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My Phentermine Experiment

Try Phen.375  Today!

Hey Jedi! Hope you took pleasure in paying attention to my thoughts on the Phentermine pills I'm taking right now. Love ya as well as MTFBWY. constantly!

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32 thoughts on “My Phentermine Experiment

  1. inuj iongi says:

    This is the best I think you’ve looked. Those cool tone colors really
    compliment you perfectly.?

    1. Ashleigh C says:

      Thank you so much! <3 <3

  2. mysmilewow says:

    Hahaha yes, that happened to me. I was eating something and a few bites in
    I was like, ewwww I feel nauseous, and I could not finish it, It was BBQ
    which I love. That happened a few times about 2-3 weeks into taking it.?

    1. Ashleigh C says:

      Thank god i’m not the only one! lol. It’s such a weird feeling to get! <3

  3. corinthians says:

    I took Vyvnase for a while. Murdered my appetite but messed with my mind,
    plus my heartbeat was fucked. Amphetamines are like cousins to cocaine i

    1. Raquel Rene' says:

      Thank YOU. I FEEL like there is another me when I am on this drug. I’ve
      lost 20 lbs. but I take them, then I get off. I IMMEDIATELY can tell when I
      don’t take it for a day. The constipation and the sleepiness is insane. The
      first stint of me doing it produced insomnia

    2. Anonymous Brahette says:

      What exactly did you experience? I hope you don’t mind me asking? I’m on 30
      mg only though but I don’t feel any difference too much aside from the
      focus and appetite suppression

    3. Anonymous Brahette says:

      +Raquel Rene’ same…I can tell when I don’t take it (forget) but I’ve had
      sleep problems for a while I don’t know if it’s because of the vyvanse

  4. Raquel Rene' says:

    You are too cute : ) I’ve lost 20 lbs. . .but like YOU, I take it for a
    while and then I get off for a few days. GOOD POINT!!! I do NOT drink a lot
    of coffee when I take the Phentermine!?

  5. Visurant says:

    Just started today! Can’t wait to see amazing results!! Love your video!
    You’re absolutely amazing and beautiful!?

    1. Carla Burke says:

      a little cardio and a healthy lifestyle will help you a lot to lose weight
      and maintain it. Good luck

  6. Heather Long says:

    When I stop taking it, I want to sleep forever and eat the world.?

    1. Carla Burke says:

      lol yea, that happens to me too

    2. Lateshia Childs says:

      Heather Long really….wow, I was prescribed some phetamine the other day
      haven’t started taking I’m going to wait until Saturday when I’m off to see
      how I feel. it does help with weight loss right?

  7. Sveta Barsuchok says:

    Hi, I live in Russia , unfortunately we do not have such a drug , but the
    Internet works wonders – ordered drug. Already I am dreaming to get it.
    Enough time has passed , you are happy with the result ? Even though you
    are so very beautiful girl.?

    1. Clayton Henning says:

      what’s the website to order it from

    2. kanohane says:

      It s a narcotic aka controlled substance, you can’t buy online. You got

  8. Ranaa Cheema says:

    whats the best place to buy it from, if you don’t have the presciption for

    1. Brandy O says:

      Get a prescription.

    2. Carla Burke says:

      You can get it online for some website, it’s a pretty good pill though that
      helps you lose weight and maintain it.

    3. Carla Burke says:

      Give them a call, and he will help you with that.

    4. kanohane says:

      It s a narcotic, you can’t buy online

  9. Renee Daniel says:

    Do you have a updated Phentemine video to show us??

  10. qxmjdn says:

    Ash could i buy some off you? Cant get them here in Ireland.??

  11. Dee dee78 says:

    how many pills you take a day??

  12. Ralph Burge says:

    Could you please let me know? I have a very strong feeling that everyone is
    being deceived by the government and pharmaceutical companies. I have taken
    Phentermine back in the 70’s in the form of pink hearts. It was a wonder
    drug. The effects of Phentermine should be. Charged with energy, but not
    clumsy,motivation,extreme mental clarity,a feeling of fullness,not hungry,a
    feeling of happiness. I never had headaches, a desire for water, mood
    swings or change in taste of food. You did not need to take more than one a
    day and doing so could make your heart beat so fast that your lungs would
    fill with blood to the point that you would not be able to breathe
    resulting in death. Regardless it has been used by the military for many
    years due to the benefits I have just mentioned. It used to be legal in the
    states with no prescription and sold out of porn magazines for weight loss
    and energy. It was the true LIMITLESS pill. But I believe the military and
    government has suppressed it for a generation so that they can fool
    everyone and keep the real deal for themselves. If it was real you would be
    praising it for the benefits that I had mentioned not just the weight loss.
    It was the best form of amphetamine. I spoke to KVK tech and they said it
    was geared to weight loss and did not seem to happy to answer the questions
    or excited about the other benefits that Phentermine should have. It had
    also been used for ADD and Depression, but thy suggested there is other
    pills for that. Also odd that they should buy up a government building such
    as Lockheed Martin to start manufacturing it again after so many years of
    the government trying to suppress it. It was far superior to Adderall or
    Dexedrine so why are these two garbage drugs still being used. If I had
    just one of them I could tell you if it was real within the first 20
    minutes. But I highly do not think it is or that it would be military
    grade. If I am incorrect and anyone knows for sure that Pink hearts from
    the 70’s was not Phentermine please do inform me. Because we seem to have
    nothing like it now.?

  13. Leslie Patron says:

    I just took my first pill and wow I got hot flashes big time sweating . I
    do feel like I took a pain killer like so relaxed my body its weird! by I
    did feel food with my normal portion of food that I been eating since I
    started my diet which I never felt full?

  14. Deja Oxendine says:

    do u have a update?

  15. TME says:

    Week 2 …I just want to cry all day . ??

  16. xXdinogoesRAWRxX1 says:

    its lowgrade speed. stay off the drugs and eat clean. then you can eat as
    much as you want??

  17. zjef marki says:

    you are so beautiful I wish I can take you for a date?

  18. Tameka Miller says:

    i just started today. and i noticed little to no side effects. but i just
    took half a pill and drink a whole bottle of water. i think the key is
    water and cut back sugar. i had taken diet pills in the past once i got to
    the weight i wanted i went back to eating what i wanted and thats a no no
    my heart was racing i went to er. so i was really nervous about taking this
    but im going to give it a try if i notice anything thats not right i will
    stop them .?

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