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Lose More Belly Fat Fast With Just 2 Exercises

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Exactly how normal individuals could enter into killer shape:

In today's exercise I am going to reveal you how to blaze stomach fat by using simply two workouts: Pot Bell swings and also burpees.

Both of these exercises need numerous muscle groups to trigger as well as perform at the same time, developing an extreme fat-burning impact.

Here's just how the workout works:

You will begin by doing 8 kettle bell swings, adhered to quickly by 8 burpees … Then 7 swings, 7 burpees … 6 swings, 6 burpees all the way up until you reach zero.

The idea is to take the LEAST quantity rest periods as you perhaps can so you can maintain your heart in the fat-burning zone however if you require a rest take one … If you can finish this entire routine without a remainder break, well, you're a superstar … Ready? Allow's go!

Workout Breakdown:

3:20 – 8 swings, 8 burpees

4:29 – 7 swings, 7 burpees

5:37 – 6 swings, 6 burpees

7:24 – 5 swings, 5 burpees

8:45 – 4 swings, 4 burpees

9:34 – 3 swings, 3 burpees

10:00 – 2 swings, 2 burpees,

10:12 – 1 swing, 1 burpee

Burn much more tummy fat in less time:

Hey people many thanks for taking a look at today's exercise. You see, you truly do not require any advanced tools or a cutting-edge training center to burn fat – all you REALLY need is to comprehend the best ways to use what I like to call "afterburn training" and your workouts will certainly come to be regular calorie melters …

To discover the fat-burning keys behind the Afterburn Effect, inspect this out:


– Henry.

PS: Remember to share this workout with your friends … Time yourself and also see that can do it faster!

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41 thoughts on “Lose More Belly Fat Fast With Just 2 Exercises

  1. lincoln fearon says:

    this is a killer workout gonna do it in the morning?

  2. The Mega CAMEL says:

    I have 1 question that I want answered
    1. do kettle ball swings stunt your growth??

  3. nrikas says:

    Where did you buy them track pants?…wanna get myself a pair. Thanks?

  4. Vleyed says:

    I feel like I have uneven abs, I can see the abs on one side but the other
    side of my abs has barely any showing and also my bad side has a diagonal
    ab at the top? Not sure what it means?

  5. ALI DAL says:

    I feel like I have 6 packs but they’re hidden behind a fat layer. I’m doing
    this next time I go to the gym. You know what! what’s a good alternative
    for the kettle bell? I’m trying to do this at home.?

    1. 2003MARSSKILLS says:

      +ALI DAL A small bucket of water with a lid.

    2. Lee Kou says:

      Use a dumbbell, if you have one

    3. Jetz pro says:

      +asif afzal lol

    4. ALI DAL says:

      +asif afzal I’ll make sure to boil the water so it burns my belly fat to
      get nicer results!

    5. asif afzal says:

      Use the the kettle from ur kitchen and the bell on ur front door

  6. AtriasNaradan says:

    Those two moves only few minutes work out worth 342 calories on someone
    like you? damn, i’m flabby fat, and 342 calories is what i got from about
    45 minutes of jogging….?

    1. AtriasNaradan says:

      +Chris Davies
      I assure you, i won’t last long πŸ˜›

      But yea, i would do it as far as my strength goes. We get better with more

    2. Chris Davies says:

      +AtriasNaradan it’s not the length of the workout, it’s the intensity. This
      workout is like the insanity workout but with extra weightED resistance.
      It’s an excellent workoUt, try it and see how long you last πŸ™‚

    3. Mayank Gupta says:

      +AtriasNaradan exactly my friend..u need to work your butt off to lose that
      fat..and that feeling after finishing workout is just awesome

    4. AtriasNaradan says:

      +Mayank Gupta
      Working out is never easy. You won’t get great results from something easy.

    5. Mayank Gupta says:

      This is not easy..

  7. Van ????? Vener says:

    I just cum ????

  8. Sohail Lodi says:

    I want know what time is better to do exercise, empty stomach or after
    having food few hours latter. i am a begginer shall i have to run also???
    to loose body weight. plz sugst?

  9. grimreaper3469 says:

    How does video not have 1mil views yet? I have already given it like 10,000
    views myself?

    1. grimreaper3469 says:

      Keep up the great work guys

  10. Neon _ Toaster says:

    seriously tho this is exactly what I was looking for! been gaining muscle
    but also gaining belly fat, thanks for this dude! :)?

    1. AtriasNaradan says:

      +Neon _ Toaster
      Do cardio 60 minutes (30 minutes jogging + 30 minutes fast walking) every
      time you go to the gym, before doing any weight lifts. That’s what i do
      anyway, and i managed to burn fats while gaining muscle and strength that

    2. Corvanor says:

      +Neon _ Toaster Well that’s fine, but if you’re afraid of fat, cardio is
      important. Weight training burns very little.

    3. Neon _ Toaster says:

      +Corvanor im trying to go to the gym at least 3-4 days a week with my dad,
      doing 3 sets of anything that works my chest, triceps and biceps;

      sorry im kinda new so im not knowledgeable about the names of the workouts
      I do :/

    4. Corvanor says:

      +Neon _ Toaster Do you do weight training? How are you gaining muscle?

    5. Neon _ Toaster says:

      +Corvanor the only cardio I get the chance to do is at work when im pushing
      pallets around :/

  11. Carpe Diem says:

    I used to practice karate and pretty much every class we had to do 10
    burpies as part of our circuit….they are brutal but I was able to do
    them….then….Since quitting karate I have reached a weight of 190lbs. As
    a 5’6 woman, that makes me about 50lbs overweight and most of it falls on
    my mid-section. I have pretty much zero upper body strength so doing these
    kinds of workouts (in this video) puts me in a lot of pain so I’m not able
    to workout for the next two days. COULD YOU MAKE A VIDEO OF WORKOUTS

  12. Mo Miami says:

    Do you actually need to hve body fat to be cutup and shredded??

    1. Erol C says:

      helps if you dont have body fat

  13. Kaine 3 says:

    Anyone know what weight that kettle bell is??

    1. Jessie Ramos says:


  14. squeezeNlemon says:

    Are there any alternatives except use because I don’t have s kettleball
    only Dumbbells?

    1. DigitalFate says:

      Honestly I would just carry it as a kettle bell

  15. bafongue1 says:

    Great video thank you Henry!! Should this be done every day? every other
    day? or 3 times a week? how much weight with kettle bell??

  16. Asian Potato says:

    how much fat does this burn??

  17. Japanadianboy says:

    I’ve used a 15lb kettle bell for this workout but I only feel my legs being
    worked and not my shoulders. I know I should use a heavier weight but I
    don’t know how much heavier it should be. Can anyone help me??

    1. bendadestroyer says:

      +Japanadianboy you shouldnt feel your shoulders. you should feel glutes and
      a bit of legs. if all you feel is legs then your doing too much of a squat
      motion. bring the weight closer to your crotch on the down swing and then
      thrust your hips forward to propel the weight. also take note that the guy
      in this video did it very very wrong.

  18. dre1507 says:

    I do something similar with squats and pushups for a good quick cardio
    workout that will have you drained in minutes. I can imagine how much more
    brutal this is.?

    1. Cory Stansbury says:

      Seriously. Does not take long to feel destroyed with just those two. This
      looks ridiculous.

  19. Chris Davies says:

    in fairness he has an awesome shape. But I fail to see how this exercise
    burns fat.?

  20. nickelnoserestos says:

    Maybe you should say “Burn more fat” rather than “belly fat” as we know you
    can’t SPOT reduce.. but a good video and routine and I will definitely hit
    it up.. thx!?

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