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Day 3 on phentermine….

Try Phen.375  Today!

update on my progression

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23 thoughts on “Day 3 on phentermine….

  1. Megan DeFelice says:

    so it’s been a month since you started. what’s your progress now??

  2. Princesa Iluciones says:

    How are you please share !!?

  3. FreePrescriptionCard says:

    Hi shahanna, I want to share this phentermine coupon you. You will save
    some money. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m taking phentermine

  4. Gigi Naomi says:

    Girl I lost 65LBS in 2 months while being on this pill by doing ALL that
    you are doing. Don’t give up! Always change up your work out from time to
    time because over time the body does get used to it & it may SEEM like
    Phentermine isn’t working, but is just your body. Once you do something
    different you’ll continue to see changes. PLEASE don’t give up Phentermine

    1. Ailien del Risco says:

      +Gigi Naomi thank you! Have you been able to keep it off? Are you still
      taking phen?

    2. Gigi Naomi says:

      +Ailien del Risco so this was two years ago. I managed to keep it off for 2
      years. However, I also suffer from anxiety & depression and I am an
      emotional eater ( relationship issues ) got me into a depression & that
      brought back my anxiety and stress which had remained dormant for a while.
      Unfortunately, do this sad period in my life I began over eating a lot and
      I gained a lot of weight ( more than before actually ). Now that I’ve been
      able to over come this period in my life & I am able to focus on myself,
      I’ve decided to start seeing my doctor again & take Phentermine. If it was
      not for the depression I went through due to relationship issues & break
      ups I say I would have been able to keep it off. I definetly recommend
      Phentermine though.

    3. Ailien del Risco says:

      +Gigi Naomi I’ll be starting my pill tomorrow. I wish you much luck! Thanks
      for the feedback a! 😉

    4. Gigi Naomi says:

      +Ailien del Risco I began mine once again on Saturday. Luck to you as well!

    5. Results With Latonya says:

      Losing all that weight short term, especially if u aren’t making long term
      life style changes.. You will gain it all back. These pills are dangerous &
      that’s the reason they are short term & most ppl gain all the weight back
      once they stop taking them

  5. Vani Zafra says:

    Hi where do i buy this pills??

    1. Alejandra Vasqueeze says:

      Phentermine is prescribed, usually your primary health physician can write
      you a prescription or you can visit a weight loss clinic. Normally the
      price ranges up to $30. I hope this was helpful

    2. Amy Burger says:

      It’s not easy to get it unless you have a doctor who can prescribe
      it to you, You can get it on the web, but it must be from a US pharmacy
      I was in the same situation till I found this lady online
      who helped me and she’s very legit and trustworthy. Her email is you can drop her a few lines or simply text her
      786-3099508 she’ll take good care of you. Good luck

  6. Alecia Roberson says:

    Any updates??

  7. Jennifer Gary'MA says:

    is it prescribed?

    1. Vloggin Therapy says:

      Yes it is subscribed you have to get it from a doctor.

  8. kswt84 says:

    I just started today. Are you suppose to wait to eat after you take the
    pill? I took it then started eating and maybe I ate too much cause I got
    nauseous and I’m drinking water and it seems to help but I gagged and got
    dizzy. I knew dizziness was a side effect but nausea after eating??

    1. Shahanna says:

      i take half first thing in the morning and then eat something light

  9. Vloggin Therapy says:

    Do you mind sharing an update video? ;)?

  10. Rosalinda Vaca says:

    how are you doing in your diet I just started taking this pills today
    please update?

    1. Shahanna says:

      hi sorry for not responding sooner but im doing good again. To be honest i
      had stopped taking them consistently because of the side affects that i was

  11. Nina Lovely says:

    i took my phentermine capsule and i took the whole thing and it was my
    first day taking it it made my heart rate race a tiny bit faster but not
    outrageous at all i had a burst of energy and it puts me in a great mood
    for some reason i didn’t remember i needed to eat and now im about to start
    on my second day with phentermine and im going to workout with it?

  12. Nina Lovely says:

    im working on my weightloss goal and my waist length hair goals?

  13. Elizabeth Beedles says:


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