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fun DIET tips for lowering bodyfat!

Start Losing Weight Today!

This is a lot of info on MY diet I was using for my 8 week body improvement (). I will certainly be going a lot more extensive in future video clips, they will consist of how to prepare the fast and also simple dishes when to eat, etc

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34 thoughts on “fun DIET tips for lowering bodyfat!

  1. Top 3 Facts About says:

    make a video on what you actually did during a normal day… e.g what you
    do when you wake up… what you did after breakfast etc etc…?

    1. Eamon “EamoJ” John says:

      I work to much, but im finishing in 3 weeks and will be able to do just
      that! GREAT IDEA

    2. Top 3 Facts About says:

      You’re too occupied with your current job is what you mean? Totally
      understandable in that case bro and it can wait of course! It was just a
      spontaneous idea! xD

    3. mankindgab says:

      wake up….injection….

    4. Bilal Ranjha says:

      ???? Youuuu Wont Belivee Guyss H0w I Lost Fat Fast In Just 3 Weeksss
      Withhhh Thisss Weight Loss Diet Visittt : –

  2. Sublime Music Channel says:

    Unendurable efforts at “humor” aside, this was a good video.?

  3. PilferMusic says:

    Yer a goof… but that’s cool
    1:34 breakfast, 2:30 lunch, 3:00 Dinner, 3:45 Snacks 4:30 bar, 4:44
    WATER… plus loads of black coffee?

  4. jaykidd210 says:

    He kind of sounds like Robin Williams and moves like Jim carry lol all in
    all tho he’s a funny guy?

    1. Eamon “EamoJ” John says:

      thanks! means a lot!

    2. jaykidd210 says:

      +Eamon “EamoJ” John question? when did you workout throughout the day,
      before your first meal or your last meal?

    3. Eamon “EamoJ” John says:

      +jaykidd210 usually a few hours after breakfast, like I’d get up at 8am and
      probably be in the gym by 1

    4. jaykidd210 says:

      +Eamon “EamoJ” John thanks for the advice bud, I’m sure you get this
      question asked A LOT lol you should make a video of how your routine. I’ll
      stay tuned! Best of luck, time to make those gainz!!!

    5. jaykidd210 says:

      +Eamon “EamoJ” John a video of how you do your routine is what I meant to

  5. Yara Khalaf says:

    You should play the joker?

  6. khalid ghamdi says:

    keep up the good work?

  7. Will's Personal-Development Youtube Channel says:

    lol that sass?

  8. Will's Personal-Development Youtube Channel says:

    How do you keep so happy and upbeat and think positive all the time? Is it
    just how you genetically naturally are? Any tips??

    1. TheOneBird says:

      Will’s Personal-Development Youtube Channel it’s called forced positivity

  9. FitzgeraldCho says:

    “Why is my hair splitting into a vagina?”. I love this man. Haha?

  10. Shafiq Haddad says:

    ha! this video is hilarious – keep it up! love IMF?

  11. dont worry bout it says:

    lmfao “carbs r bad mm kayy” hahaha…nice southpark reference hahahahaha?

  12. person exist says:

    alright dude, Mama like too! : )?

  13. r0ylboy718 says:

    what’s your fasting times? please please explain. thank you sir !?

  14. GAMEBREAKER says:

    39 vegan dislikes xD?

  15. Jesus Lomas says:

    simple weight loss tip I don’t care what anyone says this will make the
    weight come off( eat two pounds of meat a day between 12pm-8pm no carbs go
    for a 40 minute run when you wake up and hit weights between the two big
    meals) I bet my life on this diet you will loose weight like a fucken
    monster after you loose fat and gain muscle you can start eating carbs to
    fuel the muscle…you will slowly begin to learn how your body works and
    what you can change to progress but use this as a starter?

    1. Jesus Lomas says:

      really real…that’s a million dollar tip right there it amazes me when
      people pay for stupid fucken meal plans with a workout plan…Monday chest
      Tuesday back Wednesday legs and arms next three days repeat and Sunday’s off

    2. Bobby Tarantino says:

      Alright I’ll be trying this for the next few weeks. Anyway I can keep in
      contact with you?

    3. Jesus Lomas says:

      Bobby Tarantino 19093650411 text me anytime I have complete confidence in
      what I’m telling you

    4. Bobby Tarantino says:

      My main worry is the fatigue caused by no carbs. I feel as if I won’t be
      able to lift as much in the gym as usual. Also, when i decide to go back
      onto carbs, how do I do it without gaining all the fat back?

  16. Pablo Andres JIMENEZ BARRAGAN says:

    how were youre starting macros?

  17. Shubham Choubey says:

    Whats your height??

  18. HasAli says:

    what were your hours for intermittent fasting??

  19. mcmanpa says:

    Are you the house help? I could use a hand in the kitchen.?

  20. Sam Ph Jr says:

    You are Amazing 🙂 ..?

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