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How To Step Off The Yo-Yo Dieting Roller Coaster For Good


Hi! I’m Brittany Brown, the founding fathers of and FitlifeTV ambassador, replenishing in today for Drew Canole. We’re going to be talking about stepping off the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster for good. This is a not-so-fun razz that I was on for about ten years. It looked a lot like gaining and losing the same channel over and over. More like, doing really well on a nutrition for may be a daylight, a week, a month and then descending off the wagon soon after.

It got to a extent where I was falling off the wagon everyday. So in this video, I’m going to give you steps freed from that and step into health and happy, and a fit torso that’s sustainable for life. So numeral 1 is examining the motivation. Is your motivation to live a healthy and fit life coming from a residence of ardour?

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Or coming from a residence of fear? Fear look just like restrictive dieting, thrusting your torso into submission, doing something because you dislike your torso versus because you love your torso. It looks a lot like disapproval and judgment, and blame. Adoration is something totally different. Adoration is coming from a residence of venerate and care for your torso, and wanting to do what’s best for yourself and that what’s light-footeds up your someone and builds you feel alive.

So on the end of ardour, we need to talk about nourishment. And that takes us to number two. I crave “youve got to” pace away from restrictive dieting and step into nourishing your torso. So dieting is an issue of what you can’t have and what you must do. And we’re mavericks at heart. So when we speak of what we can’t do, what we can’t have, our intelligence doesn’t really hear the negative and precisely kinda throws our focus on that direction.

We wanna make our places great importance on ardour and which is something we can have and contributing meat in that really nourish the americans and ignited us up, doing movement that they are able to really builds us feel better, and coming from a residence of ardour and venerate for ourselves, for our intellects, for our minds, and for our mass. And along with this, what’s really cool is that it doesn’t provoke the survival response in the intelligence. Limited does.

And when the survival response is triggered, we do a whole multitude of crazy events like snacking events you commonly wouldn’t feed, your hungers go out the window, your leptin actually is lessened which is the hormone that builds you really find satisfied, and also when your torso is trying to preserve intensity from really strict restriction, it cuts out what’s not may be required for survival.

One of those events is a lot of the program activities in your frontal lobe. And that’s where you are, that’s where your identity is, your part of you that has this conceptual considers that wanna be healthy and joyous, and also where your will power and self-control is. So by limiting and living in that fear and battle mode, it actually takes your will power and your self-control and your conceptual thoughts and your goals and your long-term vision away from you. So we wanna step out of survival mode and then into ardour and into your higher soul and your higher soul wants to nourish your torso and induce you feed or have you eat meat that really feel good and induce you come alive.

So I hope this help. Check on the blog I’m gonna go into detail in that berth. Try to kinda crack these points down. And I wish you an incredible and healthy daylight …

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