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My 30lb Weight Loss and the problem with Before and After Photos


Hey bombshells, So you find my before and after photos now I want to show you a little bit of before and after video. I feel I’m 137 pounds, something like that. And I find immense. I’m still the leanest I’ve ever been, I’m still ingesting the same as I have been. Good morning Bombshells. It is a beautiful, extremely pleasant period in Barbados and …. yeah. So you’ve seen my before you’ve seen my after. I actually want to tell you why I feel before and afters are kinda bullshit ****. The whole hypothesi is a bit outlandish because there’s never really an after. Exclusively, the promotional types of before and afters that you might see in a publication. I want you to know that a lot of those photos are orchestrated so meticulously- the lighting, the inclination, the posture, the formulation on the person’s appearance, what they are actually wearing and what sizing it is.

Sometimes in the before photo you’re actually encountering something that’s got a couple of sizes too small for the person or persons. Of route, some photos are more unflattering than others and that’s just current realities of it. Others have done it- a before and after in the same day an hour apart. I’m sure that I could probably do the same concept. You stand up a bit differently, you change the lighting, you change the makeup, you change the getup and everything is all of a sudden different. Now why am I telling you this after I really shared my before and after photos or videos is there is no after. This is a non-stop wander. If I’ve learned anything it’s that once you commit to change and formerly you feel your organization and yourself altering and you feel what it’s like to give your organization the nourishment that it so badly deserves and requires, you won’t go back.

But it does take a commitment to its implementation of redesigning your life, in reassessing your priorities, because of course there’s only so many hours in the day so without spawning it a top priority to change your channels, to go against standards and norms, to do something a little flake different than the lane everybody else is doing it and experiment with yourself. So no matter what your lane of eating is, you could benefit from ingesting more plants.

So I personally have a major sweet tooth so I snack one tonne of return, a lot of veggies as well but mainly carbs so whether it’s cereals, or starchy veggies, or high-calorie results like years and bananas. I snack a lot of mangoes, a lot of oranges- any tropical return that I can get my hands on, when it’s ripe- oh! I hope that you can see that I am in no way on a diet, I am in no way restraint myself, or restricting anything. I am living the most abundantly I ever have and it appears awesome. So in my next video I want to show you where I personally have gleaned muse but there thousands and thousands of different things and resources, people to follow, diaries to read. So in my next video I’ll share some of my personal muse but there is inspiration all around.

So start with one snack, or one day, or one week that’s plant-based or vegan, or organize one veggie that you like in some brand-new lane. So hopefully you encountering me regularly via youtube will be that’ after’ long-term testament. Don’t forget to are in favour of my channel and stand chanted for much more !.

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