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Funny Diet Commercial2

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Thailand Diet regimen Tuna Commercial series2

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21 thoughts on “Funny Diet Commercial2

  1. littlemissworry says:

    @Frida708 didnt see it but still its right there?

  2. Nopi says:

    @madisonthehedgehog …yeah, I know, SomethingAwesome19XX still said that
    to me. You fail lol?

  3. Jake54321 says:

    keep on pressing 7?

  4. ja says:

    @SolarflixTv lmao with 8?

  5. Sjivje says:


  6. Carlieet says:

    looks like shes gonna have a baby..?

  7. rencrow says:

    looks like she just had a huge dump?

  8. pallorsea says:

    0:19 she looks possessed. ?

  9. yea boi says:

    0:21 looks like shes haing sex lmfao and her eyes go cross?

  10. yea boi says:

    0:21 looks like shes haing sex lmfao and she goes crosseyed?

  11. JoJo258258 says:

    so that gonna make ppl buy tuna???? REALLY!?

  12. llokumche says:


  13. Megan Reed says:

    Woah she was impregnated by lustful stares.?

  14. djmonty9000 says:

    @MrRicebunnylover that’s what you get when you eat NEW SEALECT TUNA!!!!!!?

  15. TheRocking37 says:

    Guys! 🙂 Did you ever tried the Fat Combust Factor (do search on google)?
    Ive heard some fantastic stuff about it and my brother burned alot of
    unwanted fats(:?

  16. Foyz Zaman says:

    Fat Combust Factors (google it) kept appearing on different Youtube videos
    thus I thought they are scams. Right after my dad use it, and lose alot of
    unwanted fats, Im persuaded. Go ahead, search for Fat Combust Factors on

  17. Cher Zee says:

    That’s what Spanx are for! ; )?

  18. Elk man of the north (Bison bolt) says:

    What I don’t get is why was she flaunting what she doesn’t have. It’s
    disgusting that she tried to mask her beer belly with a lie then just being
    honest about it?

  19. Rina Boan says:

    I am very glad to share the news, I lost more than 40 pounds as I did see
    here +Emilie Kesinger?

    1. Nelida Rasheed says:

      +Rina Boan my sister by this program lost weight 15 pounds

  20. Pixinerd says:


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