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Healthy Shopping with Dawn Jackson Blatner: How to Choose a Healthy Snack | Lifetime

Start Losing Weight Today!

In this clip Dawn,'s Nutritionist, advises sticking to 2 healthy treats daily in between meals. Each treat must have about 100 to 200 calories. Some good alternatives are pistachios, low-fat yogurt, or a granola bar.

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19 thoughts on “Healthy Shopping with Dawn Jackson Blatner: How to Choose a Healthy Snack | Lifetime

  1. EmmaWoodallART says:

    @hotdrumchick ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  2. defgill says:

    …with a side of pizza…?

  3. Backwoodsairsoft1 says:

    i eat nothing but snacks all day?

  4. High Guys says:

    wtf i typed good snacks not healthy snacks?

  5. vin ross says:

    she could eat my nuts 🙂 lol jk?

  6. Alex Maxis says:

    Wow, if snacking healthy consist of only two cookies, id rather just leave
    the whole junk food idea alone.?

  7. kamaboko1 says:

    LOL, I thought the title read, “How to choose a healthy snatch” Ha ha ha. I
    wanted to see what she had to say. ?

  8. Grizelda Brown says:

    cherry tomatos are a nice snack and fill you up abit. if you love chocklate
    jaffa cakes arnt too fatty and tast good.?

  9. raspberryripplex3 says:

    she says pistachios weird, i sai; piss-stash-shee-o’s?

  10. Simply Sophie says:

    The video is pretty good, when I read people comments I know now why they
    have a problem with snacks… they are just undisciplined and junk food
    addicted. The day those people will really care for their body they will
    see this video is great?

  11. Alex C. says:

    @peddlentou105 A whole bag of cookies A DAY? That defeats the purpose of
    trying to lose weight. When it comes to losing weight portions are very

  12. Brian Balico says:


  13. Alanassy says:

    Microwave popcorn isn’t really healthy.. It contains some liquids in the
    bag which are toxic and over consuming may cause lung diseases.. It’s
    better to make your own popcorn. And I don’t think junk food is good to
    have in your house when you are trying to lose weight, because it will
    tempt you to grab some more and more, and eventually you won’t be able to
    resist it.. ?

  14. The Best Boy says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t mention fruit?

  15. MultipleExperiments says:


  16. Melissa Tai says:

    I tend to listen to my body,when its hungry,eat.but of course,choose clean
    & healthy snakcs?

  17. Melissa Tai says:

    make your own low carb/low fat/gluten free or vegan cookie then.simple as
    that. plus,you’ll know what kinda of ingredients you’re putting in anyway?

  18. adam szpadelek says:

    how to chose? just read the labels and use your brain ?

  19. Igor Zelenich says:

    Good day! I’m Kyle.I did -40 lbs past one month.Open ?

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