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Lose belly fat: Exercises to burn and reduce stomach fat fast

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How to shed stomach fat? Ways to get a flat tummy? The response is: exercises as well as healthy diet regimen plan to reduce weight.

The video reveals an easy and fast workout to reduce tummy fat in your home for ladies as well as man (no tools is necessary).

The high strength level stomach cardio regimen will permit you to burn fat normally as well as swiftly making the most of calorie consumption and training the muscle mass.

Hiit tummy abdominal muscle workouts assist to raise sugar absorption capability as well as cardio vascular features.

Our digital instructor guides you in your tummy training by aiding you to prevent errors in order to guarantee the best outcomes.

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. To get a total program and also reduce tummy fat as fast as feasible you could download and install the application for smartphones with the whole level tummy training program.

– Lumowell Android Physical fitness Apps:.

– Lumowell iphone Physical fitness Applications:.

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. Warnings and also problems:.

before starting a program of physical activity it is essential to get in touch with a physician. The "stubborn belly fat workout" is not indicated to alternative to the assistance of a professional as well as is for illustratory functions. So it is you that need to choose just how commonly, when and ways to train with complete obligation.


—————————— – —————————–. The Lose belly fat video is produced
for LumoWell/ LumoFit project by Ego360.

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55 thoughts on “Lose belly fat: Exercises to burn and reduce stomach fat fast

  1. youcold says:

    alright! i’m going to start doing this and see what’s up…. wish me luck

    1. NAYAB Ox says:

      youcold result ?

  2. Ofunne Mordi says:

    Gonna try this twice a day, for a few weeks, and see if it works. Wish me

    1. su ferdous says:

      it works?

    2. LittleLemonHQ says:

      tessa Veitch wow I’m 13 and 140 you are so lucky

    3. tessa Veitch says:

      same here I’m 12 and 80 pounds
      i’ll update you 🙂

    4. LittleLemonHQ says:

      Can You Give Us A Update

  3. let's start a hand sanitizer buiznez for mingew says:

    How long does it take for you to see the difference and how many times a

    1. DIY Tutorials says:

      +let’s start a hand sanitizer buiznez for mingew yes i trid this for a
      month and my mugfin top was gone and i had a slimmer tummy.

    2. Kathleen Kisto says:

      +DIY Tutorials vyy

    3. let's start a hand sanitizer buiznez for mingew says:

      +DIY Tutorials did you try this? Does it work

    4. DIY Tutorials says:

      2-3 weeks do this everyday. On weekends tho do it twice with a 4-5 hour
      time in between.

  4. Lara S. says:

    i want to loose belly fat cause my stomach seems like i’ll become a baby!
    So i started to do this 2 months ago… one time in the morning. in the
    afternoon i went jogging for 15 Minutes and at the evening i did this
    again. i tried out this routine every single day without candy! and it
    works!!!!!! at the beginning i havent seen any results at all, but after a
    few weeks you can see some results!!!! so: stop dreaming, START DOING!?

    1. hala wael says:

      Did you change any of your food types ?

    2. ItsDaDannyBoy says:

      Only two kilo’s in 2 months? I lose that much without doing any excersise
      and just cutting out junk food.

    3. Lara S. says:

      i did. i lost 2 kilos.

    4. Rebecca Fella says:

      Lara S. Did you lose any weight? If so, how much?

  5. Husna S says:

    OK,the background heavy breathing is really annoying.?

    1. Charay Vaughn says:


  6. Sweet Eshal says:

    is sy thighs n hip fat b reduce hota hy kia plz tel me,??

  7. RayPosSiable says:

    Can someone tell me if eating meats like chicken 4 times a week is good? I
    already cut down on chocolates, sweets, sweet drinks and all junk foods
    such as chips for 2 months now. So is eating meats the same as eating junk
    foods or is it ok and I won’t gain much weight??

  8. Anna Smile says:

    Anyone interested starting at the same time and comparing results? :)?

    1. Dhruv Sachdeva says:

      Anna Smile sure I’ll do it if your respond in 3 hours

  9. Yassine Ouerda says:

    I find the breathing sounds annoying.?

  10. ThatsRight says:

    I don’t know why people’s saying can man do this exercise, everyone can do
    such exercise except that breast and butt exercises lol?

  11. Felice says:

    ok… will do this. expect updates a few days later…?

    1. Felice says:

      Day 2. I did this workout just once bcs i have school and eat like usual. I
      did buy some junk foods but not as much as before. Definitely easier than

    2. Felice says:

      Day 1. Did it on bed? Definitely felt the burn, and it reduces about 0.1
      kg. Its not as hard as I thought it would be, I completely enjoyed the
      whole workout. Im not the type of person to workout so im a little bit
      dizzy after the workout, but its fine. Even after the first workout I can
      see a tiny bit of result.

  12. Jacynta OSU says:

    The huffing and puffing annoyed me?

    1. Mad Master says:

      TBH the could have got a more natural sounding breathing

    2. ibekristen says:

      Jacynta OSU i like it. it helps control my breathing.

    3. Jane Villanueva says:

      reminds you to breath

  13. Mortal Porcupine says:

    I’m a guy and have done this once a day for four days. Had two days off and
    have just started again today. Will repeat the process. After the first
    four days I could already see a difference and have defiantly lost some of
    the beer belly. I guess everyone will react differently, but for me it’s
    defiantly working well so far.?

  14. Brandonjoon says:

    Lost 2kg in 1 week, twice a day?

    1. Eyqien Hussin says:

      Yeah me too.. I lost 2kg in 3 days.. really work!

    2. TheRealRidz says:

      how much weight did you lose to date?

    3. Kong Zhou says:

      Continuously?Or once per five hours?

    4. Sabira Khan says:

      it’s true??

    5. Brandonjoon says:

      not really

  15. Joanne Ryan says:

    how long would it take???
    how many times do I have to do it????

  16. Geo Prifti says:

    How many times a day 1 or 2??

    1. Kaydence Bagot says:

      Start off with one and work your way up to 2

  17. Susan Bodley says:

    good short focused abs exercises. I found the heavy breathing sound effect
    annoying but I laugh at it now. love it.?

  18. Pedro B. says:

    Anyone interested in starting at the same time and comparing results??

    1. Helena Harris says:

      hahaha okay I did it once so we are only one day apart .

    2. Mystic's Blue says:


    3. Helena Harris says:

      Pedro B. me

  19. ibekristen says:

    going to try doing this everyday. will update in a few weeks. ??

  20. faisal nawaz says:

    can man do this excersice ?? Plz Anyone tell me Plz ???

    1. Alex_kid_pup Roscoe says:

      faisal nawaz yes

    2. Edna J. Meeks says:

      *>>belly fat burning exercise for women>>>[ **https://t.co/VDhZDu1EnR**

    3. Trix P0llack says:

      faisal nawaz yes we can

    4. THE GRANEL SHOW says:

      faisal nawaz yes man can do this exercise I just did it

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