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Man Who Credited Taylor Swift to Losing 425 Pounds Gets Excess Skin Removed

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One of Taylor Swift's biggest followers was inspired to lose 425 extra pounds by exercising to her songs. Ronnie Brower underwent greater than 15 hours of surgery eliminate more than 35 extra pounds of excess skin, and also INSIDE VERSION existed to see his brand-new body. The comprehensive treatment did leave marks, yet Brower states he does not mind one little bit. "I simply inform people I obtained little bit by a shark," he informed IE. He informed INSIDE EDITION this is the healthiest and also happiest he's ever before been.

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62 thoughts on “Man Who Credited Taylor Swift to Losing 425 Pounds Gets Excess Skin Removed

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    3. Leola Pantoja says:

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  3. Louisa _Grand says:

    I just told people I was bit by a shark ??

    1. Berkay :D says:

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      loss! Cli?k here t? watchit n?w. Man Who
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    2. Alfred Alfred says:

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    3. Krishnas Wolke says:

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    4. willy1986tralara says:

      +Louisa _Grand that made my day xD

  4. BasqueOblivion says:

    With those scars he should tell people they thought he was dead and started
    an autopsy then he woke up from a small coma he was in half way through and
    that’s how he got em XD?

    1. grisel marie says:

      BasqueOblivion ?

    2. Hossam Amr says:

      Jon Snow

    3. BreedingDiamonds says:

      +BasqueBolivian Or maybe he was stabbed by the members of the nights watch
      and was revived by the red woman.

    4. Myview says:

      Bitten by a shark takes up less time lol

    5. BasqueOblivion says:

      +Myview246 yeah i know but if he has time to have an intense story session

  5. SolarEXtract says:

    Wow, he looks absolutely amazing after the surgery. They did a great job!
    I’m blown away by this man’s efforts to lose so much weight, then to find
    an amazing woman on top of it all. They’re beautiful together.?

    1. Christian P says:

      +superkaikei2017 you can always just try to gain more muscle to fill in the

    2. kai kei says:

      will there be another way to get rid of the excess skin? just asking.

  6. The_Artomaniac says:

    He was literally Taylor swifts “biggest” fan?

    1. ????_????? ???????????? says:

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    2. Sonicblastersoni says:

      And Taylor swift doesn’t care lol

    3. sulezraz says:

      now he’s not

  7. Ryan Day says:

    “I was Two hundred and fifty poundsth at a size chwenty”?

    1. Corporate Warrior says:

      +Ryan Day She is hot

    2. Berserk says:

      +DarkEpyon123 why’d you take that so seriously???

    3. Berserk says:

      +SugarLiz I’m sure you’ll love Mike Tyson

  8. Dragoon The Great says:

    Ia it bad that i want to touch his skin?

    1. Dragoon The Great says:

      +coking71 Lol

    2. ??? ??????? says:

      How to Lose Weight As a Teenager

  9. Zaaa46 says:

    Well, technically he is no longer her “biggest” fan.?

    1. PollasEnVinagre says:


    2. Arturo Benitez says:

      +Zaaa46 *ba dum tss

    3. stevebean1234 says:

      +Zaaa46 best comment

  10. jewel skye says:

    That skin looked soft idk why but if that was my skin hanging I’d play with
    it for awhile then get it removed ???

    1. Aisyah Iskandar says:

      jewel skye that’s the weirdest thing I’ve read all week

    2. jewel skye says:

      +Syed Ali LMAO, WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

    3. Syed Ali says:

      jewel skye my grandma has loose skin like that on her wrist when I was a
      kid I’d play with it all the time lol

    4. Final Fantasy says:

      +jewel skye I’m sure you would’ve killed yourself. You might think it looks
      funny, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be funny if it was your body.

  11. Misael Guerrero says:

    1:10 he still runs like he’s fat. I’m not trying to be a jerk but why does
    he run like that??

  12. UniverseGAMING says:

    Plastic Surgery at Korea there will be no Scar lol?

  13. whorebucks says:

    if that guy got a girl when he was that huge, nothing is impossible?

    1. Ali Love says:

      well some people aren’t that shallow

  14. Brian Best says:

    I wonder how much he weighs now?

    1. TheEmeraldMan382 says:

      Brian Best 225 maybe.

    2. Rhianna Barr says:

      +DerekT ?

    3. Skeeter and Hamptom says:

      Probably 170-200 lbs. based on the video. Impressive though, he is a
      healthy man!

    4. DerekT says:

      215 I think

  15. Jake Miles says:

    I’m not a Taylor Swift fan but I love when music changes people lives for
    the better?

  16. PeowPeowPeowLasers says:

    I Wonnnnder if the maaaan who did the voiiiiiceeeover for this repooooorrtt
    speaks like thhhaaat in real life??

    1. Internet Guy says:

      +PeowPeowPeowLasers ThhaaATTTTT sing SONGY voice that goes up AND DOWN like
      a child playing AN INSTRUMEEEENT.

    2. TheCoolDoc says:

      +PeowPeowPeowLasers hahahaha

  17. Louay Bazerbashi says:

    Wow… I believe this is the biggest motivation anyone could have?

  18. MrJayOkane says:

    I lost 210 myself. I can’t afford that surgery though. I’m just hoping the
    bulkier and more toned I get will make a difference.?

    1. MrJayOkane says:

      Turns out, over time you can tone it down and build muscle. But that’s
      pretty near and ty.

    2. Maksim Makso says:

      +emsroks here is Serbia its 3000€

    3. Scores Man says:

      +emsroks Thousands. And a lot of insurance policies don’t cover it because
      it’s considered cosmetic

    4. emsroks says:

      +MrJayOkane How much is the surgery?

    5. ToxicHorsePucky says:

      I think vitamin c helps with skin elasticity.

  19. Drumguy says:

    Meanwhile his wife needs to fake orgasms with him until the gardener comes
    on Wednesdays??

    1. Whiterun Guard says:


  20. xxuncexx says:

    Lol I’m chuckling hard listening to the chick talk…?

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