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Figure out how you can slim down quickly with Vicky’s Egg Diet plan Plan|10 Kgs in 10 Days/ 22 POUND. 900 Calorie Diet plan Strategy. 4 Simple Active ingredients, Affordable, Efficient, Easy to earn Dish Plan that will aid you attain your targets unlike various other dish strategies with high expense fruits, foods, challenging to bear in mind & adhere to etc. No drugs, pills, workout, considerable exercises and so on. Functions on Safe & Heathy Nutritious food.

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P.S: Individuals with High Cholesterol and Diabetic issues (Created/ Genetic) might follow my Veg Meal Strategy instead.

Eco-friendly Tea Dish:

Oatmeal Recipe:
( Examine the description box of the oat meal video, if complying with the strategy).

This diet regimen functions like an appeal! Nevertheless every physique is different thus the results may differ. You understand your body well, if u have any sort of disorders, consult your medical professional initially.

P.S: Eggs in this strategy must be eaten with yolk.
Eggs ought to be BOILED ONLY.
Green Tea ought to be taken in simple (No sugars).
Eggs can be seasoned with little salt & black pepper.
( No Mayo/ Sauce).
This is an egg diet strategy (egg is the primary ingredient), pls do not ask me replacement for eggs.

Concerning the Cholesterol in Eggs:.
Eggs consist of HDL cholesterol, also called terrific cholesterol. This kind of cholesterol is safe for your health– it could allow the body generate more vitamin D and hormonal agents like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol.
It can decrease the amounts of poor cholesterol and will not elevate the danger of cardiovascular diseases.

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Relevant & Distinct inquiries will certainly be addressed within 2 Days. If your concern has not been answered then pls inspect the remark area below.

INDIA can get Environment-friendly Tea, Oats, Flax Seeds & Prunes using the below web links:.
Environment-friendly Tea: – Best.


Flax Seeds:.


USA could get Green Tea, Oats, Flax Seeds & Prunes using the below web links:.
Eco-friendly Tea:.


Flax Seeds:.



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Click the connect to see this video in Hindi:.

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83 thoughts on “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days

  1. shaheen chaudhry says:

    I’m going to try this and believe me if I will see the good result I will
    keep my WiFi password vicky versatile?

    1. Ashar Usman says:

      shaheen chaudhry tell us the result after ten days will be waiting for…I
      also Wana start but soch may prh jatay

    2. Versatile Vicky says:

      Soon people are going to use your internet…LOL

  2. Ashwariya Ash says:

    I don’t know ? wt went wrong with me today is 4 day but I lost only 500g?

    1. xXKaran#*Xx says:

      Ashwariya Ash Try reducing water intake especially before u sleep because
      when u weigh urself in the morning the water remains in ur body..

    2. Ashwariya Ash says:

      Sajid Mahmood thanks

    3. Sajid Mahmood says:

      Dont worry Ashwariya sometimes the results may come after 5th day.

  3. Md. Fahimul Islam says:

    Hello Guys I’ve started today October 25, 2016
    My current weight is: 85.0
    i’ll post my updates on Oct 26, 27, 28 ,29, 30, 31, 1, 2, 3, 4
    wish me luck guys :)?

    1. Roo Asan says:

      Md. Fahimul Islam how many pounds you lose ? I’m at 4 day

    2. Mauritian TV says:

      Md. Fahimul Islam did it work?

    3. Md. Fahimul Islam says:

      i continued it for 5 days… lost 9 lbs/4kgs… it’s really effective…
      I’ll try it again…

  4. tasmim ahmed says:

    ok … I will start it by tomorrow….Now I am 122 kg, lets see wt will be
    happening after 10 days later… wish me luck…?

    1. tasmim ahmed says:

      no i didnt start yet..

    2. TheFooting 78 says:

      do workout with

    3. Malati Bk says:

      tasmim ahmed got Result

    4. AMR ZAKI says:

      did you start? … what is the results ?

    5. Faris Chaudary says:

      tasmim ahmed what happened does it works?

  5. folcane says:

    Hi this really works! I started last week and have 2 days left to go. I
    started at 98.1kg and Monday, day 7, I was at 93.2. I will weight now on
    the last day and see how much I lost. I only deviated 1 day from the diet
    which slowed my decrease. But I was losing about 1 kg a day. My weight over
    this diet 98.1 to 95.2 to 93.7 to 93.1 measured every other day. I also did
    some exercise on some of the days.?

    1. Imaan Ch says:

      +folcane today is my first day and Alhamduillah it’s very good… the thing
      I can also manage the feeling of being hungry as it’s not a big deal for
      me… I was just thinking what if I Skip amount of eggs like I eat 2
      instead of 3 so thn would it effect or thn I can’t lose weight Because the
      thing I really wants to lose weight in 10 days almost 8 Kgs… I’m 24 years
      and my weight is 76 Kgs so..
      I will do 30 to 40 mins walk daily In Shaa Allah … now let’s see what
      will happen… by the way thanks for answer and pray for me ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Imaan Ch says:

      folcane congratulations… ๐Ÿ™‚
      which type of excerise did u do ??
      coz I’m going to strt it tomorrow In shaa Allah and badly want to weight
      and did u eat everything or skip amount of food like sometimes instead of 3
      eggs only 2 eggs…

    3. Sanya Dave says:

      folcane what kind of exercise ?

  6. Sahira Moreno says:

    Hi Guys!
    After reading so many good reviews about this diet made me get on it, as
    well. Let me just tell you I’m not fanatic at all with green tea ! ewk!
    neither with oatmeal on water without sweetener. But i’ll give it a try,
    just because it seems you get quick results, and I like that. Plus is very
    economic and is just 10 days! so,why not. I actually started yesterday
    Nov.1, 2016. My weight was 152 pounds, and guess what? this morning I
    weighed myself and now I’m in 149 lbs!!! my Goodness! 3 lbs down on my
    first day! I don’t want to count victory yet, so lets see tomorrow morning
    my results for today my 2nd day! wish me luck! hope I can last 10 days on
    this Diet! =D?

    1. cristina moyano says:

      Sahira Moreno update pls? did you finish the diet?

    2. Hassan Shakoor says:

      +Sahira Moreno keep updating and good luck ?

    3. Isabelle Chern says:

      +Sahira Moreno fighting and good luck!! ~

    4. Sahira Moreno says:

      BILAL KHAN Hi! I’m currently 146 lbs the difficult part for me are the
      weekends!! Lol it’s hard to see everyone eating so good !! ? week days are
      easier because I work normally all day and this diet I feel like I’m
      snacking while I work ?

    5. BILAL KHAN says:

      Sahira Moreno now what is you weight and any difficulties any tips?

  7. Naija born says:

    this actually worked for me, I lost 10pounds in 5days. did not continue
    becos I got tired of eating eggs. but this diet to me is very good. am
    happy I came across ur channel, keep up the gud work.?

    1. joya xec says:

      Hii dear how u lost 10 kg in 5 days plzz giv me som suggestions no plzzz

    2. Zunayed Zunayrah says:


    3. Rojina Tayyebi says:

      +mesmerizingbeautybyK don’t worry you might not lose as much weight as
      other people because everybody’s body is different but you will definitely
      lose weight. Also make sure you do exercise during this diet for better
      results. Maybe some jogging or running or even takim the stairs instead of
      an elevator! I know you can do it if you’re fully committed to it and
      really want it! good luck!!!

    4. mesmerizingbeautybyK says:

      Aawh thank you so much for getting bk to me ๐Ÿ™‚ & awwh lol yeah thats good
      ? & yeah thats alright then thanks again x

    5. Naija born says:

      +mesmerizingbeautybyK I did not do much exercise, just regular squat to
      help my butt, becos I did not want to lose that while losing weight lol. I
      strickly followed the meal plan, don’t just skip any meal.

  8. Rita Abrahamsen says:

    So I’m gonna try this! I will even start today! But I’ve already eaten a
    mรผslibar, little chocolate and have drank a little juice. Right now my
    weight is around 64 kgs I guess, and my height is 163. My goal is 54 kgs.
    Even though if no one follows my process, I will still post my results
    here. It will motivate me to continioue. I’ve read the other comments here,
    and that motivated me, so i hope maybe someone will stumble upon my comment
    and be inspired.?

    1. Rita Abrahamsen says:

      At my high school there is prom in a week and 3 days. So I really have to
      start now. I’ve been on vacation and been drinking hella lot, so… It
      didn’t go well. But I tried to follow this one, and I didn’t even follow it
      strictly. It actually works. Well I didn’t check my wheight, but I could
      definitely feel a difference. Because I wasn’t as bloated and I seemed a
      bit slimmer. But just try it guys, I’m sure you won’t regret!!! But i swear
      I will start tomorrow, and follow it strictly <3 <3

    2. kalpana Thapa Magar says:

      rita abrahamsen we r with u…wht abt ur weight? please do keep
      posting….n I also started this diet chart frm today now I am 61 kg 159cm
      I ll let u knw everyday????

    3. John Paul Sacedor says:

      Please update us. It’s been a week.

    4. Sneha Nair says:

      wots the result?

    5. Rita Abrahamsen says:

      Thanks buds!

  9. mxtimy says:

    Started this diet on Monday…been on 80kilos for a whole month inspite of
    other diets and diet pills… I want to go from 80kilos to 65 kilos before
    my holiday to Morrocco.heres my results so far
    DAY 1…. 80KILOS
    DAY 2…..79KILOS
    DAY 3…..78KILOS
    DAY 4 ….77KILOS

    Will keep you updated?

    1. may zun says:

      yasir Saeed yep

    2. yasir Saeed says:

      really u have 1 kg every day..? can i cook oats in milk ?

    3. mxtimy says:

      DAY 5….. Went out and could not resist Doritos so skipped dinner….will
      update you if this affects my weightless tomorrow

  10. Mira Frina says:

    Today is my first day on your 10 day diet. I really hope i lose some
    weight.. i’m so tired of everyone commenting on my body and always body
    shaming me. Today i’m 75 kg.. i hope I’ll achieve my goal, i want to be 65
    at least.. wish me luck:)?

    1. Sarah Jenysah says:

      goodluck Mira! I will be doing it also since my weight is around 70kg. I am
      also tired of people commenting on by body and told me that I have to diet.
      Goodluck to us then xD

    2. Mira Frina says:

      Sam Grimes okay! Noted! Thank you:)

    3. Sam Grimes says:

      Mira Frina if u follow this to the T u will def lose a lil 30min
      walk a day as well

  11. jeny Jay says:

    Today I started plan now I’m 78.5 kg?

    1. Ji Soo Fan says:

      +jeny Jay update?

    2. jeny Jay says:

      First day finished I lose 1.100kg now I’m 77.4

  12. Kristen Loader says:

    Started this yesterday at 195.2

    Day 1: 192.4?

    1. maham sawaira says:

      Kristen Loader hey did u complete your 10 days and kindlt inform me about
      the results if u don’t mind ?

    2. illusions blow my mind says:

      so? how many kg you lost so far? ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Lana D says:

      Omg that’s so good! I really want to do this!

    4. Kristen Loader says:

      Day 4 : 187.0 lbs / 85 kg ( ignore today, I ate pizza yesterday )

    5. Kristen Loader says:

      Day 3 : 187.8lbs / 85.3 kg

      See you guys tomorrow!

  13. HARRY C says:

    Thanks a lot vicky you changed my life or I should say you saved my life
    Its my Day 4 n my weight is now 106 kg I lost 7 kgs just because of you my
    friends think I am on steroids but they dont know the real secret
    Thanks one again?

    1. Betty Bamidele says:

      Good job Harry.
      Pls can you share the timing on how you take your meals. Got filled after
      having the apple in the evening. Started today

      Hi Vicky. Can you also help out with timing directions. Must I eat when I’m
      not hungry. Thank you

    2. HARRY C says:

      +Versatile Vicky you are the best

    3. Versatile Vicky says:

      +HARRY C It’s my pleasure to be a secret in your life ? Thanks to you for
      giving me the credit ?
      God is with you, I m just the source! God bless?

  14. kylie scott says:

    I’ve seen so many comments saying that this diet plan works and more people
    saying that they have/are going to start it and that they will update us
    but they never do. So, I’m trying this. I was 58 kg exactly today and i
    startes this diet today so I will update you tomorrow to see the effects of
    this diet after one day. I will continue to update you every day. The green
    tea is a bit difficult but it’s manageable and I wasn’t really hungry
    throughout the day but now, as I’m drinking my final cup of green tea 1.5
    ish hrs before I go to sleep, i feel slightly hungry but I’m not craving
    anything and i will stick to this diet. I did light exercise, just walking
    but i was on my feet quite a lot today. I will update you tomorrow evening
    (in approximately 24 hours ish), i hope this diet works. Thank you ????

    1. nsk 1995 says:

      update please.

    2. Serge Dexter says:

      +kylie scott dont stop the diet … start and finish it like in the video ,
      its only 10 days

    3. kylie scott says:

      Nothing is working out for me right now. I’m going to sort myself out and I
      will be back on Monday 19th September, where I will properly do this diet
      once and for all because what I’m doing is so stupid, how i say I’m going
      to stick to it and this and then the next day i say I’ll be back after.
      Anyways, I’ve had a wake up call, believe me, and i don’t want to
      disappoint any of you either. i will be back Monday 19th September! Thank
      you so much !!

    4. kylie scott says:

      Hi, I’m starting this diet again today! Today, i stuck to the diet
      completely except for one strawberry yoghurt but that’s because it’s the
      start of the diet and Monday is my actual start but I’m counting today
      aswell because the yoghurt was the only thing i did wrong and I’m just
      drinking my last cup of green tea 1-2 hours before bed now. I apologise for
      the wait but I’m back on track now. Also, i’ve drank 2.5/3 litres of water
      today. Day one: Today morning I was 60.6 kg. I will update you tomorrow
      evening. Thank you

    5. Hany Khan says:

      +kylie scott what about diet any update

  15. elsa Banag says:

    While reading all the comments on how this diet make them lose weight
    im motivated to give this a try too. im currently 173.8 pounds ( 79kg) i
    will update you of the result. I really need to lose 15 -20kgs. goodluck to
    oct 4 173.8 pounds
    Oct 5 170.9 pounds first day?

    1. Your Friend says:

      How’s it going? Update us please

    2. illusions blow my mind says:

      congrats! what about now?:)

    3. saralize may says:

      please keep on updating ur progress. also want to do it. starting today

    4. elsa Banag says:

      Oct 8 167.2 pounds in this fourth day i already lose 6.6 pounds or 3 kgs..

    5. elsa Banag says:

      Thank you Izzah.

  16. michael gh says:

    shocking !!! day one … i lost 1 kilo!!!! my only concern is does this
    diet reduce the body fat percentage or you loose muscle mass along with it
    … btw as it say… i didnt feel weak at all and after eating 6 eggs a day
    u cant even stand to see food … i ate lots of carrots and cucumber tho?

    1. Susan Roux says:

      michael gh i dont think you loose muscle as you are feeding your body with
      loads of protein.

  17. Jessica Natamihardja says:

    i’ve been doing this diet for the past 2 days. and so far i lost 2 kgs. so
    happy with the result. thanks for the diet plan ??

    1. Salman Haroon says:

      Good luck for the coming days! Please update as I beginning this diet
      tomorrow. Thank you!

  18. Waris Yonis says:

    Can anyone please tell me that when they lose this weight do they gain it
    back once they stop dieting? Is it fat or water weight? If I eat healthy
    after this would I still keep the weight off or would it come back? Pls
    answer thank you?

    1. Nimzy girl says:

      +Fatima Malik of course 2 eggs for breakfast and 2 for dinner..but in 1st
      day eat 6 and frm second day eat 4..coz even I eat 4

    2. Literally Felicity says:

      if you eat healthy and continue to exercise then no but seriously keep away
      from the binges, I lost my 6kg weight lose because of binges ??

    3. Sam Grimes says:

      Waris Yonis if u eat healthy no

  19. Danilella Molina says:

    hello Vicky! I have been watching all your videos and I need to loose
    weight asap ..congrats on all the success stories. I would really
    appreciate if you could answer this three questions before I start the plan
    1. can I drink the Himalayan salt in the morning with this diet even though
    it is indicated to drink green tea?
    2. Can I eat only the egg whites… does it have the same effect?
    3. does the oatmeal at night will prevent me from loosing weight?
    thanks so much!!!?

  20. Vinayak Chaugule says:

    Will be starting from tomorrow (15-11-2016)
    and also be updating the same. today’s weight 90kg. lets see how this diet
    work for me
    Wish me luck. cheers?

    1. Vinayak Chaugule says:

      Day1 (15-11-2016):-89.1kgs

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