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Lose Weight and Burn Fat in Just 15 Minutes! Real Time Zeus Workout

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Using simply your bodyweight these are great fat burning workouts. No charge just click below if your interested

Residence exercises have actually ended up being Incredibly prominent.

We evaluated our 30,000+ Facebook followers and also asked them if we produced an exercise program just what they would like as well as the outright victor was Crazy fat burning residence workouts

Well they asked and we supplied as we release our Zeus Home Exercise Club

20-30 Min Real-time Overall body high strength workouts
Very little time, optimum fat melt

No Health club! No time at all! NO EXCUSE!

Inspect it out on your own

Since We have actually been live a the reviews have actually currently been flying in as well as everyone
is LOVING it and really feeling the melt

So if you like bodyweight just residence workouts and also exercises just like in todays video then its
not to be missed

i am that confident you will certainly love the workouts I am even going to let you attempt
them for 7 day with our 7 day take the chance of totally free test. Do not like exactly what you see, just terminate

Who claims you need a fitness center or equipment to do an awesome workout.


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28 thoughts on “Lose Weight and Burn Fat in Just 15 Minutes! Real Time Zeus Workout

  1. Roshan Raghunathan says:

    good workout and I’ve gotten my time down from 40 to under 30 minutes
    within 15 days.
    is it normal to experience pain in the knee or am I not doing something
    right? it’s the wood chops exercise I think that leaves Me feeling sore

    1. TheZeusFitness says:

      Great going Roshan. With the woodchops , just make sure you’re twisting
      your opposite foot at the top of the moment to prevent your knee being
      straight and in an awkward position. You will prob see it better in this
      video around the 1 min mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nt9h_0CVs0

  2. N4sAsKa says:

    Been in this for a month and still going on ! Thanks coach!?

    1. Tokazikashi says:

      Have u seen a difference

  3. Pal Stas says:

    So hot?

  4. Lauren J says:

    Love these workouts! I was having trouble keeping up with the
    expensive/ridiculous payments of CrossFit and spotted your channel. I
    really love all the workouts you put together! I do one in the morning and
    one in the afternoon- Thank you so much!?

    1. TheZeusFitness says:

      Great stuff Lauren. Glad they helping :-). Got a lot more like it on my
      actual Home workout club, http://www.homeworkout.club. This also includes
      full digital access to my Zeus Express home workout dvd and Zeus Absolution
      home workout program. Great for those looking a cheaper alternative to the

  5. Dorothy Mac Blane says:


  6. c0ldman says:

    well do e?

  7. Lesly Montes says:

    Hi! thanks Zeus this a awesome workout! One question, can i change push up
    for another exercise? I have a shoulder injury. which exercise you
    recommend? Thaks,?

  8. Abhay Singh says:

    excuses are for wooses not for sissies…hahaha….m gonna use dat

  9. James Wilson says:

    So good!! Hope to be looking like you in no time!! Thank you?

  10. Jaime Salazar says:

    Hey Zeus. The workouts great for me, really made me sweat but I had a hard
    time keeping up with you. But for anybody who responds, how many time would
    be good for a day? My doubt is that im not sure 15 min will help me. Maybe
    im wrong but so many people always say at least 1 hour so please any advice
    will help.?

    1. TheZeusFitness says:

      If you’re just starting out don’t worry about keeping with me , go at a
      pace that pushes you and work your way up and your fitness. You could try
      by hitting one of my 15 minute workouts in the morning and a different one
      at night to mix up your routine to get you started. Also along with a good
      diet, remember diet will be key to results.

      In time as your fitness grows , you could double up and make it a 30 minute
      workout by doing a workout and then repeating again straight after

  11. Steven Hubbard says:

    Could you suggest an alternative to burpees and exercises like jumping
    jacks which jolt your spine. I had a neck injury 2 years ago. Burpees make
    me lose balance and co ordination and Jumping Jacks give me an almighty
    headache. I’ve still been doing your 15 min workouts but I’ve had to miss
    the things that mess me up. I am 175cm tall and about 30% fat. I was 96kg
    in the summer and I’m now 89kg after christmas just by doing a few weights
    and cutting my meal portions down, but 89kg has been my plateau for over a
    month now. I am now trying to do two 15 min work outs a day. One before
    work and one after the kids go to bed. Any help would be great. Also as I
    work out of a van 12 hours a day I could use some tips on a good lunchbox
    to take with me that isnt just rabbit food.?

  12. MIKEY RDRS says:

    very hard
    I am 10 years old and u do it?

  13. bloodinthewater says:

    Total game changer. Thanks Zeus!?

    1. TheZeusFitness says:

      +bloodinthewater thanks man , appreciate it đŸ™‚

  14. vijay gk says:

    hello Zeus idk if it’s your name, I’m Vijay all the way from India a week
    ago I was going through workout videos and I found your channel your 15
    minutes fat burning exercises are super I tried first day and it’s been a
    while like 4 years I stopped exercising I used to go to kung fu classes but
    I stopped now after 4 years I started again first day I was barely did 6
    minutes and it took 7 days to comple the whole 15 minutes workout I have
    one question how often do we take rest is it once for 2 days or once(1day)
    for 3 days does it effect our body shape or any other stuff (sorry for bad
    English) and thanks for your videos..?

  15. Janis Kalns says:

    Amazing cardio workout: BIG THANKYOU Zeus?

  16. TheVen56 says:

    Decided to get in shape a week ago and this is a great beginning i
    feel,you’re an awesome coach mate :D?

    1. TheVen56 says:

      +TheVen56 Especially cause I don’t have the moneyz to go to a gym but
      hey,That’s no excuse đŸ˜€ I don’t wanna be a wuss after all,rather a Zeuss đŸ˜€

  17. Carlos Lavigne says:

    Love this workout man great stuff zeus?

  18. bananian says:


  19. Jumbomuffin13 says:

    I did 2 video workout before I did yours and I am sooooooooooo tired?

    1. Jumbomuffin13 says:

      I hate my body and heart so much. Body because I did your first workout
      checked my weight did second and this time when I checked it went .6 up
      which it took me 3 workout videos to get it down. My heart because I had my
      heart surgery a year ago and now its worst??? I get tired to easily

  20. Smexii says:

    hey man these workouts are really good I love them if I do them 4/5 times a
    week and I do some jogging on the side so like 2/3 times a week jogging, of
    course eating healthy. how long do you reckon I need to see some big
    improvments ??

    1. Rohan Shinde says:

      +Smexii Depends on you.

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