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How to LOSE ARM FAT — Best Workout for Toned Arms!!

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Numerous women need to know how you can shed arm fat. We dislike those nana hangs, hen wings or whatever you may intend to call the arm fat that hangs off the bottom. If you need to know how you can eliminate arm fat, we could assist! It's time to tone up the arms with a great arms workout. All you need is a workout band!

Our initial sexy arms exercise is for biceps toning. You've initial got to step on the band with both feet, take the band in both hands as well as crinkle the biceps.

The following workout will not just help you get toned arms however likewise functions the back and also shoulders. Take the band in both hands in front of your body as well as take out to the sides. This arm workout completely burns the triceps muscles.

For the following arm workout, you will certainly secure the band around a sofa leg or various other furniture and do tricep kickbacks … functions just the same as on a cable television machine at the gym.

The following workout is the one-armed upright row which is for shoulders and also top back. It is very important to tone shoulders and also back because these areas also help in reducing the visible indications of arm fat.

If you're seeking how to obtain toned arms, you've concerned the ideal place. This arm workout will have your triceps muscles and also biceps shedding!

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30 thoughts on “How to LOSE ARM FAT — Best Workout for Toned Arms!!

  1. Nnilkila Cynthia says:

    please how can I get the elastic band to buy?

  2. MISSYMINX261 says:

    Where did you get your top from??

  3. Theertha reddy says:

    Where can I buy that elastic band??

    1. svetolik igev says:

      hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out how to get 6 pack abs fast
      try Ichordo Six Pack Fixer (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some
      amazing things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  4. AnimeMangaOtakuAkG says:

    Would two heavy bookbags work as substitutes??

  5. Ivone Bühler says:

    Very good, thank you very much.?

  6. ma ja says:

    I’m super skinny but I feel like my shoulders are too fat for my body. I
    don’t want any muscles, but how do I get rid of the fat on my arms??

    1. Yash Shah says:

      ma ja q

    2. CoolShark11 says:

      Same my shoulders are so freakin’ wide

    3. BruhhItsAurora says:

      ya same

    4. Sonokotoo rami says:

      same here my shoulders are wide its sooo enoying

    5. ma ja says:

      awh okay.

  7. MissWinner247 says:

    I have no complaints with the cameraman, I was too busy learning the
    exercise routine!?

    1. mo ahmed says:

      +MissWinner247 me too, people are so annoying sometimes.

  8. LPS Daisy Productions says:

    Doesn’t that cut your arm circulation. ??

  9. Lorna Stafford says:

    Terrible camera work is making feel sick. Didn’t get to the exercises!?

  10. Lisa Wright says:

    taking this workout in vacation with me. .. subbed!?

  11. Alejandra m says:

    how many sets for each exercise should be done per workout??

    1. sevsen fuat says:

      they should be 3 sets/exercise for 10/12 times, I you are advanced then 15
      would be good !!

  12. Sylvia Ann Pilligra says:

    is tea good drinking when you are work out everyday??

  13. Araneta Mari says:

    Camera’s too shaky?

  14. vaidehi shaw says:

    what are these bands called???

    1. Mai Nguyen says:

      resistance/elastic bands

  15. Le Nguyen says:

    Lol. Your shoulders, arms, and body are alike to me. Every time, I go to
    school, movie theater or any places that have only white people, I feel so
    confident about my body. However, whenever I go to Vietnamse bar, many men
    and women say I am fat. The fact is that Vietnamese girls have very small
    and narrow shoulders. Their bones are like sticks. That’s why I always look
    bigger than them no matter I have only bones and skin.?

  16. Cheryl Green says:

    Good video..made me a bit dizzy though with the shaky camera man. However,
    I do want to say that there are questions below that were not answered. For
    example where to buy the elastic band. Making a youtube video is great and
    so helpful for learning but you need to follow your comments and keep up
    with answers. Thanks.?

  17. Irene Agc says:


  18. maggykool says:

    i have slim arms but I want them to be a little skimmer can this workouts
    work for me.??

  19. Maram Salem says:

    Does it work?

    1. Ash Dash says:

      No, you cant spot reduce. It’ll just build a small amount of muscle.

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