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Famous People Who Lost 100 Pounds

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They all shed 100 pounds or even more in less than 6 months.

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39 thoughts on “Famous People Who Lost 100 Pounds

  1. I am Talako (Gray Eagle In The Sky) says:

    Terry, this video is very encouraging. I have at least 40 lbs more go
    towards my minimum of 60lbs. I’ve dropped almost 20 lbs in the last 7
    months – but I have a lot still to work on more as it pertains to my diet
    modifications and my gym routine – being faithful to it. All of these guys
    look great. I wonder did Rick have breast and stomach reduction surgery? I
    say that because he had so MUCH breast and stomach fat and those tissues
    esp the breast tissues don’t just shrink up when you lose the weight they
    are actually glands. I’ve watched videos about gynomastia surgeries for
    men. Often for the men who have big breasts and with some men and women who
    have big stomachs – the fat has to be surgically removed and the skin as
    If not the frame of the body will be thin but all the excess areas of fat
    (breast and stomach will hang off the person’s frame.
    I have seen that personally and it looks terrible. Again this was a great
    vid. Everyone that needs to loose those extra pounds should be inspired
    after seeing this. Thanks pa and Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.
    Peace, Miguel! ?

    1. Sherif Elaasar says:


    2. Ledarriona Oliver says:

      Your comment is to long

    3. rj45swag says:

      just keep at it once you reach your goal it will change your life forever
      and losing 70 pound was the greatest thing accomplish in my life and it
      proves to me that nothing is impossible if you can think it you can be it
      just be willing to work hard

    4. symone love says:

      +rj45swag x l DLM CD

    5. I am Talako (Gray Eagle In The Sky) says:

      Wow how the time flies. Since posting my original comment I am at the 70
      lbs weight loss goal. I am coming to think I have at least 15 lbs to go. It
      is the last of the abdominal fat. I am toning up. Almost all love handles
      are gone. The only thing remaining is a little lower back fat and of course
      again just a little stomach fat left. Those fats for us men are usually –
      as I understand it the last to go.

      The journey of building a new body is mind blowing. I plan to make a video
      about this very shortly. Respect again Terry for making this video. I hope
      you have been able to accomplish some of your weight loss goals as well.
      I’m rooting for you pa !

  2. Louella Alebiosu says:

    Mr. Terry I thank you for all of your videos. Educational, some very
    entertaining, and the rest brought laughter to my heart.?

    1. ???? ????ñ says:

      ?? You Wont Belivee Guyss Howw I Losttt Fatt Fast In Justt 3 Weeks Withhh
      Thissss Weight Loss Diet Visit : – https://t.co/qKKnXk09RW

    2. Always-Stay-Positive says:

      +Louella Alebiosu You got strong language baby.

    3. Terry Swoope says:

      +Louella Alebiosu Thank you for commenting and sharing your feedback

  3. Luke Strong says:

    Looks like Jonah Hill and Symone have gain most if not all back.?

    1. Kenroy Cherrington says:

      Dieting makes you loose weight but, most people gain it back.

    2. Jerome Pringle says:

      lol ikr

  4. ChiChi Monroe says:

    lol Rick Ross got tired of y’all making fun of him moon walking.?

  5. Camille Anderson says:

    Love gastric bypass surgery?

    1. King Supreme says:

      Still lost the weight

  6. Xavier Imperial says:

    the pic of dj khaled is from like 20 years ago…..?

  7. Philadelphias FavoriteSon says:

    I was in better physical condition than the average person until I got
    married. Now that I don’t need to look good to attract a mate, I let myself
    eat and drink all the things that make me happy. But if my wife ever
    leaves, I’ll dust off my gym membership card that I have kept active just
    in case.
    Don’t judge though.?

    1. Philadelphias FavoriteSon says:

      +Lorame Tagne I don’t know, but I don’t know any woman who would stay with
      a man with no money, unless she had her own.

    2. Lorame Tagne says:

      +Philadelphias FavoriteSon oh you are paying for her existence. in other
      words, you are saying that she is with you because of money?

    3. Lorame Tagne says:

      +Philadelphias FavoriteSon if you know the way to keep her, good for you

    4. Philadelphias FavoriteSon says:

      +KakThePyro For real. I pay for this women’s entire existence, and I don’t
      ask much of her. Bye Felicia.
      My secret weapon is that I am handsome, and know how to dress. I can loose
      the weight and pull some new new. Easy.

    5. Lorame Tagne says:

      +KakThePyro everything you do starts falling apart the moment you stop
      trying. She also wants him to look his best. Anyway, everybody has his own
      opinion. I will divorce my husband if he gains 250 pounds and doesn’t lift
      a weight to better himself.

  8. mildred perez says:

    Thank you Mr.Terry great encouragement for me to loose my weight and catch
    my husband I got to look my best.?

  9. The Villain says:

    My brother you forgot Anthony Anderson. Great Video BTW, motivates my to
    drop a couple of pounds.?

  10. Leshonda Thomas says:

    how many of these celebs did it naturally ??

  11. Bertha Woods says:

    Man that’s wonderful that look so much better an probably feel better to .
    that’s a gud one terry?

    1. Terry Swoope says:

      +Bertha Woods Thank you and have a happy thanksgiving

  12. payers cashiers says:


  13. E. Michelle says:

    I thought Missy’s weight loss was 60 pounds, not 150. She is only 5’2″ and
    had she been pushing 250 I am sure should would have been much larger than
    she was. Plus, that means should would now weigh about 100 pounds…?

  14. Iman says:

    lmao at the music. its like its encouraging you to dont stop losing weight?

  15. Ms Iam Everythang says:

    Rick Ross will more than likely gain it back though. Monique talked all
    that mess about skinny chicks are evil lol.?

    1. Tonty says:

      +olaniyi570 Monique wasn’t jealous…She STILL isn’t skinny, nor does she
      want to be. She merely lost the extra weight. She is still a plus sized

    2. olaniyi570 says:

      monique was jealous

  16. Marie Williamson says:

    D.J. Khaled looking like Drake after he lost his weight WOW?

  17. Imma Gophermine says:

    I’m 40 years old and I hate it I’m getting old lol. the only thing I still
    like about me is that my body is the same as it was when I was 21 I’m
    talking six pack and all, and I don’t work out.?

    1. Wolfmasterx says:

      F U? Dunno what other response you are expecting.

  18. Yvette Olijfveld says:

    Jesus Christ, did he tattooed his penis too.??

  19. Selah says:

    How did they loose the weight? If they did surgery then there is nothing to
    proud of. I loss 120 pounds by changing my diet and by the grace of The
    Most High.?

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