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How To : Lose Weight In Just 10 days!!

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best of luck check out my video clips im on this diet regimen


28 thoughts on “How To : Lose Weight In Just 10 days!!

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  2. Wallace Malizia says:

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  3. Edith says:

    Only 2 weeks in, but a very do-able diet, 5lbs weight loss so far, and
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  5. Aileen Blake says:

    I was wondering if within the time you are following the diet it would be
    more effective to do exercise such as a sport of some kind??

    1. Natalie Sutton25 says:

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  6. UniQ Indo says:


  7. Xscape says:

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  8. Selin Aslan says:


    1. Pasquale Owens says:

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  9. Jacob Hoskins says:

    What can replace the fish…? I’m allergic to fish and I really need to
    loose weight I’m 11 and at 112 pounds ??

    1. veronica dolan says:

      +Jacob Hoskins eat a plant based diet

  10. Belifi Zivi says:

    I’ve been using this product for about two months now and I have already
    lost about 24 lbs. Thank you Weight loss green store tea for having such
    good supplements?

  11. LoseBellyFatFast says:

    awesome video. Nice work. gain a lot of knowledge from this video.?

  12. Jiminie 1013 says:

    please help miii to keep on diet …… I’m 13 and 65 kg ???

    1. Ashutosh Meshram says:

      +Micky Lau You may start taking Herbalife products to lose weight contact
      me @

  13. Pinky Kamal Khushlani says:

    but i am a vegetarian!!!!?

  14. Anjelica Allred says:

    If anyone is interested in how I lost 10 pounds, see here +Emilie Kesinger?

    1. Laureen Fletcher says:

      +Anjelica Allred Thank you very much for a long time looking for the program

  15. yasmin ali says:

    Just tell me if it actually works?

  16. gnkoontz says:

    How about some advice from a real human being! Although this video might
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  17. Zarqa Waqas says:

    That’s really excellent video?

    1. Zarqa Waqas says:

      +Zarqa Waqas

      Your video is really amazing, but I want to mention that I try
      many things for weight loss, but nothing gets positive results. So My Elder
      sends me a book which she buys from Amazon through an online book shop in
      . Really this is an excellent book on Fitness and Dieting.

    2. George Gill says:

      +Zarqa Waqas u r pakistani nice to c your comment

  18. ????? ????????? says:

    if i dont eat grapefruit,chicken and fish,will it be the same??

    1. ????? ????????? says:

      instead of chicken im gonna eat 200 grams of my lunch and instead of fis im
      not gonna eat anything

  19. Nancy I AM says:

    i wish the 12 hour am and pm times were on the video instead of 24 hr
    military time. Some people with kidney issues may not be able to eat
    tomatoes and grapefruit because they are too acidic and high in potassium,
    a no no for kidneys that are not healthy. Juicing veggies is good too.?

  20. EnergyRipple says:

    Starvation diet high in animal products, they will screw up your metabolism
    even more.?

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