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Fastest Way to Lose Weight = This 40min HIIT Elliptical Workout (Burns 800 calories)

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Fastest way to slim down with these various other HIIT Elliptical exercises: –

I'm not joking that doing this exercise is just one of the quickest means possible for you to reduce weight– Simply check out the highlights of a few of these success stories (check out a few of the full success tales listed below at the end of this description).

– My Elliptical exerciser exercises aided Alexa Lose 70 Pounds in 3 months.

– Luis Lost 12 extra pounds his first week doing this HIIT elliptical machine workout.

– Travis now has a 34 inch waistline after doing Elliptical interval workouts of mine & …

– Sarah Lost 37 extra pounds in 5 weeks (and also got into an attractive brand-new dress) with my various other elliptical machine workouts so …

Picture how quick you will certainly shed fat doing my 40 min high intensity interval training elliptical machine workout above! That elliptical machine exercise you see in the video clip over takes weight-loss to whole new level as well as there is no doubt in my mind you will lose 5-15 extra pounds doing that harder elliptical exerciser exercise prior to the week mores than!

But is this seriously total the fastest means to reduce weight? Well yes & no.

Yes if you are using an elliptical machine as your only exercise alternative yet obviously you will need to include a diet regimen strategy to slim down even quicker while doing any exercise so see any one of the diet plan strategies, tips and techniques at.

I do not want this video or the title of the video to seem like this is the definitely JUST finest or the fastest way known to man to lose weight so no … What I'm in fact saying when I state "fastest way to reduce weight" is that I'm stating to slim down as fast as possible you will have to get your evaluate kicked each time you exercise whether you use an elliptical machine or otherwise and also to guarantee you are dropping weight as quick as you potentially could whenever you work out I highly suggest you Look at the 10 guidelines to shed 15 pounds every 3 weeks here at.

So exactly what is the fastest means to lose weight on an elliptical exerciser? The answer to that is to merely do Elliptical HIIT workouts and not elliptical exerciser cardio workouts and also if the elliptical HIIT workout in the 40 minute exercise video over was as well hard then do among my much easier elliptical machine workouts so for example – if this HIIT exercise was also difficult for you then …

– Do my 10 min Elliptical exercise here at.
– DO my 30 second Elliptical period pyramid for HIIT at.
– Do my 35 minute Elliptical machine period pyramid for HIIT at.

You can download and install every one of these Elliptical workouts for fat burning at where you could also download and install as well as print the actually design of the exercise plus the mp3 of m encouraging you throughout the exercise.

Like I have actually currently stated in this YouTube description (if you review this far) is that the fastest method to slim down is not necessarily with an elliptical exerciser so if you do not have an elliptical exerciser you can adhere to along and do this work out by doing jumping jacks, running or jogging in position, ski steps or on another equipment like a bike or treadmill.

This exercise burns usually 500-600 calories every 40 mins or regarding 800 calories every hr or 1200 calories every 9 mins (RIDICULOUS!) so every 4 hrs total amount of doing this workout is an extra pound lost on its own and that is not also counting all the calories you burn or all the fat you shed while you are not exercising doing nothing whatsoever.

Right here is the fundamental design of this exercise …

– You go for it for 20 seconds.
– Relax for 10 secs.
– Repeat that for 20 times.
– Relax 1 minute.
– Repeat as much as 4 times for a 40 min exercise.

ESSENTIAL (always beat your last workout, established or the last 20 seconds).

Always strive to stride much faster, shed more calories and also go farther with each workout, established or 20 second ruptured = the fastest way to reduce weight with this HIIT elliptical workout.

Now here are the complete endorsements of individuals who used my simpler elliptical exercises so maintain in my how fast you will melt fat doing this ALL OUT kick ass 40 minute elliptical exerciser exercise:.

From Alexa Who shed 70 pounds in 3 months:.

Beloved Mr adrian bryant.

Thank you so much for your workout videos. Daily for at the very least the recently I have done your HALF AN HOUR awesome bike workout, your 12 min elliptical as well as your 30 minute elliptical and I have actually currently lost virtually 5 stone (or 70 extra pounds) in 3 months. I'm so happy particularly as my birthday is this month. I breast my ass everyday in the gym.

I am your follower permanently.
Alexa G Luiza.

From Sarah who shed 37 pounds in 5 weeks:.

I have not been able to fit into this black gown for a year. I comply with a non-prescriptive regimen of innovative jumping jacks as well as elliptical. I LIKE just how toned my body has come to be!

Thanks once again.
Sarah M.

Remember: ONE of the fastest quickest most extreme methods to reduce weight is with the killer 40 minute elliptical exercise above.


35 thoughts on “Fastest Way to Lose Weight = This 40min HIIT Elliptical Workout (Burns 800 calories)

  1. willie bennett says:

    This is my son’s account but thank you so much Mr. Adrian bryant. I did
    this workout for two weeks 5 days a week and I am back to my goal weight,
    and back to my ww lifetime status, your videos are the very few on you tube
    that are truly hiit workouts. Please keep the videos coming and much

    1. Adrian Bryant says:

      wow. do you have before and afer pics? if so can you send them to

  2. MastaGT says:


    1. angst says:

      or a serial killer…

  3. odinga tinga says:

    I burn 800 Kacal in 60 min with moderate speed most of the time and a few
    fast sections.?

    1. Amr Essa says:

      can you tell me how plz ?

  4. kesha kata says:

    Hi Adrian, great video have no words!!! please tell what’s the incline and
    resistance for this work out? Much appreciated :))?

    1. Adrian Bryant says:

      no incline (but opttional

  5. AaronP11 says:

    I love how you have your ipad on the top of the elliptical. I would be
    soooo scared of it dropping. Damn dude?

  6. Arielle Labruno says:

    Starting this tonight, only video that motivates me instead of shaming me.
    I’m not fat but my stomach is not flat. You’re website said to eat less
    than 1495 calories a day for my age height and weight. I’m gonna do it! I
    need my summer body and to learn to maintain my weight. I’ll have some
    cheat days though;) can’t wait! Might do it before school in the morning?

  7. AaronP11 says:

    I have an elliptical at home. It’s a seated elliptical (a bike type with
    two handles). Will that work??

    1. VictorHazard HD says:

      I love the I’m going to give thes? pr?ducts a chance t? w?rk their magi? on
      me. I’v? tried ?verything ?oout ther? and so far nothing has be?n go?d
      ?nough to h?lp me. Che?k ?ut it th??eere F?stest W?y
      t? Lose Weight This 40min HIIT ?lli?tical W?rkout Burns 800 calories

    2. Adrian Bryant says:


  8. Fareena Hamid says:

    It’s so difficult, I need motivation..Not able to do even half way?

    1. Fox Fox says:

      Try, try and keep trying everyday until you can finish this workout 😀

  9. TheRicoCallao says:

    Lol I’m going to start next week. Your funny?

  10. Saida St Surin says:

    Waiting for my exercise bike to be delivered and I’m impressed with your
    workouts and testimonials. .. I know it’s possible ! My current weight is
    240pds , Unbelievable I’ll keep you posted. I’m so freaking nervous that
    I’m bout to buy this bike and not use it … I have a gym membership for 5
    months now and that gym hasn’t seen me not once…. I know … I know , sad?

    1. Xenoi says:

      I don’t drink any protein shakes or take any food supplements. I get my
      protein from egg whites and chicken. Egg whites , a peanut butter sandwich
      and a fruit ( Orange juice here ) is great for breakfast though. Used to
      eat that before school and it kept me going for 7 hours. I would eat it at
      7am so even if I wasn’t hungry I had to eat something considering I’d eat
      again at 2pm.

    2. Saida St Surin says:

      +Saida St Surin what about protein . I drink a protein shake in the
      morning… Can’t seem to have a appetite in the a.m

    3. Saida St Surin says:

      +Xenoi You’re amazing , thanks , Yes, that’s that’s a great approach.
      ..Really appreciate the details …I was saying the same to myself when I
      kept asking you questions …lol but your plans sounds realistic

    4. Xenoi says:

      Honestly I just diet on my own pace. I’m not going for a 3 month
      transformation. I usually eat cereal in the morning depending on what time
      I wake up. Then for lunch whatever is available ( If it’s a food with lots
      of fat I just eat a small portion of it. ). Then on the afternoob a greek
      yogurt or a peanutbutter sandwich. And for dinner usually a greek salad
      with no bread , a bit of salt , 1 tablespoon of oil and a small piece of
      feta cheese. I just stayed away from chocolate , croissants , cookies (
      Although I sometimes eat them too , no biggy if you work out ). I only have
      one glass of coca cola with lunch ( Used to have 1-2 with lunch and 1-2
      with dinner ) and I’m trying to cut that out too. There is not a specific
      diet you have to follow. Just stick with something you enjoy and you will
      feel so much better both physically and most importantly mentally. It has
      worked for me so far and I enjoy working out and eating healthier. Even if
      I can improve a lot , it’s a lot better than what I used to eat. Sorry for
      long post.

    5. Saida St Surin says:

      +Xenoi wow what did you eat and stayed away from

  11. Victoria L says:

    love your workouts!!! thank you so much,??

  12. Xbot4Life says:

    Sorry but im not doing cardio for 40 mins straight, the whole point of HIIT
    is to get on and off of it quick.?

  13. saylorbelle says:

    This is awesome gotta try it thank you l!?

  14. Jet W says:

    Very helpful and very entertaining at the same time?
    thank you bro!?

  15. Tony Noguera says:

    Tabata workouts are the best. I do the same on any machine I use! major
    calorie burning?

  16. Maichang Lor says:

    can you do something like this with a tredmill??

  17. qhongnguyen says:

    Out of 7 days, how many times do you recommend doing this??

    1. Aashi Rajput says:

      3-4 days a week

  18. Kb BRADEN says:

    Can you do this workout on stationary bicycle? The kind you sit down on not
    the one used for spinning.?

    1. Fatime Zulfuqar says:

      ? Youuu Wontt Beliveee Guys H0wwww I Lostt Fatt Fastt In Justt 3 Weekss
      Withh Thissss Weight Loss Diet Visitttt : –

  19. Juan2003gtr says:

    great my friend….already running everyday from that snake xD?

    1. Oliver Maniac says:

      LOL killed me

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