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HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS | Military Diet, Does It Really Work? *NEW*

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So much weight, so little time … Discover ways to lose 10 pounds in 3 days securely!

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NOTE: I am NOT the maker of this diet plan. This is a well known diet regimen that I determined to aim to see if it in fact functioned. Please refer to The Army Diet regimen web site to respond to any kind of questions you could have:.


Q: Is there alternatives for foods?
A: Yes. Please describe the site over for replacements.

Q: Did you work out with this diet plan?
A: Yes, however just one day. The diet plan states that you need to preserve your day-to-day exercise regular if you have one currently.

Q: Do you lose water weight or fat?
A: Both. The diet regimen has the ability to aid you lose weight by shedding fat as well as assisting you get rid of additional water weight.

Q: Will I shed muscle mass throughout the diet?
A: No. The body burns carbs & fat first. The body just burns muscle as a last resort. Your body will certainly NOT shed muscle mass cells in the 3 days of doing this diet plan.


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*** I am not a physician or a nutritional expert. Please seek advice from a specialist and also study the diet plan prior to trying. ***.

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48 thoughts on “HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS | Military Diet, Does It Really Work? *NEW*

  1. ljuc says:

    This is kind of cheap diet. But can I just have a glass of grapefruit juice
    instead of a half? I mean, where should I put the other half??

    1. Mr. Creepypasta says:

      It’s Me!

    2. It's Me! says:

      freeze them

    3. Matty De Beer says:

      OnTheCheapTip did the diet work for u

    4. Spookish says:

      ljuc the whole fruit (not literally the whole fruit, just mean NOT juiced)
      is necessary for the nutrients/fibers in the fruit itself

  2. Mr Amazing says:

    Bro you a small dude cause i’m 17 and way like 180 but I don’t look fat
    like at all. Also I would be so hungry if i did this.?

    1. WaterPikachu Gaming says:

      dude im 14 and im going to try this i weight 190

    2. jacob rondeau says:

      Mr Amazing I’m also 15 and a wrestler for my school

    3. angel arroyo says:

      im 5’11 and 165, i want to get down to at least 155 , 150 maybe , do you
      think this can help ?

    4. Jacob Rondeau says:

      Im 5’11” and 193

    5. OnTheCheapTip says:

      Yeah, I’m only 5’8″

  3. alan smith says:

    7.2lbs is what i lost doing this. I also did 4 work outs the 3 days i was
    on this plan, 2 of the work outs where hard core(for me). I feel like this
    is a good kick start to get you headed in the right direction.?

    1. alan smith says:

      i injured my back and have put it back on

    2. Craigster2011 says:

      Just curious but did you gain the weight back quickly or keep it off ?

    3. alan smith says:

      oh i did eat a whole piece of fruit where ever the diet called for a half

  4. TacoCheetah says:

    Should you exercise with this??

    1. Judith Gray says:

      You can walk for 20 minutes if you normally don’t exercise. That’s what I’m
      doing xD

    2. xXxPandaxXxBrO says:

      TacoCheetah Do your daily routine. If you work out normally, work out. If
      you don’t workout usually, Don’t.

  5. Little Tomato says:

    What can I substitute coffee for? please answer?

  6. Kendall Spearman says:

    I hate the smell of tuna but I love tuna it’s the only fish I don’t Hate?

  7. lina shamasha says:

    that was very good I Subscribed?

  8. Juan Morales says:

    Day one of my diet thank for the diet keeping making vids?

  9. Adeeb Mahmud says:

    Do you need to like excersise for this to work??

    1. SpaceDog says:

      you should though it make you lose more weight nd you wont have loose skin

    2. Amy Sowders (taupeisdope) says:

      Adeeb Mahmud He said, you should exercise during this.

    3. Levi Erik says:

      Kathy bustos I’m doing this diet over the weekend and I have hockey
      practice both days. I did this over the summer while skating everyday and
      you don’t have any energy whatsoever.

    4. Kathy bustos says:

      no exercsie required
      plus you wont have energy to do it and you need to hold on to that energy
      to keep up the next 2 days lol

    5. cancer stick says:

      Look in the description

  10. Xavier Guevara says:

    Sadly I don’t eat vegetables or bananas ? I have a weird taste thing… I
    don’t eat fruits.. just strawberries and green grapes… oh god this is
    just sad ??

  11. Charlotte Poulter says:

    can you substitute the bread I have celiac disease?

  12. Warped says:

    i don’t understand how this could work. it wouldn’t be bad if you cut the
    carbs and cheese in half, while completely removing the ice cream. not to
    mention having at least 45 minutes of both HIIT and cardio could make your
    effects much greater. not trying to nitpick, but hopefully this could help
    anybody who really needs the extra bit of weight loss?

  13. Terra says:

    is there a substitute for the coffee??

    1. Linda Sale says:

      Terra green tea water,really anything with 0cals

    2. JokerTV says:

      The Dogman The point is too get caffeine in so you feel energized and full
      throughout the day but if you can make it on just water than knock yourself
      out I’m not one to stop you, after all the point of diets aren’t to be
      strict but to instead adjust them to make yourself comfortable.

    3. The Dogman says:

      JokerTV can we replace it with just water?

    4. JokerTV says:

      Terra A regular cup of coffee has about 100 mgs of caffeine, give or take.
      Instead of coffee, you can drink Green Tea. We don’t recommend artificial
      sweeteners, but sugar free hot chocolate contains small amounts of
      caffeine. If you can’t make it through the day without your energy drinks,
      sugar Free Red Bull also has 76 mgs of caffeine. Any other sources of
      caffeine have too many calories for the Military Diet.

  14. When she turns out to be a tranny says:

    what if you can’t eat grapefruit?

    1. Alex Matthew says:

      I just prefer water without that soda?

    2. Briahna Darling says:

      I read up on it and people said chug a whole glass of water with a teaspoon
      of baking soda and it’s a substitute for the grapefruit? i read it on the
      actual diet’s website

    3. kassie rivera says:

      I can’t eat hotdog without the bun when I did this I made chicken two thin
      slice breast it help me

    4. David Gilmour says:

      Bruh ???

    5. When she turns out to be a tranny says:

      and not the hot dog

  15. Ruthless Senshi says:

    thanks for this. I’ve heard of the marine diet from a family member and
    tried it but it’s way bad for people not used to it (8 hours of h.i.t.,
    1000 calories/day). this one seems more for people not used to the
    extremes. very helpful.?

  16. Anthony Hoang says:

    I need help!!! My upper body is huge af, is it Coz i workout chest too much
    and my forearm are really Fken small

    Sorry for my english?

  17. Shiv says:

    Hi, is this including or excluding exercise??

    1. .?????? ????? . says:

      Shiv Exercise is recommended for better results.

  18. Cory Bockover says:

    I’m 13 and was looking for a way to loose weight for wrestling and I’m
    hoping to try this?

  19. zach1013532 says:

    I seriously think that this diet wouldn’t sustain me, I’m 200 lbs, 6’2″ and
    play a lot of sports?

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