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Lose those last few kilos! 10 tips to get over a weightloss plateau // Rachel Aust

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These are things I located helpful when it came to shedding my last little bit of weight! I hope it aids you too xxx

Get Lean: Nutrition Guide as well as Exercise Program:
What's my type of body test:
Article on Hormonal agents vs Weightloss:
Ways to start working out:
8 points I desire I recognized before I started training:

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42 thoughts on “Lose those last few kilos! 10 tips to get over a weightloss plateau // Rachel Aust

  1. Yui says:

    Hi Rachel, how long did it actually take you to get such a small waist?
    Mine’s so straight can I actually change my waist? ??

    1. Sarah Elser says:

      @yui dont go for plastic surgery! trust me. you will get more confident
      with you body with getting older and the only thing you could do with
      plastic surgery is remove your lower ribs. it is pretty bad because they
      are supposed to protect your organs! dont sacrifice so much for fitting
      standards. your body shape is the one which fits best for you!

    2. Yui says:

      +Rachel Aust I’m 17 years old, my weight is now somewhere between 60-63
      kilograms my highest weight was 65 and around then I noticed my waist
      getting straight. I eat 1500 cals a day, trying to go lower. I’m still
      trying to lose weight in hopes of it getting smaller. And if not then I
      guess I should go for plastic surgery? Anyways, honestly thank you for

    3. Rachel Aust says:

      I’m not sure what your body type is, what exercises you do, whether you
      drink, what you eat, what your metabolic rate is like and a whole heap of
      other things, so I can’t really say if you will or won’t lose size from
      there because there’s too many variables that I don’t know. For myself my
      waist has always been the smallest part of me, all the women in my family
      also have smaller waists and larger hips, some of it comes down to
      genetics. But overall I lost 22cm from my waist, 11 of those were in the
      first month that I started weight training.

  2. Craig Thornton says:

    Hope I’ll help someone with this comment. The last winter I lost tens of
    kgs using this >==>> https://t.co/RQ7HuEm4oL , the best part is, it’s
    actually natural. I suggest you to give it a go as it worked for every guy
    I recommended it to. Thumbs up if it worked for you too!?

    1. Blackunnicorn says:

      Craig Thornton Actually you need to avoid dairy because it’s very fattening
      and was created to turn a 65 pound calf into a 700 pound cow

  3. Mariel Quirós says:

    I don’t know if it’s hormonal but I’m afraid I cannot loose bra fat
    anymore, i don’t know what to do or if it is something normal?

    1. Kiki beelet says:

      Mariel Quirós and me when I lose weight I become flat chested

    2. Farhana Azureen says:

      Rachel Aust thank you for this!

    3. Mariel Quirós says:

      I don’t eat none of them, almost never(i eat wheat bread but not always)
      and no, i haven’t had a test. I know that we can’t lose fat from a specific
      area, but do you know some bra fat exercises that I could try? thanks (:

    4. Rachel Aust says:

      Do you eat lots of food with refined carbohydrates? Like sugars or alcohol,
      lots of breads and pastas? That can contribute to that area. Or have you
      had your thyroid tested?

  4. Sami Guillen says:

    How did you reduce your waist though?

    1. Dannii Lee (foxtail) says:

      Ayu Aiza sure I did cardio, walking everyday, toning exercises like leg
      lifts, sit ups and crunches and other core work outs, yoga. Not all of that
      everyday but I would mix and match. The only thing I did everyday was
      walking and then I would choose something else to also do like cardio or

    2. Nawaz Khalid says:

      Dannii Lee b

    3. Ayu Aiza says:

      can I know what kind of exercise that you done?

    4. Dannii Lee (foxtail) says:

      You can’t spot reduce, but losing weight in general shrinks you everywhere.
      Core exercises help and eating foods that don;t bloat you. I went from a
      28inch waist to a 22.5inch in a few months.

  5. sam antha says:

    how do get a waist that small omg?

    1. Riley H says:

      I think it’s more her body shape haha. You could work out your butt more to
      give the illusion of a smaller waist but I think it just comes down to
      genetics tbh

  6. Sara WM says:

    Before this video an ad popped up…and it was by McDonalds ???

  7. Aleksis Satka says:

    Im 14 and turning 15 in six months. Im trying to lose some weight and i
    exercise daily (for 9-15 minutes). My exercise plan varies on every
    weekday. I think im on the right path but the thing is I suffer from binge
    eating and this may get on my way ??

  8. Mockajing says:

    WTF? I am 56% mesomorph, 56% endomorph and 11% ectomorph… how is that

    1. Nour Heikal says:


    2. Mockajing says:

      that result doesn’t help…

    3. chris says:

      Lmao 56-56-33

    4. Eline Kim says:

      Same 56-56-11 ??

  9. Klein Aapje says:

    You’re so pretty, it’s unfair.?

  10. Chourouk Hajjami says:

    Thank you so mush for this great tips ! you are really really beautiful?

  11. Whatever Goes says:

    Just so you know I think you’re so beautiful before and after?

  12. Linisbel Albizar says:

    This video was so helpful. I’m 16 and at my highest I was 166 pounds. I
    started eating healthy and working out 5 days a week and I’m now at 145 but
    I’ve noticed in the past three weeks I haven’t lost a single pound and it
    made so upset.?

    1. Linisbel Albizar says:

      +papa cringe It took me around 4 months to lose 14 pounds which I guess
      isn’t much for the amount of time but it only took me so long because I
      wasn’t working out at the time. I became vegetarian and the pounds just
      started coming off alone. I joined the gym about a month ago and I’ve lost
      5 pounds. I just incorporated more veggies into all my foods. The app (My
      fitness pal) helps me keep track of what I eat, drink, workout everyday. I
      also only allow myself to have 1 cheat meal Saturday and Sunday. But once
      you get into the habit of eating cleaner and working out it won’t be so
      difficult and you’ll actually feel bad when you miss 1 day at the gym. If
      you have any other questions I don’t mind following you on Instagram if you
      have one. 🙂

    2. papa cringe says:

      Oml that’s so amazing! I’m so happy for you! How long did it take you to
      lose so much? I’m definitely interested omg. What did you eat & what types
      of exercise did you do, if you don’t mind my asking?

  13. Lorien says:

    Saturated fats are bad? Grains are good? Girl, please… I thought you
    based your claims on recent research, not 80’s myths…?

    1. Katrina S says:

      I dab Every morning only if you don’t use them up. all your cells run on
      glucose which comes from carbs.

    2. LadySpira says:

      +twenty one jimins since our body’s cells (including the brain’s) are
      fueled by glucose, everything you eat will be converted into exactly that
      anyway, so… everything you eat will be stored as fat? Doesn’t make much
      sense :’)

    3. I dab Every morning says:

      carbs turn to glucose in your body though and store as fat..

    4. Susanne Rehm says:

      whole grains are important! only refined ones are garbage

    5. Shorouk A says:

      Just because she doesn’t agree that grains are good doesn’t necessarily
      mean she thinks carbs are bad.

  14. Faith Morgan says:

    This was so helpful! This video was really informative and didn’t just
    repeat everything we already knew.?

  15. Tamelan Smiles says:

    Thanks for sharing these some I knew and others I didn’t. Very good video?

  16. Westy says:

    You are so beautiful! And Thank you for the video!?

  17. Fa-Ann .P says:

    did she said that she lost 3 kg in 6 months? i dont feel bad anymore lol?

  18. Cherry X says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NO. 1! I’ve been replaying your video for 5x times
    already, just to listen to no. 1. I’ve been succeeding and failing in
    getting healthy and yes, mindset is truly the most important thing.
    Whenever I have doubts and torturing myself, this video is my ultimate
    go-to for bringing my motivation back.?

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