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How Actors Lose Weight For Roles | Kinobody

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In this video clip, I'll show you just how stars lose weight for functions as well as give you a star fat burning diet regimen. Every person wants that sleek Hollywood aesthetic, yet so couple of know precisely how celebs drop weight quickly for duties.

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My kinobody approach will certainly have you resembling your favored flick celebrity in no time. You'll see simply exactly how my method to accomplishing the Hollywood physique is a lot more pleasurable and also sustainable.

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50 thoughts on “How Actors Lose Weight For Roles | Kinobody

  1. ziggy31337 says:

    wtf did Thor just say he eats 600 cals a day? thats complete bullshit and
    there is no need to eat such low cals. He misguides people and someone’s
    health will be at risk with this kind of diet. Also all Hollywood stars use
    steroids. And that’s not wrong . If you want to gain muscle or lose fat
    fast. That’s the way to go. People who think that Hollywood stars are
    “natural” are deluded to the max. In rest – great vid Greg.?

    1. Jennifer Gragasin says:

      w?rked for me! I worked just like I th?ught it would. It was ?as? e?n?ugh
      and I just want othee?ers to know wh?n s?mething works. Ch?ck ?ooout it ?n
      this blog
      How Act?rs L?se Weight For Roles Kinobody

    2. My World says:

      kinobody = test enanthate + HGH

    3. Rafael Perez says:

      exactly, he did that for about 4 1/2 months ! losing body mass too! it’s
      totally possible ! people have a lot of beliefs about what is possible !
      with the right mindset and of course the proper strategies, everything
      changes !

    4. Jeisson Andres Castillo Baron says:

      I love the I’m g?ing to giv? these produ?ts ? ?hancccc? t? work their m?gi?
      on me. I’v? tried ?verything out ther? and so far n?thing has been go?d
      enough to help me. Check out it theeere H?w Actors
      Los? W?ight For Roles ??Kinobody

  2. cory l says:

    What Mario Lopez said in the beginning was the key. Hope that helps anyone
    who “doesn’t have time”?

    1. Tyler is Hyper says:

      cory l burn more calories and eat less fat exactly.

    2. cory l says:

      If were just talking weight loss, then you need to exert more calories than
      you consume. Very fucking basic but people love to over complicate it

    3. Kenshin Himura says:

      +Guero Valle yes, you need at least 6 small meals a day.

    4. Tyler is Hyper says:

      cory l steroids bro that’s the secret it’s not hard

    5. Guero Valle says:

      If you only have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch its imposible to
      look that way. You gotta eat, eat, eat..No junk food, but eat…Everything
      else he said is true.

  3. Julieta says:

    Great intro on Paleo diet. Reading this book helped me understand how Paleo
    diet can help reduce body fat, increase immunity against diseases, and
    prevent chronic illnesses. The meal plans were indeed very helpful..*here *
    *** :)*?

    1. Joe Glen Sabote says:

      ?h? b?st possibl? w?y t? l?s? w?e??ight is ?ublish?d ?t How ??t?rs
      Lose W?ight F?r R?l?s ??in?body

    2. Tyler is Hyper says:

      Julieta you all are fucking insane. Paleo diet = death long term

    3. Emily says:

      Product came on time. Great smell! Exfoliates dry skin very well and leaves
      you skin feeling great. I have dry skin and the scrub help with keeping my
      skin hydrated.

    4. Amelia says:

      take man

  4. skiokeek ezeooziio says:

    Just eat CLEN
    TREN hard
    TEST your limit
    ANAVAR give up?

    1. All Natty Bruh says:

      deca durabol diane (abol get juicing if u dont dope u wont cope

  5. Marlene says:

    Really good book, didn’t think it would hold my interest. Even better its
    working *Read More ? **** :)*?

  6. Tyler is Hyper says:

    If you follow this diet your fucking your body up?

  7. Dizzy says:

    They are clearly talking about getting skinnier for roles they need to
    play.. the Thor actor (don’t know his name) even said they were playing
    STARVING men stranded somewhere.. how does that say he’s getting lean? he’s
    losing weight.. there’s a big difference. and you can definatley tell you
    take in low calories. low calories = low muscle mass. and ur not even
    shredded? so wtf??….?

    1. Michael Lopez says:

      he literally says that exact same thing in the video bruh

  8. No Name says:

    i have a good thing in my mind i lie to my self and i believe it i’ll say
    if i eat nothing for the rest of the week i’ll get laid?

  9. Terrel Owens says:

    If I Know I am Getting Millions For It, Heck I’ll Be On A 100 Calories

    1. -Chow Army- says:

      i wouldn’t eat period only water and 0 calorie drinks

    2. dan tan says:

      so true. that’s a great motivator. the 600 may be necessary if he needs to
      lose it quick neough

  10. Anklespanker says:

    What’s the show in the first clip??

    1. Cora Cora says:

      Nip Tuck

  11. Polani Almoni says:

    As a guy who lost more than 200 pounds combined during his 20s this is sad.?

  12. Katie Reinighaus says:

    Freelee should see this she would flip lol?

    1. taoist40 says:

      Katie Reinighaus freelee gonna hate.

  13. Dean Pav says:

    Yes I remember Henry cavil saying for Man of steel he did the 16/8
    intermitting fasting.?

  14. xonkpot says:

    Are you on Twitter? @topknox Great videos.. thank you for your

    1. xonkpot says:

      I found you… lol Keep up the great work…

  15. Stanislav says:

    no refined sugars, phahah. sugar ftw?

  16. Mike Litoris says:

    600 calories a day, ARE YOU MADDDD?

    1. R4Mp4g3sv says:

      +Ricardo Nunez lmao bruh thats half my breakfast

    2. Ricardo Nunez says:

      Lmao Bruh that’s my breakfast

  17. Push says:


    1. Almir Beslija says:

      +Matt well he did only eat 600kcal, he was trying to loose muscle so why
      say fk media?

    2. Matt says:

      Because 600 kcal is fucking nothing

    3. Almir Beslija says:

      why ?dafuq

  18. warmaxxx says:

    how many calories do they eat per day? would 1200 calories for 5’9 be
    enough to hit 8% bodyfat eventually??

    1. Casper The Friendly Ghost says:

      warmaxxx you really want to be 135lbs man? I’d say gain some muscle cause
      5’9″ 135 is very skinny.

    2. Jordan Nelson says:

      warmaxxx google a tdee calculator, find your tdee and do about 300 calories
      less then that

    3. warmaxxx says:

      +jared auer
      i’m 5’9 at 163 lbs right now still got 28lbs to lose for 8% bodyfat

    4. jared auer says:

      u dont have to int fast if u dont want to… i personally use
      “myfitnesspal” space my meals throughout the day so arent hungry while
      eating most my carbs before my workout in the morning… the more
      protien/less carbs the easier to loose weight. im 5-9 165pounds pre cut and
      i start my cut at like 1800 cals and work down to about 1450 but by then im
      at like 150lbs and 1450 for me is brutal on my energy… an easy weigh to
      tell is if weigh urself everday, if u stop loosing weight lower ur cals by

    5. rotatingcats says:

      Yeah and intermittent fasting intermittent fasting is God’s gift

  19. kdubphoto says:

    Everything is ” air quoted “?

  20. DavidKFZ says:


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