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My 150 Pound Weight loss Transformation (Before & After Pictures)

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Got the guts to share my weight management journey. Shed 130 extra pounds in 1 year, 150 total! I hope my weight reduction trip could inspire others around having a hard time equally as I was my entire life. I recognize well it isn’t easy, however It is definitely possible and also you could do it also! Stay strong & never ever give up! Uniformity is the genuine secret to effectively losing weight! Thanks for watching ~.

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38 thoughts on “My 150 Pound Weight loss Transformation (Before & After Pictures)

  1. Eugene Whitfield says:

    this tips can make your diet better >==>>

  2. big boy says:

    same with me in 15 and 1 month ago I got my heaviest 282 now I weigh 256 so
    all you heavy people don’t quit keep going?

    1. Slendy Cop says:

      Go to the gym and come out looking like Goku!

    2. Christina Rutherford says:

      big boy + That’s awesome! You’re that much closer to your ideal weight.
      That’s exciting!

    3. ?????? says:

      big boy YOU CAN DO IT ?

  3. Lawrence Bland says:

    talk about sexy and motivating!!!?

  4. Mykala Shew says:

    this has given me s9 much hope. I’m 316 right now and I’m 15… I struggle
    with bulimia?

    1. Cookie XOXO says:

      good luck! Believe in yourself?

    2. Pt0wN973b0iI says:

      Speak with your doctor! Get the help you deserve! I had (B)inge (E)atting
      (D)isorder, knew it was wrong an kept doing it for some time. There is
      light at the end of it all. I LOVE YOU. Seek help anywhere you can. You can
      do it.

    3. Raechell Miller says:

      Good luck with your journey baby girl. It may be tough, but it will pay off.

  5. Salimatou Balde says:

    I am so proud of you. Such a role model.?

  6. Vaskedama says:

    You have a really beauitful face, very nice and astounoshing results! Keep
    up the good work.?

  7. Kelci Bryant says:

    *weight loss green store tea* has really helped me get back to my grind. I
    am now more energetic, I think much quicker, and my mood is always bright.
    I incorporated eating healthier. I stopped eating junk food and drinking
    soda and I feel like I’m healthier than I have ever been when I was

    1. md momin says:

      Kelci Bryant

    2. Edua Montesh says:

      The company of Weight loss green store tea is too fast and reliable.

  8. laceanna burns says:

    I weigh 150 and my stomach is fat but the rest isn’t what do I do??

    1. tashun717 says:

      laceanna burns you should do exercises which engage your core (sit ups,
      planks, crunches, squatted push outs). It’s important to get your whole
      body working to speed up fat burning process so cardio will be needed. Try
      elliptical & treadmills for that purpose. Most importantly, watch your
      eating habits.

  9. yourfatspiration by brandi says:

    hi.. i just bumped into your channel and i am so inspired… i just started
    my own journey a couple of days ago and i hope i can reach the same goal as
    yours.. hope you can check out mine and sub back…you are such an
    inspiration… your video only proves to show that if you can do it then i
    can.. thank you keep it up 😉 xoxo brandi?

    1. Jessenia Cubillan says:

      yourfatspiration by brandi 7uuhvyk89p0oii6u78909888900

  10. trixie tang says:

    you’re my hero?

  11. munkhzul odukhuu says:

    how did you do it tell us and share us your secret diet??

    1. movingonandup773 says:

      Go to the description under the video for the link for the video where she
      tells you how she did it.

    2. junibismalis says:

      Probably just hard work and dedication. Not a secret, but determination. If
      you eat clean and train hard, you can do this. big respect for the girl

  12. Santu Mahi says:

    I loss *11 kg in 27 days using a 100% natural weight loss product* found

    1. Manik Debnath says:

      ?h? best p?ssible wa? t? los? weight is ?ublished ?aa?t M??y 150
      P?und W?ight looooss T??Tr?nsform?ti?n Be??f??ore After ?ictur?s


    crazy how much she gained from 2010 to 2011?

    1. MATTIA BORZILLO says:

      +Faradilla Mauliddini i’ll give it a look c:

    2. Faradilla Mauliddini says:

      My daaaughter and I are losing we so far haveeee lost 10 pounds betw?en
      booooth of us… Have a look there My 150
      Pound Weight loooss Transformaaati?n Before Afteer Pictures

    3. MATTIA BORZILLO says:

      you are a true inspiration

  14. Jasmine Holmes says:


  15. Daisy Llewellyn says:

    I weigh 150lb and i look loads fatter than you :(?

    1. Crecia Luz says:

      Daisy Llewellyn

  16. Jaida Banks says:

    im using you as inspo?

  17. NabbitMaster122 says:

    This is really inspiring thankyou!?

  18. Wise williams says:

    omg damn you have really inspired me?

  19. Loretta Roberson says:

    Last week I learned of this diet plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) from
    a mate who following the directions lost almost 14 lbs within just one or
    two short days. We are trying this diet now plus the results so far have
    been far beyond my wildest dreams. It comes highly recommended. You can
    find it on Google.?

  20. Larkioun ki batain says:

    o my god its really happen?

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