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How I Started Losing Weight & Gym Intimidation

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My network is in order to help motivate, encourage, and also help any person aiming to alter their lives! We have a good time here, ain't no one obtained time for negativity ^_^ Maintain it cool:-RRB-.

Component 1 of My Weight-loss Story:.

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Thanks individual a lot for the proceeded love and also assistance! You all are amazing!

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46 thoughts on “How I Started Losing Weight & Gym Intimidation

  1. Fat Meets Fire says:

    Btw when I said “Iv been working out for over 2 years to be where I am”
    that’s over 2 years after Iv lost the weight. Just wanted to clarify that.
    It’s been just over 3 years since I started my weight loss ^_^?

    1. Msh Liton says:

      H?ll? th?e??r?! I’m really satisfi?d with this ??produ?t. I l?st weight in
      ? sh?rt p?riod ?f tim? with?ut doing kill?r workouts.I b?ught it online,
      just g? ?n this websit?
      Ho?w I St?rted Losing Weight &?m?; G?m Intimid?ti?n

    2. Jason Zepeda says:

      When should i start weight training. I got a lot pf belly fat but my arms
      and legs r good. I just have a big beer gut

  2. Burke Sellers says:

    Just so you know, the text that shows up at 6:38 has a “>” instead of a
    “<". It should be the other way around.?

    1. jerielmari says:

      The previous sentence was about a caloric deficit. How does that relate to
      the food you take in being less than the work you put in the gym??? Caloric
      deficit, therefore food intake is much more important given how easy it is
      to eat than to use up calories via exercise.

    2. Aep Minhardi says:

      >>Fr?e ?nlin? vid?? sh?ws th?t ??t r?al fo?o?d ?nd still gain re?l w???ight
      l?ss! Cli?k h?r? t? w?t?hit n?w. => H??w I
      St?rt?d L???sing W?ight G?m Intimid?ti?n

    3. Burke Sellers says:

      jerielmari Oh god, let’s not start this. The greater than sign WAS
      backwards given the context of the previous sentence.

    4. jerielmari says:

      +Burke Sellers it wasn’t a little backwards. You misunderstood it and that
      was it.

    5. Burke Sellers says:

      jerielmari I understand what he was saying, the text was just a little

      Regardless, love your videos. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  3. Swifty_All Star says:

    For a guy who hates these kind of speaches…dude i simply have 2 say thank
    you…you motivated me 2 sing up 2 my local gym and i’m starting first
    thing tomorrow mornin..thank you?

    1. Noah Schiphof says:

      Swifty_All Star how’s it going now man?

  4. Adil Shahid says:

    people.. this is the best advice for anyone who is feeling conscious about
    themselves…and i can tell cz it’s pretty much the same story with every
    beginner including me…?

  5. Lose Fat In 12 Weeks - LF12 says:

    Man the part where you talk about putting the hood up so you didn’t have to
    look at others or so they couldn’t look at you hit me right in the feels.
    When you’re overweight it’s very hard to have confidence when everytime you
    jump, jog or make sudden moves your body jiggles. It’s a self esteem killer
    and it makes you want to shut the world out. BUT, that part about feeling
    like someone hit a switch when you first started going to the gym is so
    relatable. Just getting back into the gym or showing up for the first time
    makes you so optimistic and more determined. It’s one of the hardest but
    most crucial steps to lose weight!?

  6. Eli Stimson says:

    inspired me more bro! great video?

  7. Tommy Chappell says:

    i know this sounds outlandish but i kind of feel like ive wasted my health
    because im overweight, like i feel that nows theres going to be
    consequences in the future e.g. when im 50 etc, im 20 nos. is it too late
    to save my health for the future.. please just answer plz. i need to get
    this off my chest… thanks?

    1. Lubna Ali says:

      Fr?? onlin? video shows that ??t real f?od and still gain re?l w?ight l?ss!
      Clic?ck he??re t? w?t?hit now. How I
      St?rted Losing W?ight Gyym Intimid?ti?n

    2. Tommy Chappell says:

      Fat Meets Fire thanks… ill keep fighting to lose weight. im doing quite
      well actually. ive been cutting snacks out and walking once a day. it seems
      to be working so ill keep at it…

    3. Fat Meets Fire says:

      +Tommy Chappell I was 22 when I started man… your life is quite far from
      over. And so was mine.

  8. Charlie says:

    i’m starting going to the gym on tuesday and i don’t really know what i’m
    doing, i mean i’m thin but i feel like i’m not healthy so i decided to
    start going, i’m really excited but i’m also woriied about gym
    intimidation. i’m only 12 so i feel like people are gonna freak when they
    look at me. thank you for this, it now means that i don’t have to worry
    about anything?

    1. Charlie says:

      clarke best eu oh right, sorry

    2. clarke best eu says:

      +Charlie of course it’s not, you can do what you want obviously. all that
      i’m saying is that going to the gym while you’re still growing can be
      harmful. regular exercise is better for somebody who is still growing.

    3. Charlie says:

      clarke best eu i dont think that’s your decision to make.

    4. clarke best eu says:

      you shouldn’t be going to the gym at 12

    5. Charlie says:

      +sent to destroy as of yet i haven’t had time but i will notify you when i
      do x

  9. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

    Hello. My age is 30. Thanks to Almighty that i am not suffering from any
    ailment. I have spoiled my physical appearance completely by eating junk
    foods, french fries, oil, butter, bakery items, etc. My chest, my abdomen
    have adopted an abnormal shape with chunky fat everywhere. Now i want to be
    like you. I want to burn all excess fat. I saw this video of yours, which
    motivated me to become like you. Please reply so that i could give you my
    other credentials. Regards.?

    1. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

      Yes, i know that i must do something to achieve something and there’s no
      shortcut for this. Thank you. But i have one more problem which is a bit
      frustrating when i wear a shirt or a t-shirt. It is my chunky chest. I want
      to get rid of it. They are annoying.

    2. clarke best eu says:

      +Muhammad Irfan Mirza Doing that is definitely a step in next direction
      dude! But you will have to do quite a lot of exercise to see fat loss

    3. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

      i have reduced my food consumption to about 50% and divided that food in 5
      parts a day. will it help me burn fat too?

    4. clarke best eu says:

      Cut out all of the junk food, eat more whole foods like beans, vegetables,
      rice etc. Sign up to a gym and do any cardio you feel comfortable doing,
      bicycle/treadmill. If you don’t want to go to a gym you can fast-walk
      around your streets or jog.

  10. Mr Fabulous says:

    Hi great vid what steroids are you taking thx???

  11. Janet Norton says:

    I used to be curious because my colleague had lost weight and I wanted to
    know how. They suggested that I google “sowo amazing plan”. After I
    listened to their suggestions, I lost 10 and a half pounds.?

  12. MariahFitness says:

    I just go when there’s barely anyone there so I don’t have to wait for
    machines lol?

  13. Not Telling says:

    It’s been a long time since I could wear skintight clothes. Now those are
    too big for me.?

  14. Jessica Bergström says:

    I really want to lose weight.. since last spring I have gained 20kg due to
    depression. Now I feel better and I want to start over in a healthy
    When I was younger I was really overweight, but lost 18kg. Though since
    then I have gained and lost weight alot.
    I want to get fit, but I don’t know where to start. And I don’t really have
    support from family. They just tell me not to bother and only live life..
    But I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I don’t see me.

    I really love your channel it gives me so much inspiration and I wish I
    could have someone to go on this weight journey with like you and your
    girlfriend have 🙂

    Keep up the good work with the channel. You are a major role model! :)?

    1. Blessing B says:

      Hey Jessica try Fitness Blender… it is the best at the moment for people
      who do not like the gym like me. Kelly will walk with you through this
      journey and you will always feel like you are working out with someone.
      I’ve lost a lot of weight just working out at home…. you do not need any
      gym equipment. Start with the videos of people who gets bored quickly and
      then you can upgrade with time. I wish you all the best 🙂

    2. Jessica Bergström says:

      +Parth Sareen Sure, I will ??

    3. Parth Sareen says:

      Hit me up if you need help!

    4. Jessica Bergström says:

      +Parth Sareen Thank you for advice! I’ll try my best 😀

    5. Parth Sareen says:

      +Jessica Bergström if you don’t wanna go to the gym. do jumping jacks at
      home ( I dont recommend) better option just brisk walk outside for around
      an hour to start and do bodyweight excercises at home in place for
      resistance training.

  15. iNsaneMilesy says:

    Probably the most genuine a realistic weight loss channel I have ever seen.
    My own journey has been similar, yoyoing my weight every few years due to
    depression or physical injuries. Currently 6’2 at 116kg and want to get
    back down to 95kg. 3 years ago was at 90kg and honestly thinking back, i
    dont remember feeling “thin or fit”. I guess that is half of the mental
    barrier. Fat kid syndrome. You eat for comfort or you eat like an athlete
    whn you arent exercising and the weight goes on very quickly. But the first
    and biggest hurdle was just going to the gym, walking for 30 mins until you
    are fucked and then doing it every other day, then every day. Then you
    start the weights and the motivation and confidence builds. Great channel
    mate, will be looking to you for inspiration rather than some ripped guy
    who has been like that his whole life.?

  16. Justin Obregon says:

    I’m 14 5 ft 10 227 lbs I need tips too lose about 20 pounds at the gym I
    would really appreciate it?

  17. Habib Touray says:

    how many calories did you exercise a day?

    1. clarke best eu says:

      he means how many calories did he burn by exercising.

    2. TheRejectedKiller says:

      Habib Touray ??

  18. GhosTxONxHunT Navi says:

    1 simple question while doing bench press, bi-tri, squats what type of set
    (big set with less weight or small set with max weight) should I do to
    loose fat from different parts of body. plzz help…?

  19. SPF NORCAL says:

    Just starting up again after a decade off. You have a natural presentation
    style and great information in your videos. Appreciate it, they’re helping.?

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