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How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 12 – with JP Sears

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How you can Become Gluten Intolerant (Amusing) – Ultra Spiritual Life
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Being gluten free made use of to be a deluxe just booked for those that are intolerant to gluten. With this cutting edge gluten educational video clip, you could end up being gluten intolerant too, whether or not you're really intolerant to gluten. In the new age, if you're not living gluten cost-free, you're obtaining left behind. Below's your chance to get on the new age aware band wagon!

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72 thoughts on “How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 12 – with JP Sears

  1. KBDkid yololol says:


    1. JunkYardCat 36 says:

      +Michael Whitehead It would… But I am not the one who started with the
      whole troll business.

    2. Michael Whitehead says:

      +Glamazon 7 sorry but your logic doesn’t work.

    3. JunkYardCat 36 says:

      +Michael Whitehead Does any hippie’s logic work? I know sarcasm isn’t
      easily detected on text but I was laying it on pretty thick.

    4. Michael Whitehead says:

      +Glamazon 7 sorry my bad lol

    5. Xene gg says:

      ?nd then, y?u ?an k??p the weight ?ou desir? f?rever – gu?aarant??d result.
      Uncov?e?er m?re her?: H?w t?
      Be?ome Glute?n Intolerant Funny Ultra S?iritual Life ??isode 12 with JP

  2. Morgan Lane Bennett says:

    nice leakage!?

    1. Fire Demon says:

      Morgan Lane Bennett ive watch this vid for the first time and i saw it

    2. Fire Demon says:

      Morgan Lane Bennett ive watch this vid for the first time and i saw it.

    3. Harsh Shah says:

      ?heree is ? great w?? to lose w?ight ?nd its l???t?d ?t How to
      Become Gluten Int?l?rant Funny Ultra Spiritual Life epis?d? 12 with J?

    4. Luciana Avilla says:

      Free online vid?o sh?ws tha???t eaat ree?eal food and still gain r?al
      w?ight loss! Click here t? waaaatchit n?w. How to
      B?come Gluteeen Intolerant Funn?y? Ultra S?iritual Life epis?de 12 with JP

  3. Katherine says:

    One of my friends (or should I say former friends, because it became hard
    to hang out with her) decided to become gluten intolerant. This video was
    so spot on how she acted. It was insane going out to eat with her.?

    1. Katherine says:

      I understand when someone has a verified medical reason for avoiding a
      certain food. For example, allergies, diabetes, celiac disease, etc. But I
      think that “gluten intolerance” and “gluten free” in 99% of cases is a
      fad. Which is unfortunate, because it causes folks to not take people with
      actual medical illnesses as seriously.

    2. JunkYardCat 36 says:

      Katherine ??

    3. miranda725 says:

      Katherine man that’s annoying. I feel so bad because I’m going gluten free
      for 2 months to see if it’s effecting my auto immune disease and then
      getting a blood test to see if it works. And I never talk about it because
      I can feel it’s annoying because when friends want pizza I ask if they have
      gluten free options and it makes me cringe haha!

    4. Pavel 49 says:

      I feel you, I’ve lost couple friends to veganism. Now when first FB post
      about veganism appears, I delete and stop all contacts with those people.

  4. bluestudio67 says:

    i can’t stand those who act like it’s bad for them when they don’t have
    celiac disease. I’ve got it. I wasted away in the hospital. In 3 weeks, I
    lost 55 pounds. This was back before it was well understood…. And before
    it became a fad to think you have it (those idiots). They have to go in and
    remove a piece of intestines to make the diagnosis. It’s caused by the same
    genetic mutation that causes Lupus, which my brother has. If you don’t have
    it and act like you do, I seriously want to punch you.?

    1. mrbandishbhoir says:

      I feel for you mate. People have turned it into a fad which makes the
      servers not take you seriously, which could be dangerous for someone like
      you who actually has the disease. And not to mention all the food companies
      trying to fleece off people with their over priced products.

    2. Juulia Veera says:

      I probably don’t have celiac disease (never been tested) but I had a very
      bad athopic skin that was itching so much I had to wear gloves while
      sleeping. Somebody recommended me to try gluten-free diet and my skin
      healed almost completely. I understand celiac disease is probably a lot
      worse but it doesn’t mean that there can’t be other problems caused by
      other reasons as well.

      Well, it’s possible I actually do have celiac disease’s skin version, since
      I had a blistering skin rash. But I don’t know.

      But have you ever thought that more people eating gluten-free will help the
      people with actual celiac disease to have more gluten-free products?

    3. mrbandishbhoir says:

      Juulia Veera Coeliac disease’s skin version? What?

    4. Juulia Veera says:

      +mrbandishbhoir yeah i don’t know what it’s called in english but in my
      country it’s literally called “skin celiac”. so basically it’s celiac
      disease which may not cause notable problems to your stomach but it gives
      you blistering skin rash. write it on google, “celiac disease skin rash”
      and you’ll find photos of it. (btw that looks exactly the same as my skin
      before i went gluten-free)

    5. Gia Butch says:

      bluestudio67 Who cares… 😉

  5. White Dragonfly Media says:

    This series should be mandatory viewing for all hipster douchebags…but
    then again, they would think that it’s a real how-to.?

    1. JP says:

      OK, I’m going to explain this in small words. YOU REPLIED TO HIS COMMENT. A
      reply to a comment should be… well.. a REPLY to a COMMENT. If your
      comment has nothing to do with his topic, you need to START A NEW THREAD.
      And guess what? You sound so mature trying (very weakly) to insult someone
      when you’re the one in the wrong.

    2. Gluten says:

      White Dragonfly Media a lot of people go gluten free for hipster reasons,
      sure. But many actually have real reasons, which include but are not
      limited to celiac disease.

      What’s worse than the gluten free trend is the swarm of people with no
      dietary credibility acting like gluten only effects those with celiac.

    3. Laurent Dias says:

      +LittleLulubee I ate gluten my whole life until last year when I developed
      a severe allergy(not intolerance). I now go into anaphylactic shock if I
      consume wheat, barley, or rye and have been hospitalized four times in the
      last year alone. I have to carry around en epi-pen now. I WISH I was just
      intolerant. It can be developed later in life so no, not dumb.

    4. Laurent Dias says:

      +Misty Fox if made correctly, yes. Originally all sourdough bread was made
      without gluten. That’s not the case anymore.

  6. Oliver Mendonca says:

    can you do a video on people who are against vaccinations ??

    1. kyler swanny says:

      +mshesh16 majority said agent orange was safe,

      You pretty ignorant yourself thinking the majority is alway right, when the
      majority get their information from one place,

      Ill stop responding because we now just talknig semantics and we both
      moving more negative directly

      have a great day

      and the suicide thingy, i was speaking about drugs etc or bad habits

    2. pine cone says:

      kyler swanny … there is literally no correlation. If you go out to
      conduct an experiment or a study and you are looking for a certain result
      as the people trying to prove a link between autism and vaccinations are
      doing and the study can’t be replicated by other scientists than it is
      completely void

    3. kyler swanny says:

      +pine cone I think your maybe right, but in any situation i don’t believe
      government should force anyone to vaccine or anything in that matter with
      force even if that person will die without help, he himself should make the

  7. HaywireEagle says:

    Unless you have a wheat/rye allergy or Celiac’s disease. There is no reason
    for people to not eat gluten.?

    1. Florent Devier says:

      I see that you dropped school before getting your master degree in sarcasm.

    2. asdfghjkl9493492 says:

      or irritable bowel syndrome

    3. Sexy Sexysexy says:

      +Florent Devier
      No, he got his Ph.D in Sarcasm. That’s why he doesn’t understand it as well
      as a 12 year old.

    4. miranda725 says:

      Jeff PhD I was diagnosed with that a few months ago and my doctor suggested
      I try gluten free to see if my antibody count and WBC count will go down.

  8. midas well says:

    Good stuff. There is something fundamental wrong with the notion that
    something that has been in our food since the beginning of time is now
    somehow poisonous….Never mind all the toxic chemicals, GMO’s,
    artificially created substitutes, or overuse of pharmaceuticals, no way
    that stuff is the problem.?

    1. Will Deus says:

      +iamihop kys

    2. Michael DK says:

      your biggest mistake is thinking that what we eat now (modern day wheat)
      even remotely resembles the wheat of the Romans, the wheat of the middle
      ages, or even the wheat of your grandparents. Besides the points you quote
      (Which are valid) hence wheat is, and should be treated with great caution.
      The wheat we’ve been consuming for millennia is Einkorn (or Emmer) with 14
      or 28 chromosomes. Modern day wheat has 42 chromosomes, and a quantity of
      DNA basepairs that is roughly 5x that of a human being. This is the result
      of centuries of cross-breeding with other grasses. Even in the last 50
      years, the amount of gliaden in wheat has risen significantly. In various
      studies celiacs have been eating Einkorn (An ancient variety of wheat, that
      still has gluten but of a different subset of proteins) with very little
      adverse effects, for example. Older wheat varieties hence have nothing to
      do with modern wheat varieties, and our bodies are ill-equipped to deal
      with those modern forms. So there is something fundamentally wrong in the
      assumption we’ve been eating wheat “since the beginning of time” (Which by
      itself is also wrong, we’ve been consuming wheat only a fraction of the
      time modern humans exist).

    3. iamihop says:

      +Michael DK There are so many problems with your entire line of argument.
      Here are some of them:

      – The DNA content of wheat varieties is irrelevant. Comparing the number of
      chromosomes with humans makes no sense. It has more chromosomes. So what?

      – The amount of gluten in wheat has not risen in the last 50 years, nor the
      last 100 years. Different varieties of wheat have slightly different
      protein contents, and the variation from year-to-year is much larger than
      any change over the last century.

      – Even if modern wheat contains more protein, it is only about 50% more, at
      its most extreme (we’ll ignore the fact that some of the oldest hard wheats
      have protein contents in excess of 25%, much higher than modern strains, at
      ~12%). You see, people who use wheat don’t WANT protein contents higher
      than ~14%, and they will actually cut high protein crops with low protein
      crops to get the desired content.

      – A piece of bread from ANY wheat contains 20 times the amount of gluten
      necessary to cause a celiac response (the minimal toxic dose of 50-100 mg).

      – People with celiac’s ARE sensitive to the Einkorn wheat.

      – Gluten probably isn’t the culprit in the first place. FODMAPs are
      probably the actual problem for people without celiac’s.

      – We don’t have the information that would be required for you to claim
      that gluten content has been increasing.


    4. Michael DK says:

      Hi, sorry I wrote that piece in an absolute hurry ! Last line I wanted to
      write “gliadin” not “gluten”. And I recalled research being done on an
      ancient wheat type compared to modern wheats for celiacs, but it was
      Einkorn not Kamut. My bad!

      Either way, you are very mistaken to say that Einkorn is identical or
      similar to Wheat in it’s allergenicity. It’s quite the opposite.

      “These data show a lack of toxicity of T. monococcum gliadin in an in vitro
      organ culture system, suggesting new dietary opportunities for celiac
      patients.” (

      ” …the lack of side effects reported by patients during challenge with Tm
      (Einkorn) encourages to further explore the characteristic of this cereal
      as a potentially harmless wheat for CD patients, or as a cereal that may be
      tolerable for patients who are not celiacs but do not tolerate wheat based
      products because of gluten sensitivity.” (

      But even for normal, healthy people replacing your modern wheat with Kamut
      or even a few hundred year old strains of wheat shows singificant
      reductions in inflammation and other negative markers. For example these
      two studies :

      “The present results suggest that a replacement diet with Kamut products
      could be effective in reducing metabolic risk factors, markers of both
      oxidative stress and inflammatory status.” ( )

      Short-term dietary intake of whole grain bread obtained from an old grain
      variety seems to impose a favorable status with regard to lower circulating
      levels of markers of atherosclerosis. (

      Hence this contradicts your statement that people with celiacs are per
      definition sensitive to Einkorn wheat, and it also shows that normal people
      have visibly increased inflammation among other things when consuming
      modern day wheat instead of older varieties.

      Gluten profiles between the various older and newer species of wheat differ
      dramatically and can help to understand why there is a massive increase in
      sensitivity/intolerance/allery for wheat based products. As a nutritionist
      I managed to heal myself (I started to study nutrition because doctors,
      dieticians, specialists and hospitals could not find anything wrong with
      me, but I was about as functional as a plant – mentally and physically
      completely exhausted) by staying off wheat. And any single time I start to
      eat wheat (knowingly or unknowingly) symptoms come back again. They never
      managed to diagnose me with anything, despite having very serious symptoms
      of some kind of intolerance for something (stomach upset, liver pain,
      chronic appendix inflammation, brainfog, groggy, not being able to
      furmulate complex sentences, reduced memory function, tired, feeling of
      being slowly poisoned, extreme muscle tension, anxious etc et etc) .
      Fodmaps caused me great trouble before I dropped wheat, but now I can eat
      them without problem in great quantities – again proving that the problem
      lies with the wheat with the potent gluten/gliadin/glutenin and other
      substances that trigger my issues. I’ve completely regained control of my
      health and life. Even better, my mother who also had a slur of small and
      big health issues (thyroid, M.E., IBS, mixing up words, hyperactivity,
      infections etc) stopped eating wheat after I advised her to do so, and
      within a week most of her issues started to settle. Now, 2 years later
      she’s as fit as a 40-year old (she’s 64).

      Many of my friends whom have had all kinds of minor and major issues (joint
      inflammation, asthma, sensitive to infections, IBS, irritability, anxiety,
      mild depressions, extreme hunger cravings and problems losing or gaining
      weight, high cholesterol (LDL)) have followed my challenge to stop eating
      wheat for a month or two. And all of them have been 99% cured of their
      issues/symptoms. Within weeks of stopping. Most of them were highly
      skeptical of my advice and did not see the relation between eating
      wheat/gluten and their health issues. They tried it because they were
      desperate, or because I convinced their wives to cook differently for them.
      Now most have stopped taking pills/medicine and have active, energetic
      lives. I hence can fully identify with the findings as reported/predicted
      in the book “Wheat Belly” by Davis. I never knew about it until about a
      year a go, but my personal observations/experiences and his analysis are
      identical. Believe what you want, modern day wheat is not healthy for a
      very, very large part of the population. If I want proof, I can just look
      at any of my friends or family around me that now are 10 years younger than
      they were just a few years or months ago. Placebo effect? If they started
      out highly skeptical, I doubt it. Or in the case of my ex girlfriend she
      wasn’t even aware of the health benefits of going gluten-free, but her
      extremely high cholesterol (age 25!) dropped to perfectly normal levels
      within 1.5 months of me cooking for her. What changed? Nothing, I just
      removed gluten from our household, the rest pretty much stayed the same
      (including her eating too much fats and sugars).

    5. iamihop says:

      +Michael DK The first half of your post is great. Let’s stick to that,
      please. Thank you for providing actual links to peer-reviewed stuff. The
      second half is not interesting to me at all. Uncontrolled anecdote has been
      leading people astray for longer than we’ve been eating wheat 😉

      No time at the moment. If you want to respond to this real quick, it will
      help me remember to give a proper response.

  9. pseu donym says:

    i’m genuinely gluten/lactose intolerant but this video just dragged me
    through the fucking dirt and i cannot stop laughing I LOVE THIS MAN?

    1. Mr cs93 says:

      People with gluten “intolerance” should try sourdough bread

    2. Blue Rain says:

      People who suffer from IBS should avoid a sugar that’s in wheat.

    3. Misty Fox says:

      +Crystalline K That’s actually debated. Gluten is an intestinal irritant.
      If you have intestinal issues upon eating gluten, then you are gluten
      intolerant. Gluten causes problems in a number of diseases, including
      lupus, MS, ME/CFS etc.

      I have actually tried the FODMAP diet, and my illness did not improve. I
      now eat high FODMAP foods daily, and I do not have issues.
      Gluten-containing foods, including barley, semolina, wheat, rye, sprouted
      bread, seitan, veggie burgers, etc. do cause intestinal issues and MS flare
      up. The only exception is sourdough bread, which has shown to be safe for
      many individuals with celiac disease so long as it is properly fermented.

    4. Kayla Bridge says:

      pseu donym same.

    5. michelledalenaa says:

      So long as you have a real diagnosis, nobody is talking about you. My
      four-year-old cousin has a legit gluten allergy and has to have an epipen
      on hand wherever she goes. She has a true anaphylactic reaction. However, I
      know way more people that self-diagnose and they are full of it. Also, just
      as an aside, over 80% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. It
      is the genetic default for humans. There is literally nothing medically
      wrong with people that are lactose intolerant. People need to stop dropping
      that term like it is a disease. I’m lactose intolerant too. I can still
      have things with lactose in them , and as long as I limit the amount I
      don’t suffer the consequences. Let’s face it, this video is 100% spot on
      regarding most people.

  10. Dianne Wilder ASMR says:

    I have celiac and lactose intolerance. I learned about it in pregnancy when
    I ended up vomiting blood after eating yoghurt and taking a thyroid pill
    containing lactose as an excipient. To make things clear, I must say I love
    your vids. They are very smart and extraordinary funny. And yes, all this
    bogus with veganism, gluten intolerance and other crap like that drive
    people to extremes, especially attention seeking people, insecure people,
    etc. And that’s bad news for people who are actually sick.?

    1. xa- xàne says:

      +True WingChun okay but then why is it a big deal when an animals kills an
      human (because of the human, like harambe)? if animals eats aniamls why do
      when we go in a place full of dangerous animals we kill them because they
      attack us??

    2. xa- xàne says:

      +Dianne Wilder ASMR Hi, you don’t know all vegan, no I don’t hate people
      who are vegetarian, and yes I wish people knew more about veganism. Is that
      A bad thing?

  11. Steve Spencer says:

    is it just me or does this guy look like Simon Pegg??

    1. Weeping Koopa says:

      +Joe Serrano minus the weird accent.

    2. Silvan Blaha says:

      Steve Spencer bro it is simon!!!

    3. Joe Serrano says:

      +Silvan Blaha lol,….I still say this guy’s Axl Rose’s kid brother!

    4. Kitty Mix says:

      It IS Simon Pegg i a gluten free parallel dimension

    5. Joe Serrano says:

      +Kitty Mix lol

  12. ??? says:

    Gluten is a protein, idk why someone would stop having it if they’re not
    allergic. I can’t eat gluten and I honestly wish I could, bakeries are

    1. ??? says:

      +JuanDVene? It’s not the same, dear. Corn flour here is used for arepas,
      little taco-like packets that after fried or baked are filled with meat,
      fish or cheese and such. I can’t imagine using corn flour for sweet stuff
      again, the first time it was awful. The sponginess of a regular flour cake
      is absolutely gone. 🙁

    2. JuanDVene says:

      ??? Wait, you’re Venezuelan? Why is your name written in Korean? Well
      that’s fine, rice then, arroz con leche, doesn’t have gluten. Also,
      cachapas are kind of sweet. You can use butter and strawberries instead of
      cheese and ham when you make em.

    3. ??? says:

      +JuanDVene Soy de España, pero mestiza. Y te vas a reír amigo, pero también
      tengo intolerancia a la lactosa.

    4. JuanDVene says:

      ??? :O pobrecita. ¿Y no tienes medicación para tratar eso? La amiga que te
      conté tiene un tipo de antialérgico para poder comer trigo. No mucho pero
      de vez en cuando.

    5. ??? says:

      +JuanDVene La mayoría de los antialérgicos tienen proteína de huevo, lo
      mismo que hay en las vacunas contra la gripe… Y en la leche. Huevo
      tampoco puedo comer, todas mis alergias son hereditarias. Eso sí, no
      envidio a mis amigas: la leche, el huevo y gluten les hacen mal al estómago
      y a la piel. Donde haya leche de almendras, que se quite lo demás. ?

  13. ASB says:

    “I swear gluten’s what killed Gandhi” Lol, that was so unexpected!?

  14. Mary Gilpatrick says:

    PS I don’t think he is speaking those who have legitimate issues (forgive
    the pun…sorry), but to those that pretend. This seems pretty obvious. I
    hope that no one would take offense who has real problems. I have relatives
    who had severe problems related to this, but it still makes me laugh.
    However, they would never have behaved like this (i.e., like an a-hole).?

    1. Ilieknoodles ? says:

      What pun? Lol?

  15. Justen Harden says:

    My word.. this dude is absolutely hilarious?

  16. Indri P says:

    what killed ghandi was a bullet made out of gluten?

    1. Cleft_Asunder says:

      You should have said, “what killed ghandi was a bullet covered in gluten.”

  17. joey Galileo Hotto says:

    I have severe digestive issues whenever i eat bread. t’s crazy how
    addicting refined carbs such as blueberry muffins, baguettes, pasta, and
    rice are.?

  18. Slater Novick says:

    i love you sir?

  19. Osmanl?Halifesi says:

    You look like a ginger girl with a little facial hair?

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