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Diabetes Healthy Snack Choices

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dLife Food and also Nutrition Editor Lynn Prowitt-Smith discusses diabetes healthy snack choices. To find out more concerning diabetes healthy snack choices, as well as for tons of diabetes-friendly recipes, most likely to


7 thoughts on “Diabetes Healthy Snack Choices

  1. bornfree1977 says:

    Doesn’t beat munching on a Mars bar though does it??

  2. Robert Monroe says:

    Everything you learn helps. Thx for sharing Lynn?

  3. Jay Towie says:

    Do you know that you can reverse the effects of diabetes and stimulate
    natural insulin production? Google for “Diabno” to see how…?

  4. Ryan Grone says:

    All these people are so fucking stupid. Anything with carb or protein
    isn’t free. Calories are irrelevant. If the calories are from fat they
    won’t catch up with you.?

  5. Dyuzhev Aleksandr says:

    In fact, type 2 diabetes can be healed simply by dieting appropriately . ?

    1. Dyuzhev Aleksandr says:

      The glucose levels has stabilized just after 1 week. discover the natural
      treatment here:

  6. tallladyjay says:

    I am sick of hearing what I can and can’t eat – i.e., “Eat this, but don’t
    eat that!”. It is making me sick to hear about it. I just try to stick
    to vegetables, some fruits and lean meat. I love salads and roasted
    vegetables anyway. Chicken breast, fish and steak doesn’t turn me off.
    The frequent exercise is the hard part. Going to the gym three times a
    week is hard and, apparently, it has not helped. I have to walk about two
    miles everyday. Only then can I begin to shed pounds and lower my blood
    sugar. Being alive means just that, moving around. communicating,
    thinking, eating organic foods prepared by nature, not a manufacturing
    company, and drinking the liquid the body is made from., water.?

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