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How to Lose Weight on a Low Fat Vegan Diet

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A lot of people over make complex points when it comes to weight-loss. Just eat healthy and balanced and also train continually as well as hold your horses.

Research study Referenced:
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58 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight on a Low Fat Vegan Diet

  1. King James says:

    Need fat for your brain for health?

    1. Kings of Aesthetics Never Die says:

      This Danny guy just got schooled by richard

    2. Robert Genito says:

      +Missaglia Auditore right on. i’d say anything more than 10% is definitely
      way too much….

    3. Missaglia Auditore says:

      10% to 20% of your calories from fat is more than ENOUGH.

    4. Missaglia Auditore says:

      all omegas= nuts and seeds.

  2. RIcardo Cardoso says:

    Dude i really would LOVE to have YOU as my nutrition adviser… and help me
    to become a vegan?

    1. Man Of Jupiter says:

      +marko pavlovic

      two links i grabbed off google. dont worry about things like getting enough
      protien as long as you get more than 5% of protien (complete) each day…
      i’d recommenced 10% however.

    2. marko pavlovic says:

      Man Of Jupiter I’m scared cause fodmap intolerance

    3. ??? says:

      Plenty of vegan recipes on pinterest and tumblr to help you get started.

    4. RIcardo Cardoso says:

      +Man Of Jupiter yeep i understand you so weel my friend xD

    5. Man Of Jupiter says:

      im kinda in the same boat. Just let her know its much cheaper to be vegan.
      You dont have to buy luxury fruits to be healthy πŸ˜› i guess your just gonna
      have to face cooking for youself more often

  3. Victoria V (V) says:

    Vegan diet didn’t make me skinnier. I need to eat very little to be able to
    lose weight cause I burn just about 1300 calories and eat about 1600-1800.
    So now I’m after my wisdom teeth surgery and can’t eat so just drink
    smoothies and eat yogurts, lost 3kg. If I eat something processed I gain
    weight, cause I eat a lot of it.?

  4. WolfMafia says:

    That intro made me thirsty?

    1. mr Stevenson says:


  5. SplayAndPlay says:

    I Found your channel from “leafyishere” i saw that he went out of context
    with your videos. i started to watch your videos as a non vegan. and now i
    think i want to go vegan. Thanks Vegan gains. seriously.?

    1. Alex Butler says:

      good man.

    2. X-Dex says:

      Dude! Leafys videos are just a joke, so many people don’t get that, Leafy
      doesn’t hate vegan gains, his fans don’t understand. I like both leafy and

  6. tyler chapman says:

    how to lose weight… exercise burn more calories then you take in.. simple
    you fucking idiots?

  7. bunny bee says:

    So oats or a smoothie is a good breakfast? And minimal peanut butter??

    1. rickard kald says:

      dont be scared of fats, too much restriction of fat causes low testosterone

    2. Bryton Dimitrou says:

      bunny bee get the powdered peanut butter it had 95% less fat than normal
      pb!! it takes identical and its sooo good in smoothies

    3. Nithalack says:

      Oats are great for breakfast. Pour in some water or non-dairy milk,
      microwave a bit, and throw in fresh or dried fruits.

  8. Renee Kovacic says:

    Calorie restricting isn’t worth it. I calorie restricted down to loosing 14
    pounds from fall to mid winter, but I got nothing out of it. I wasn’t a
    better person because of it, in fact, I became crabby and irritated every

    1. God says:

      Renee Kovacic I was the same. I hate everything and everyone. When I eat
      and Im full, I still hate everything and everyone.

    2. God says:

      Renee Kovacic I was the same. I hate everything and everyone. When I eat
      and Im full, I still hate everything and everyone.

  9. Dazed Viking says:


  10. Charles Ridley says:

    What is the music at the start?

    1. rickard kald says:

      darude sandstorm

    2. Victor says:

      He probably made it

  11. MCline93 says:

    I was hoping for a number (grams of fat per day) that you take in. I’m
    currently averaging 38-40g of fat per day at 1,700 calories a day (trying
    to cut fat off for summer coming up)?

    1. Man Of Jupiter says:

      10% of you intake should be fat

  12. Mayukh Sen says:

    According to women, 12 percent to 15 percent body fat is the SEXIEST body
    to them. Going to shredded like below 10 percent is not only unnatural, its
    unhealthy and it makes you fucking weak in terms of athleticism. 12 percent
    bodyfat is enough to give you visible abs. Going to shredded is NOT hot
    according to girls.?

    1. Niko Delmedico says:

      +deepak narayan

      I eat like a friggin horse bro, I just have naturally low body fat.

    2. deepak narayan says:

      Sub 5% lol, most professional bodybuilders dont get that low for show, your
      athletic performance will be absolute crap at that level and you must be
      eating like a bird to maintain that

    3. Niko Delmedico says:

      “Prove”, no. It’s one thing for a few girls on a YouTube video to say
      something just to not look conceited, it’s another thing for MOST girls in
      multiple cities to actually CHOOSE a very low body fat.

      “No why do you like this guy, he has less body fat than me, you’re supposed
      to like me because some bogus YouTube ‘study’ said you like it” “no, go
      away”. That’s basically how it’ll happen.

  13. Jesse Lynn says:

    Angry Beavers haha xoxo?

    1. Jesse Lynn says:

      +Hunter Leachman Happy to help πŸ˜€

    2. Hunter Leachman says:

      That’s it.. I was looking for your comment, remembered those characters but
      couldn’t remember the name.

  14. markmcsw says:

    Your video is really, really good–you appear smart, gentle and compelling.
    I’d give it a 10 except for the F bombs. No need for them, they just show a
    more limited vocabulary. I know my opinion is different from many folks,
    but many will agree with me.?

  15. Toner'sBonerOnPCin1080p says:

    How did you eat all that bread without any water??

    1. Fabian Franke says:


    2. Robert Genito says:

      +PrototypeXZero nah I hear what he’s saying. Bread dehydrates the body
      (uses the water already in your body) … And some people just can’t stand
      this πŸ˜€ chat with you later! I’m gunna go eat some juicy fruit that won’t
      dehydrate me πŸ˜€

  16. bunny bee says:

    This is such a good video and such a good message too, thank you for the

  17. John Rocker says:

    no water with that loaf??

  18. jogmas12 says:

    need fat for your hormones which help in your sexual function.?

    1. jogmas12 says:

      I am thin, 6’1″ and 157 lbs and sex life is great and load up on fat daily.
      Humans are not walrus and walrus eat fish not land animals

    2. Aurora 91 says:

      I agree a walrus is very fat and bangs hundreds of chicks

  19. Finding Fay says:

    I’d eat VG’s breadstick any day?

    1. Robert Genito says:

      Whoa whoa whoa, simmer down now…

    2. hYpNoXiDe says:

      +dragonchr15 Which is legal in 90% of developed nations that aren’t
      assbackwards America. Wonder what the age difference is between your mother
      and your father.

    3. ComicBook Guy says:

      +Finding Fay *a very poor choice of words !*

    4. RantingForSanity says:

      +Finding Fay you’re 16 and he’s 24….no…just no…..

  20. Daftfreak123 says:

    dosent french bread have egg in it dude??

    1. Valek Disciple says:

      +Daftfreak123 stop your bullshits, I’m french theres no eggs in baguettes,
      if it contains it’s not baguette.

    2. Pull ThePlug says:

      +Daftfreak123 French here. And no.

    3. sigurd2498 says:

      +Daftfreak123 Haha, there are different kinds breh

    4. Daftfreak123 says:

      I actually know for a fact the store bought ones do contain egg yolk. Sorry
      dude ur wrong.

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