your own program for FREE. If you don’t want to do the legwork,
      then he is willing to do it for a price. That is capitalism.

    2. Darude Sandstorm says:

      He’s actually stating facts though

    3. martin mac says:

      dude he’s a trainer that has a family to support, he holds valuable
      information for health and nutrition. if you want it to be free then go and
      study about nutrition and fitness for hours, weeks, and years, or you can
      pay him to teach you to save a lot of time. convianance always has a price

    4. corysstupidiphone says:

      +Human runner i pay for berries in a nice shrink wrapped box even though
      they can be found outside for free.

  18. Yesenia Solis says:

    when does your book come out .?

  19. Sandra Petkauskaite says:

    Videos are eye openers!!! Thank you, very helpful. What about cheat
    days/meals? I do have one cheat meal/meals once a week. Would like to hear
    you opinion on this subject..?

  20. monkeh88 says:

    whats the best juice drink to lose weight before you go out cycling?

    1. monkeh88 says:

      +corysstupidiphone i dont eat lard but ill try others

    2. corysstupidiphone says:

      +monkeh88 1 cup lard, 4 ice cubes, spinach and cinnamon.

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