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Never Eat Dinner at Tom Brady’s House

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First things initially: I'm in no placement to earn enjoyable of anyone's diet. I consumed cereal that came out of a box with a cartoon personality on the front of it for morning meal today … and cleaned it with an Oreo. So I'm possibly certainly not the person that ought to be giving out diet recommendations.

That being stated, Tom Brady's individual chef Allen Campbell just did an interview with to talk about what it resembles to cook for the Patriots quarterback and his supermodel spouse Gisele. And what I learned from it is that Brady's diet plan seems, well, terrible. He does eat some things that seem appealing, like grass-fed natural steak, duck "from time to time," and hen, which all seem typical sufficient. However 80 percent of Tom and Gisele's diet plan contains vegetables.

Brady's diet plan obviously works. He's been playing in the NFL for greater than 15 years currently and also is still going solid at 38. So helpful for him. Keep eating healthy! Someone around right here needs to, right?

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Never Eat Dinner at Tom Brady's House from Complex.

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46 thoughts on “Never Eat Dinner at Tom Brady’s House

  1. Kyler Miller says:

    Celebrities eat like farm animals.?

    1. cock face williams says:

      +American Sniper L for not knowing the word is spelt “dying”.

    2. Thomas Mccormack says:

      he is eating like this so he can play another 8 years unlike peyton

    3. James Sharp says:

      +Thomas Mccormack The ‘unlike Peyton’ wasn’t necessary. Tom’s had the
      better career, so that speaks for itself. I hope Brady can play at least
      4-5 more years though.

    4. killafocker says:

      Peyton had too much papa johns pizza

  2. WhyTheFuck YouLying says:

    Tom Brady probably cheats his diet too?

    1. Herc Zeus says:

      +WhyTheFuck YouLying And on his wife.

    2. passportboom says:

      +WhyTheFuck YouLying Aye fam you can take a day off for that one hahahah

    3. King of Boston says:

      +WhyTheFuck YouLying Prolly not, he’s way to fucking healthy for that to be
      even close to believable

    4. Paul George #PG-13 #PacerNation #13hunnit says:

      +Herc Zeus W

  3. Long J says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with that diet. fucking dumbass Alex?

    1. American Sniper says:

      +Kendrick Lamar me and the homie drake double teamed her bruh she was
      shaking after her 3 orgasms

    2. PrizMa says:

      I know Emily is depressed asf looking at these comments rn. Nobody claiming
      her as their side or main chick. Lmfaoo

  4. Raiden Protecter of Earthrealm says:

    I’d suck this dude off yo have dinner with him. No homo tho?

    1. PrizMa says:

      +Edgar Martinez Lmfaoo

    2. Aaron Rodgers says:

      +Scottie Pippen pretend to be one of the goats, you cant be sending out L’s

    3. Scottie Pippen says:

      +Receive ThisL Lol

    4. ASAP Rocky says:

      L, get out. ???

  5. Edgar Martinez says:

    Not as good as DJ Khaled’s chef?

    1. Disorder says:

      Egg whites, chicken sausage, turkey bacon and watterrrr ? bless up

    2. qrew says:

      Chef dee is bae

    3. fire flames says:

      they don’t want us to eat like DJ khaled

    4. bejarny says:

      hes ordering pot pies and hes like”another one…another one

    5. Palleboina Pranathi says:

      ? Youu Wontttt Beliveee Guysss Howwww I Lostt Fat Fast In Justtt 3 Weekss
      Withhh This Weight Loss Diet Visitt : –

  6. Ivan Fonkoa says:

    “I don’t always eat fruit but when I do, I prefer Bananas”
    – Tom Brady?

    1. Scottie Pippen says:


    2. PrizMa says:

      +Scottie Pippen Lmfaooo

  7. THE GOAT says:

    Complex forgot to add that my favorite side dish is the Giselle special

    1. Gabriel says:

      +WBS but who ain’t eating her out

    2. alxx002 says:

      +Adam Deleon foh adam, let him be

    3. THE GOAT says:

      +Adam Deleon you feeling some typa way?

    4. Anthony Basol says:

      +THE GOAT no I thought it was flat meatballs

  8. DJFaNaTiiC says:

    Himalayan pink salt is dank?

    1. EagleZtoTheGrave says:

      +DJFaNaTiiC somebody hip to the game lol

    2. DJFaNaTiiC says:

      +EagleZtoTheGrave high class fam only the finest

  9. Anna Campbell says:

    Ayeeeee that’s my cousin :)?

    1. Noah Jones says:

      Anna Campbell (:

  10. Kenneth Bass says:

    Sooooooo basically he eats the way that you’re suppose to when you want to
    live a long healthy life.?

  11. Andrew Taylor says:

    Thanks to his wife he eats this way if he weren’t married to her he would
    probably eat what we wanted.?

  12. Alexis Slavey says:

    I whant to?

  13. Matt Konny says:

    None of these are justifiable except for tomatoes I guess.?

  14. Kyle Holmes says:

    dont forget Roger Goodells Jizz surprise smoothies?

  15. mrzoperxplex says:


  16. King Brah says:

    Instead of spending money on age reverse products and surgery. Eat right
    and you get better results?

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