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If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35

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If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35
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Exactly what takes place when meat eaters embody the way of thinking of a vegan? This video solves the oldest riddle of the ages, suppose meat eaters imitated vegans. As I share these veganly understandings with you in true Ultra Spiritual fashion, however certain to make note because this is really nutritionally academic!

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87 thoughts on “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35

  1. Matthew Dalldorf says:

    You know, the more arguments in favor of meat-eating I see, the more I find
    myself convinced. Here are the ten best arguments that managed to sway me.

    1. Lions eat meat and science has yet to prove that lions and humans are in
    anyway different.

    2. Humans are always getting marooned on desert island that have no
    vegetation but manage to sustain animal life completely by magic. All
    animals that is except for humans, thus forcing us to eat animals.

    3. Protein is the only nutrient in existence and we need it a vast
    abundance of it and only animal-products have it. The adds that we want to
    believe say so and that makes it true.

    4. There are some unhealthy products that don’t contain animals products
    therefore the movement has no credibility whatsoever.

    5. Cows like being milked because their udders would explode otherwise and
    the only way to milk them is by human hands. I mean, it’s not like they
    gave birth to calves or anything. Everyone knows that cows come fully grown
    from the ground like potatoes, so the milk that they produce is strictly
    for human consumption.

    6. Plants are alive and while animals don’t have feelings, broccoli
    certainly does.

    7. Meat tasty. Yum. (If that’s not compelling logic, I don’t know what is)

    8. Plant agriculture also contributes to the deaths and misplacement of
    non-human creatures. The only solution is to contribute to it even more by
    supporting the meat industry.

    9. Vegans are inherently pretentious, smug and are always pushing their
    live-styles on the rest of us, whereas we meat-eaters have the magical
    ability to taunt vegans with our lunches, shove meat into their faces for a
    laugh, push meat and dairy consumption on Television, in magazines, on
    billboards and everywhere else, mock veganism on just about every
    mainstream comedy show, talk ad-nauseum about the joys of eating meat to
    those who clearly aren’t interested and try to trick vegans into eating
    meat, while somehow not being even remotely pushy or arrogant. This
    incredible skill can only be acquired through eating streak.

    10. Meat makes you smarter which is why our arguments make as much logical
    sense as they do.?

    1. Matthew Dalldorf says:

      I can’t? Yet, somehow I did.

      Your comment hurts. I thought you were starting to like my shtick…:(

    2. Wesley Ding says:

      Yo Matt? it’d be great if you put in your replies who you’re addressing
      first. That way there’s no confusion.

    3. falloutmopsi says:

      <3 <3 love this comment

    4. Matthew Dalldorf says:

      I thought if I clicked Reply, it would automatically specify who I was
      replying to. It usually does, but then I find it’s not always consistent.

  2. foreverokami16 says:

    Is it fair to say that veganism is becoming a religion??

    1. Ken “Fire in the Sky” I ? says:

      Veganism has many abilities , some believe to be unnatural.

    2. Steven Marc says:

      foreverokami16 yeah like popester Francis telling people become a vegan to
      “save” the planet!!
      the pudgie pope doesn’t eat meat?
      then how come he is chubby!
      oh it must b all that chocolate!
      wait is their milk in that chocolate pope?

    3. Christuserloeser says:

      Carnism is a religion already. Veganism is the atheism of carnism.

    4. Ben Carter says:

      I would say the analogy you have made there is completely unfair. There is
      a vast difference between one’s food choice and one’s faith.

      A faith is a personal choice and it doesn’t necessarily have to harm
      others. Any belief system, secular or religious, can become either an
      impetus for living a compassionate life or justifying a violent way of
      life. In comparison, eating animals will always involve enslavement,
      violence, and death to the animals that we have no biological need to

      Being Vegan is categorically rejecting any form of animal exploitation in
      the same way we oppose any form of human exploitation.

  3. eugspit says:

    I have no problem with people only eating vegetables. It’s their life. I
    have a problem with people constantly insulting meat eaters, constantly
    acting as if they were superior, and spreading a stupid doctrine. Yes.
    Stupid. Because gluten is healthy for people who are not allergic. Because
    meat once or twice a week, fish, eggs etc are a very complete source of
    amino acids. Every people’s metabolism is different, and that is what
    vegans don’t understand.?

    1. witchywoman88 says:

      Since vegans are concerned about only about sentient beings that mean it’s
      okay for me to eat someone who’s already dead?

    2. Ken “Fire in the Sky” I ? says:

      Yes yes you can , enjoy your ‘ ‘ ‘ natural causes ‘ ‘ ‘ solar-nine fying
      Going to do drugs , butter up a broom stick and your anal warts , shove it
      up you rectum and have seizures on the floor , thinking you flying , near
      dead with a broom stick hanging out of your arse twitching on the floor

    3. Conia Perwinkle says:

      eugspit Finally! Thank you 🙂

    4. babygirl34 says:

      +Ken I ? sounds like somebody is triggered

    5. Ken “Fire in the Sky” I ? says:

      Well you best give me a hug then , go vegan

  4. Bashir B. says:

    To all vegans:

    Is it wrong to eat meat if you are a farmer living in a rural/remote area
    that sustains oneself with a veg & meat diet?
    What about if you are a poor individual that lives in a dry/arid
    environment and hence unable to grow crops/vegetables. Thus you mostly rely
    on cattle (that feeds on wild vegetation) to provide food.

    There are 3billion+ people that live on a few dollars a day. Hence they do
    not have a choice on their diet. Is it wrong for these people to eat meat??

    1. 12x42nikon says:

      youre language shows your mentality, as do your animal harming actions.
      youve got nothing decent to say, youre just failing to justify growing +
      killing animals for profit, and getting more abusive with each sentence you

    2. Gus W says:

      +12x42nikon You obviously don’t live in the real world if you can’t handle
      a bit of colourful language, but that isn’t surprising coming from someone
      who thinks humans eating meat or animal products is wrong.

    3. Gus W says:

      Hey, vegans, how does it feel to actively push people away from your cause.

    4. Sion Webb says:

      +Gus W its only you mate, calm down!

    5. Gus W says:

      +Sion Webb Nope. Read how these vegan fucks interact with normal people and
      see why calm isn’t an option when dealing with them. They’re fucken fucked
      in their heads, not an ounce of real life experience or rationality between

  5. Tyso h says:

    Lets play spot the vegan in the comment section. Not very hard because they
    LOVE tell you they’re vegan.?

    1. Ra Sunlight says:

      Please evolve.

    2. 12x42nikon says:

      mzhris refuses to accept people can be healthy without eating animals. its
      pointless arguin with the guy hes deluded

    3. Light Yagami says:

      Tyso h I can’t fucking believe people joke about this. It’s a serious cause
      and you people are absolutely revolting and sick. I can’t believe you’d eat
      innocent animals. I’ve been vegan for almost a year now and I feel great
      while you disgusting people eat poor animals. Smh. (I hope you know this is
      a joke ??)

    4. Keara Van Zyl says:

      Tyso h ????Yep, I’m proud that I live a cruelty free lifestyle and
      actually know what I’m putting in my body???????????????????

      ?Right Here!!?

  6. Al woo says:

    8,311 vegans with no sense of humor watched this vid?

    1. 12x42nikon says:

      I can read well,. i have asked a question that you still have not answered.
      you have also been abusive in most of your angry responses.

      “can you stomach watching a cow be slaughered, as you eat parts of a cow?”
      you have not answered this, and i know that most peoples answer is “no”.

    2. Al woo says:

      12x42nikon I cry everytime I chop up onions

    3. 12x42nikon says:

      +al woo. yes so does everyone else in the world.

      anyone could eat a vegetable while simultantiously watching a vegetable get
      cut to peices.
      noone wants to eat a cow, while simultaniously watching a cow get cut to

    4. 100GTAGUY says:

      +12x42nikon you couldn’t be further than wrong lol…

  7. aarwonable cheez says:

    I like vegans because more meat for me.?

    1. ?stellaValentin? says:

      aarwonable cheez Revolting.

    2. MattDoesAnimation says:

      aarwonable cheez true

    3. Klement says:

      Who is “you”?
      Hey people, use names when you talk to some particular person.

    4. Deathslayer 553 says:


  8. Malcolm Nicoll says:

    Hilarious because it’s sooooo true. There’s nothing wrong with being vegan,
    but being a self-righteous, sanctimonious jerk about it is another. Bay
    Area’s full of these vegan nazis.?

    1. lil johnny says:

      pigs turn broccoli into bacon….that’s magical.

    2. lil johnny says:

      +InfiniteJoy Your first step is to stop fucking donkeys.

  9. Kikketta11ify says:

    I have got two sisters, one is vegetarian the other vegan … You can
    imagine hahaha?

    1. Omar Al Ansari says:

      +12x42nikon Ethics has more to it than a definition in Oxford dictionary..
      If you study university you could study an ethics course for a term you’ll
      learn something more than only it’s Oxford definition.
      You skipped all the points I’ve mentioned to quote the definition for maybe
      the 3rd time?
      Well I’ll be happy to tell you that’s not how educated people discuss..
      therefore I’ll save my time since am learning nothing new from your
      discussion.. you win I give up.

    2. 12x42nikon says:

      the other guy was tryign to tell me that eating animals wasnt related to
      ethics, and i was spelling it out to him that it was, by defenition of the
      word ethics, clearly related to the concept of ethics.
      you obviously dotn get that, and think i was arguing that it was unethical
      to eat animals, well thats peronal opinion, and i already know that,
      because it depends on peoples ethics, wether they eat meat or not.

      youre trying to argue about wether its ethical, i dont care wether you
      think its ethical, i think its not and theres no point arguing about that

      all i was doing was explaining it IS an ethical decision, wether you
      understand that or not is your problem, because i knwo exactly what im
      talking about here, whereas you joined in defending some other abusive
      fool. so hopefully we are clear now, i dont care what youy think is
      educated. i cant see any inteligence in people who support animal harm, i
      think they are all stupid brainwashed people, but usually its not their

    3. aWinterCrow says:

      +CarnistJoy It’s the third invitation to proper debate now, and you keep
      pushing clearly twisted words into the conversation.

      You’re on an agenda here, you never intended to argue at all. I guess that
      settles it.

      I’m done with you too, have a nice life.

    4. Jackie Paper says:

      i bet you they have the best sense of humor lol

  10. Emily Hart says:

    The thing is, I’ve RARELY seen first-hand a vegan or vegetarian attacking a
    meat eater in real life. It’s always the other way round, a butt hurt meat
    eater defending their beliefs attacking a vegan.?

    1. movidablue says:

      Emily Hart I mostly see vegans acting a fool online, never in real life
      personal experience

    2. Emily Hart says:

      movidablue I think this is the case with almost any group of people; they
      think they’re more of a Charlie-big-bollocks online because what they say
      is almost anonymous and there are less consequences for their opinions.

    3. movidablue says:

      Emily Hart Yep! ?

    4. mustachemotel says:

      Emily Hart where have you been

    5. mustachemotel says:

      Emily Hart it’s different on the internet

  11. Sulphur Jellybean says:

    I’m vegan and I have to admit that I actually do act like this.?

    1. Richard L (Ric) says:

      Now you can learn to be less alkaline

    2. alex wright says:

      Go eat a tree

    3. MattDoesAnimation says:

      Good you r a vegan and in the comments your not being triggered by the vid
      so good job :>

    4. Dark Genie says:

      I respect you for being honest at least

    5. Da Bome says:

      If you really act like this you are an idiot…but its ok really…you all

  12. ECDubbleyew says:

    Omg, the dog at the ended. I coughed up a lung laughing..?

    1. pissicutza09 says:

      I coughed up both of my lungs laughing after reading your comment xD. Oh
      no, I’m dead x_x.

    2. Jay Mills says:

      You’re not the only one! Ha ha

  13. hatedumb says:

    “Plants give us oxygen, why would you eat them?” LMFAO?

    1. TexasRoadWarrior says:

      Angel Perez nope that’s not right… the majority of our breathable air
      does in fact come from phytoplankton it’s a tiny plant that lives near the
      surface of the ocean… not the rain forest… sorry if I broke you
      heart… also if I may add… rainforests are around the equator… the
      United States have no rain forest… I think it’s quite funny how vegans
      want to get animals out of the equation all together… well the 3rd world
      country your proud vegetables, coffee, fruits etc come from… are
      harvested by people that use animals for manual labor… so you just go on
      being happy and spend more money doing absolutely nothing for your own
      cause… and have a wonderful day…

    2. daniel226 says:

      Angel Perez You just contradicted yourself moron.
      “Also the animals you eat, eat more plants than us so you would be causing
      more damage to the environment”

      Wouldn’t eating the animals, who eat plants, reduce the number of animals
      eating plants, thus helping the preservation of the plants?

      Butthurt vegan, stfu and go eat grass like the cow you are.

    3. TexasRoadWarrior says:

      daniel226 preach it! ? also the majority of our oxygen comes from tiny sea
      plants called phytoplankton… so maybe we should blame wales? ???

    4. Anonymus Aaron says:

      Angel Perez, actually in Brasil the rainforest are cut down to prodce soy.
      Yeah they use that land for animals too, but only after they totally
      destroyed the soil beacuse of the soyproducing…Who eats soy???? VEGANS
      (soy is actually poisionus)

  14. Timmy Turner says:

    I hope vegans know they have to do more than just stop eating meat to save

    1. aWinterCrow says:

      In fact, you actually can care about animals and use them for food.

    2. 12x42nikon says:

      anyone who claims to care about animals, whil they eat animals, is mentally
      unstable, ill.

    3. aWinterCrow says:

      +12x42nikon Nice fallacy

    4. 12x42nikon says:

      if you claim to love animals, but you support animal farming, then you
      obviously dotn love animals, becasuse peoepl dotn support the harm of, and
      cook and eat things they love.

      unless they have a seriously deranged view on what “love” means?

    5. aWinterCrow says:

      +12x42nikon if you claim to love children, but you support child labor, you
      obviously don’t love

  15. Roxana P says:

    You know, I saw this thing a while ago where it said that plants actually
    react to being torn, eaten, what have you, by releasing that stronger scent
    (freshly cut grass, freshly chopped whatever) to warn those around them of
    the danger or attract insects who might help chase the danger away. In a
    way, they scream for help, except without a voice. So, that fresh, yummy
    smell might be that plant being `confused` and in `pain` being torn to
    pieces. Enjoy your salad :)?

    1. Fast Forward Videos says:

      idk about fishes

    2. Rosalynn Silver says:

      Fast Forward Videos o.O then why do they struggle when they are tossed into
      hot oil or pricked with a sharp point?

    3. Fast Forward Videos says:

      +Rosalynn Silver maybe i am wrong about fishes, but insects for sure don’t
      feel pain

    4. Annalysse Turner says:

      Roxana P Then why do you eat animals? They clearly express their fear and
      pain but you still eat them.

    5. Annalysse Turner says:

      Roxana P If you care about plants who scientists aren’t even sure if they
      can feel pain, then why don’t you care about the animals who are suffering
      right now. They live in constant fear and go through tremendous pain every
      single day.

  16. Nicole N Debutante says:

    This is accurate to even “moderate” vegans. The radical vegans straight up
    told me they wish i could be burned to death in my fur coat. They are very
    intolerant and aim to subjugate other people’s food and clothing choices
    through organizational means.?

    1. 12x42nikon says:

      hello again nicole, this is how i interperate the meat and dairy industry,

      animals are born , kept agaisnt their will, given unnatural foods and
      drugs, then slaughtered and skinned.
      their skin is made into clothes, their internal organs and muscle are used
      for food and other products.
      dairy cows are made pregnant by humans, then their babies are taken so teh
      farmer can sell teh babies milk to people, and the baby cow is made into
      veal. etc etc.

    2. Nicole N Debutante says:

      +12x42nikon too bad

    3. 12x42nikon says:

      +Nicole N Debutante
      is that all you can type?
      why not give me your explanation of how you interperate the industry, if
      you think my explanation is not accurate.

    4. Nicole N Debutante says:

      +12x42nikon Meat=my food fur=my coat
      problems= yours.

    5. 12x42nikon says:

      +Nicole N Debutante
      as long as were clear on what you support, thats all we can hope to
      achieve here. good luck to you.

  17. thewatcherspain says:

    That woman with the grey tanktop and long hair is stunning, does anyone
    know her name???

    1. Caleena Tarantino says:

      She goes by “Life as Diana” here on YouTube. 🙂

    2. 11cylynt11 says:

      thewatcherspain there’s a link to her YouTube channel in the description of
      this video. Her name is Diana.

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