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Morning Weight Loss Yoga in Bed

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Get your early morning removaling right from bed! An oldie from iYogalife

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35 thoughts on “Morning Weight Loss Yoga in Bed

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  5. liza nancy says:

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  13. Sierra Stealey says:

    this was amazing!!! i lost over 40 pounds??

    1. Nurin Batrisyia Halmi says:

      since when

    2. XxBaby ArixX says:

      WHAT REALLY UR So lucky

    3. Vincent Vermeer says:

      +Sierra Stealey lol

  14. Saman Kumhara says:


  15. Vegan Kitty says:

    i did this and my back hurts now?

    1. TheEvolvedegg says:

      Vegan Kitty well she is doin it wrong one shouldn’t do these exercises ever
      on bendy surfaces…u need to HV spine straight… pls don’t follow
      this…its not yoga….it’s just a fucking bag of lies…n poor

    2. Peter Hines says:

      Ur gonna die tbh

  16. Caitlin Manley says:

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    1. ARNOLD PRASAD says:

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  17. Glamorous Gurl says:

    My bed is small?

    1. Reejvi Ahmed Badhan says:

      my too

  18. Alice Fay says:

    Her legs ?? her legs could put berbie to shame?

  19. Defined4hispurpose says:


  20. NaranyOfficial says:

    ???? hahhahahhaha?

    1. shadiya banu says:


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