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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers without Dieting

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This video clip has a fat burning plan for teenagers. Its a complimentary program that reveals you how to lose weight fast for teenagers without dieting.

Remark below and also let me understand:

1. What do you fight with a lot of as a teenager that impedes your fat burning?
2. Do you plan on trying any one of my techniques to slim down?

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43 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers without Dieting

  1. PrettyKeli says:

    I will be LIVE all day 9/13/2015
    Come ask me anything and everything you want to know

    1. Faye Deniour says:


    2. lissette blnc says:


    3. Ella Payton says:

      PrettyKeli this date really confused me I’m British so it would be 13/9/

  2. Mercedes Samedy says:

    Guys, just keep in mind that weight does NOT equal waistline. You could
    weigh 155 lbs but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “fat”. Waistline size
    is a different story.

    Find out your BMI before you start engaging in weight loss to make sure
    you’re not going underweight.?

    1. PrettyKeli says:

      +Mercedes Samedy I used to be a major advocate of using BMI charts etc but
      truth be told many bodies are different and the numbers aren’t realistic
      for every body type. The easiest solution is talking to a professional and
      having them take measurements of your body fat, etc.

  3. Laila Precious says:

    I struggle with snacks and unhealthy junk food πŸ™ I don’t like vegetables
    or fruit, any tips? X?

    1. Laila Precious says:

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Anmol Dhami says:

      When you go shopping or if your mom goes shopping only buy fruits or
      vegetables! If you have nothing junky at your house you HAVE to eat it. It
      will HELP I promise! I lost 17 pounds in 3 and a half months

    3. Laila Precious says:

      I’ll try, thanks πŸ™‚

    4. theadventureanimals says:

      Eat throughout the day, like spread your meals out. Instead of eating three
      full meals, try eating six or seven small meals. Might help, it worked for
      me πŸ™‚

    5. Laila Precious says:

      It’s hard isn’t ??

  4. PiperAndTheGames says:

    I never take naps but I do have a problem with eating. I am always trying
    to stop eating snack before or after breakfast, lunch and dinner but I find
    it so so hard and I don’t know why! I am always so stressed about whether
    i’m overweight but my parents and friends and my boyfriend are always
    telling me that I look beautiful and perfectly fine but I never believe
    them because of how much I eat. Please please help me and give me
    pointers, I would appreciate any help!?

    1. PiperAndTheGames says:

      yeah I get exactly what u mean Chelsea

    2. Chelsea Norfolk says:

      +PiperAndTheGames yeah exactly, its hard and even when ur depressed or sad
      u feel like eating. I know for instance, as a kid my dad used to treat me
      to heaps of junk food as a kid insead of his love, he thought his lies
      would be all better but it wasnt. It is hard to break away from a habit

    3. PiperAndTheGames says:

      +wyatt cook it kind of is if that’s what you’ve grown used to for so many
      years. It’s like a habit and it’s hard to break away from. You can’t really
      do it just like that

    4. wyatt cook says:

      just dont eat it its not that hard

  5. LoftyLuxray says:

    I struggle with eating, and self-esteem… Haha?

    1. LoftyLuxray says:

      Thanks +PrettyKeli !

    2. PrettyKeli says:

      +LoftyLuxray Don’t we all honey! It’s ok, now that you recognize the issue
      you must decide what to do to change it. Start taking baby steps today and
      tomorrow will be incredible!!!

  6. Jazzy wazzy Greene says:

    I’m eating chips and laying down watching this?

    1. Thalia Hillier says:

      Jazzy wazzy Greene same

  7. King.of.the.squirrels says:

    Okay but if i’m about 14 years old and i’m 5’2 and 115 lbs is that over or
    under weight??

    1. King.of.the.squirrels says:

      +Basically Carli Okay thanks πŸ™‚

    2. Basically Carli says:

      King.of.the.squirrels No you’re perfectly healthy πŸ™‚ about 80 pounds would
      be considered under weight for you

  8. abele says:

    Have been doing this FAST DIET for three weeks now and have lost nearly 7
    lbs so far. I use this book everyday *Read More ? ****

  9. kevin thomas says:

    *I am 52 years old, 60 pounds overweight and was physically fatigued and
    mentally exhausted after several stressful years. I have been trying
    different strategies to lose weight, regain my energy, and put my health on
    the right track. Nothing worked. I heard about this weight loss system [Go
    ] from one of my cousin and thought I could risk the cost of the system and
    try her plan. I am in my 2nd week and have lost 10 pounds. I feel fantastic
    with tremendous energy. And the best part is this has been the easiest
    change in my eating habits. I keep the food preparation simple and have had
    no problems following the plan. I also have not had a moment of hunger
    which is generally the downfall of any restrictive diet. The weight loss is
    not as fast as the book suggests for me but I suspect that that is
    dependent on each person’s body. I am losing inches and normalizing my
    eating habits. In short, I am very pleased with this plan. I highly
    recommend it.*?

  10. Loveaboss Aj says:

    for you guys who Are doing alot of cardio and blah blah blah but aren’t
    loosing any weight? DRINK LOTS OF WATER! I seriously lost a pound just by
    drinking a bunch of water IN A DAY! don’t guzzle gallon after gallon tho.
    take it slow?

  11. Emma Hensley says:

    This is kind of late but I struggle with being overweight. I’m 13 and am
    160lbs. I would like so help being able to lower that tremendously. If you
    have any tips please let me know.?

    1. YouDontKnow MyName says:

      Do workouts. you and me are the same. 13 and 160 pounds. try” lumowell” on
      youtube. its great!

  12. LillyKill Me says:

    i’m 15, 5’9 And Weight 160 Pounds… is That Okay?Dx?

    1. luca ok says:

      LillyKill Me everything is ok, your beautiful don’t worry ?

  13. kACIAN says:

    I just woke up from a nap too.?

  14. Avery says:

    Just went on a 20 minute jog and did a 10 minute workout video!?

  15. Roxana Gomez says:

    what do u eat becuse i struggle with eating.?

  16. MZBOSSHD says:

    I bike 1 1/2 Miles to school everyday does that count as the morning

  17. MyPiggyPen12 says:

    what is the most you should sleep as a young teen??

    1. theadventureanimals says:

      Doesn’t it actually depend on the person? Like 7 and 9 are averages, aren’t
      they? I know people who have trouble without sleeping for like ten hours or

    2. Crybaby.Missy says:

      MyPiggyPen12 7 hours at the least, and 9 hours at the most. Any more or any
      less is unhealthy.

  18. Leah Vance says:

    when you lose fat IT MAKES YO BUTT BIGGER TO?????

  19. DIRTY WATER. says:

    okay so i’m pretty young (under 13 yikes) and i’m kind of overweight, and
    it’s really bothering me- i’ve been watching your videos (which it helping
    a bit) but like i’m not allowed to like- leave the house often and stuff
    like that- since my parents are over protective. and, my mom doesn’t really
    buy coconut milk, or like green tea and stuff like that.. can you do a
    weight loss video for young girls??

    1. Vanessa ??? says:


  20. SuperSaiyanAna says:

    Ok my struggling on losing weight is that well….I eat ok food is just
    good but I know eating to much is bad for u?

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