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GUIDED MEDITATION: Weight Loss – Lose Weight Today!

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See yourself as the individual you desire to be. This reflection is empowering and gentle, as well as can end up being a normal tool for those who desire to lose weight.
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27 thoughts on “GUIDED MEDITATION: Weight Loss – Lose Weight Today!

  1. judith Valdivia says:

    i cried when i saw the me she was telling me come on u can do it and i was
    throwing flowers in the air i was so healthy and vibrant and smiling?

    1. Rosie Summer says:

      Me too. I wanted to hug her so much.

    2. TheHonestGuys says:

      That is so wonderful, Judith πŸ™‚

  2. Ridley Garrod says:

    music/noise needs to be quieter?

  3. LoseBellyFatFast says:

    awesome clip. Great work. gain a lot of knowledge from this video.?

    1. TheHonestGuys says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. evelyn szabados says:

    Leslie Sansone 4 mile express?

  5. Sunny.bias says:

    Hoping you will make a new one of these weightloss ones, maybe with calmer
    music (so it can be listened to before sleeping) – really appreciate your

  6. Jenn Davison says:

    Just started and seriously when I looked in the mirror afterwards I thought
    I looked better :)?

    1. TheHonestGuys says:

      +Jenn Davison I think that relaxation probably takes the look of strain
      from the face, Jenn. I’ve not thought of doing that but I will now.

  7. Bramantyo Adi says:

    I fall asleep suddenly, maybe first 3 minutes. It’s okay because when I
    wake up I feel better and relax. Recently I wanna focus to my weight loss
    and hopefully muscle building. Hopefully this meditation will give me some

    1. TheHonestGuys says:

      +Bramantyo Adi We hope so too, Bramantyo Adi πŸ™‚

  8. MMO NOOB says:

    my god this meditation was super i cried when i saw my perfect me omg thx a
    lot wonderful work!?

    1. TheHonestGuys says:

      +MMO NOOB Bless you – you are so welcome πŸ™‚

  9. Nicola Kelleher says:

    Im going to try it for a while. I cant even look in the mirror anymore.?

  10. Ecem Yurtta? (Jenny) says:

    So powerful. Thanks for this video.?

  11. Erika Szabo says:

    Lelki bΓ©ke ————- Perfekt 365?

  12. Angels deligh says:

    a lovely and simple meditation. I also read the transcription which made
    me laugh as the words did not always match what was being said?

  13. Tara Morris says:

    I cry every time and feel so cleansed after this. who cares it is only five
    minutes. it’s five minutes that I find so much self love and confidence in
    this meditation. thanks ????

    1. TheHonestGuys says:

      +Tara Morris Five minutes can really make a difference, Tara. πŸ™‚ And you
      are very welcome

  14. WestcountryYokel says:

    Great idea. Not many of those on YouTube. ? nice one guys. ??

  15. colette garnier says:

    Wow, what a cathartic experience these guided meditations gave me. It has
    been so long since I had seen that little dirty blond pigtailed girl just
    being her free spirited self. Thanks to you guys I got to apologize to her
    and will be revisiting, she is one awesome kid. By the way I cried buckets
    of tears through some of these meditations, but I feel great, I so needed
    this right now! Awesome job both of you!?

  16. Shubhangi Kundu says:

    i don’t want to be mean or anything but just wanted to noe if this actually
    helps one lose weight??

  17. HeLovesBriana says:

    I know now that it’s completely different when you say you’re beautiful and
    when others say you’re beautiful.?

  18. Janet Miller says:

    Very uplifting and positive. Thank you so much.?

  19. Arlene Anthony says:

    This actually made me cry. I wasn’t expecting that, but I love listening to
    your videos.?

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