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Katy Perry’s Diet Is All Fast Food

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Katy Perry has a good number. We simply thought she was on the most recent juice cleanse or paleo diet, or consuming like the remainder of Hollywood eats, which is primarily simply a step over starving. However evidently Katy pigs out on In-N-Out as well as never ever watches what she consumes.


8 thoughts on “Katy Perry’s Diet Is All Fast Food

  1. jack sparow says:

    1 !!!!?

  2. Fade Away says:


  3. Fade Away says:


  4. Emmie den Hartog says:


  5. lemoine idiane says:

    le régime de kety perry balancé sur ses copines .pour vendre ses albums. ?

  6. Mike Herland says:

    Herbal Slim Raspberry Ketone is pretty cool~ 4~5 kinds at

  7. Kevin Mozulay says:

    It’s called the gym?

  8. cdub722 says:

    idk why reporters things its a crazy thing when celebs dont eat that
    healthy..believe it or not,theres people out there that have fast
    metabolisms and can eat whatever they want and still have a nice bod(shes
    always been the same size)and working out all the time im sure helps with
    that too lol?

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