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How I lost 40lbs

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The 1st video clip

The Second video clip

Third Video clip
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Go work out with physical fitness blender or food processor they will certainly transform your life!!

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38 thoughts on “How I lost 40lbs

  1. Payton Chiasson says:

    thanks for making this video girl!! I really appreciate it!?

    1. Payton Chiasson says:

      such an inspirational video

  2. Kitty Nyce says:

    You’re so very welcome. I hope it was what your looking for.?

    1. Payton Chiasson says:

      yes it was!!!

    2. Payton Chiasson says:

      yes it was

  3. Payton Chiasson says:

    if you are ever wanting to do a good arm workout for toning your arms I
    would totally recommend ~ 10 minute workout for tank top arms ~ on youtube
    by popsugarliving. I have been doing this video for a while now and I am
    definitely noticing my arms are toning up. the only equipment the video
    requires is a set of dumbbells! this is just a suggestion!!! hope you try
    it :)?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      I’m currently working out with the he MetRx 180 system and my arms are dead
      today! Wheew. I think I’ve tried all those videos before I love Cassie
      she’s so amazing. Also check out fitness blenders tank top arms videos
      those are killers.. Love it! Thanks for the suggestions babe xoxo

    2. Payton Chiasson says:

      +Kitty Nyce it’s not by Cassie ho. if you look it up 10 min tanktop arms
      the cover should have 3 ladies standing . I definitely will try the fitness
      blender videos!!! thanks love ya too babe!

    3. Kitty Nyce says:

      Ohh.. I thought she was part of popsugar

    4. Payton Chiasson says:

      +Kitty Nyce maybe she is idk but she is not in the video

    5. Kitty Nyce says:

      Well either way thanks for the suggestion

  4. April Blevins says:

    Congrats on the weight loss lady. Hope all is well.?

  5. Kitty Nyce says:

    Thank you & I’m fantastic!?

  6. Brittany Hobson says:

    Your freaking awesome!! Love this video!! Love how you were so blunt with
    it. Please keep making weight loss videos. I was prescribed phentermine
    37.5 I’ll start taking it tomorrow. And Im on my second week of Shaun T
    CIZE witch I love. You just motivated me even more thanks love.

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      You got this babe! I’m so excited for your transformation. Keep me posted!!
      It will be hard. But worth it,

  7. Phat Chic8 says:

    You should do a video on makeup application… You make it look so easy and
    I struggle getting it on right…?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      I need to get a better lighting set up and I’ll be able to help. =)

  8. c spills says:

    BOOM!! lol I hear you I was like that I said FAT BE GONE!!! I went cold
    turkey clean eating and stop eating bread, sugar, take out, processed food,
    can food etc.. lost 7lbs then started taking the last three pills of
    phentermine until I can get my script filled.. down total 10.5 in a week.?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Fucking killing it!! Hahahah in so proud of you

  9. Jahaira Giron says:

    congrats to you I love how real you are !! Congrats keep up the good Work

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Jahaira Giron thanks so much for your support! I’m down 12 more pounds
      since this video

  10. Vanessa Corona says:

    Lol this video is amazing!! I’m done being fat lol?

  11. Laura Garcia says:

    awesome!!! love this video,!?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Thanks babe

    2. Kitty Nyce says:

      Thanks babe

  12. Lashanda Rapp says:

    I’m interested in taking these… do you have a video explaining for you
    got them…also I read your only supposed to take them for a few weeks, is
    that not true??

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Lashanda Rapp link to the other videos in the description of the video. I
      was prescribed them by my doctor and you can take them for around 3 months.
      Check out my 3 months on phentermine video I did. =)

  13. Wanda Thibodeau says:

    DON’T THINK YOUR GETTING OLD! wel i just have a question hun, i am 55 and
    am the biggest i have ever been in my life, in fact i am 1 pound more than
    i was in either one of my 5 pregnancy, which was 208,but in 2011 servivor
    of an EF5 tornado, went through paget’s decease which is inflammatory
    breast cancer, a serious automobile accident, i am a diabetic and just
    bought a membership to our community gym, because during my treatment i
    lost a lot of muscle in my body and i consider myself to be really weak
    now, but am trying to get stronger. yesterday i went to the doctors and
    asked my doctor for phentermine 37.5 to assist me in weight loss, she gave
    it to me, and because it was around 3 when i got it i took 1/2 tablet but i
    am still up super early and am unable to sleep, i am 5’1/2 inch, basically
    if i can get rid of my tummy and tighten back up, i think i would feel a
    lot better. wish me luck. God Bless.?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Wanda Thibodeau it sounds like you’ve been through a lot! Knowing just what
      you’ve shared with me here I can tell you’re an extremely strong
      individual. I feel for you and the struggles that you have over come
      physically. So here’s the good news you’ve already changed your mind to
      change your life And that’s sometimes the hardest part of any weightless
      journey. I have to tell you most of the struggles you have endured have
      been physical, but a common misconception is that weight loss journeys are
      all about the body. I truly believe that it’s ALL in the mind. If you are
      mentally strong enough to keep going day after day.. You will see results.
      It won’t be overnight and to some that’s where failure lies. Everybody is
      looking for a quick fix. Well .. It didn’t take a week for your body to get
      out of shape.. So it’s going to take some time to get it back in shape.
      Don’t give up. Never surrender. I’m here if you need me. Contact me if you
      have any questions or need any help Xoxox have a fantaboulous day!!

  14. Monique Ferguson says:


  15. Unicorn Loverz says:

    Great great job my girl are my inspiration !!!!Just started
    phentermine 3 days ago…4 pounds down,..i am just so scared that when i
    stop the medicine i will put them back…any advice how we can keep those
    pounds down …when we are off the medicine thanks baby <3 love you?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Unicorn Loverz after the weight comes off and the compliments start flowing
      you’ll feel so good about yourself you’ll want to continue to eat healthy
      and work on your fitness.. Or at least I did. =)

  16. Deja Oxendine says:

    I’m starting Tuesday 1/17/17 . thanks for the high energy inspiration.?

    1. Kitty Nyce says:

      Deja Oxendine you are welcome you can do anything you put your mind to I
      believe in you

    2. Deja Oxendine says:

      Kitty Nyce thank u.

  17. Deja Oxendine says:

    are u still doing Phentermine?

  18. connie Jones says:

    nice helpful video. good job on your journey. do u have cheat days of eat’n

  19. Teeniebum says:

    Amazing! Wow u are such a beautiful woman!

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