Phentermine update after 1 week!!!! Fuck ya… | | Phentermine37.5 - No. 1 Diet pill is Phen375

Phentermine update after 1 week!!!! Fuck ya…

Try Phen.375  Today!

Below is my update, its fucking remarkable!!! I so would recommend this as long as u don't have an addictive character … It does work, as well as if it hasn't then they just weren't attempting. Its like magic with a burst of weight management along with born in mind that u r what u consume also. I consumed excessive bullshit and it took a toll, currently its falling off daily. No lie!!!! I speak highly of it …

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38 thoughts on “Phentermine update after 1 week!!!! Fuck ya…

  1. Maggie Nguyen says:

    You are so awesome! Thank you for being so real!!! Keep it up and good luck
    with your journey! Hope to see your new updated videos soon! ?

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      this stuff works

  2. Eneli Muhammad says:

    Hi I wanted to knw because im lookin to get on this pill i ben watching
    utube videos trying 2 find out where to get these pills and what does the
    bottle look like? I didnt see a recent video update of you i wanted to knw
    how much you’ve lost so far as well??

  3. TheJujubee68 says:

    Good job on the weight loss! Amazing:)?

    1. Marilyn Martin says:

      thank u

  4. Sheila Cawthorne says:

    Angela Varner you are a straight up very blunt young lady you keep it real.
    l like you already. congratulations on your weight loss thank you for
    sharing your thoughts?

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      thank u

    2. Sheila Cawthorne says:

      +Angela Varner You welcome darling.

    3. Marilyn Martin says:

      anytime dear!!!

  5. Soulflwr1 says:

    Awesome! I’m starting today and my dr told me to start off with half a
    pill. It’s a dam capsule! So I can’t do a half pill ? I hope I don’t be
    climbing the walls! ? TFS! ??

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      oh wow!!! Didn’t know they had capsules, best of luck. totally do a YouTube
      diary if possible

    2. Soulflwr1 says:

      +Angela Varner Girl I hope I got the right script! Lol. I took 1 this
      morning then took a nap. Waiting on the burst of energy ? I did Ck online-
      I think they are time released. Thx 4 replying doll! ?

  6. Ayasha Hollinshed says:

    Lol! Great video! You kept it real! And hello from Warner Robins!!!?

  7. Briel Wright says:

    You the realist ??????????????????????

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      thank u

  8. Richard Mejia says:

    I’am a lazy motherfucker as well.?

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:


    2. jewel only says:

      Richard Mejia lol

  9. Janice Wells says:

    Omg I really wanna try them and how long did it take to loose the 17lbs?

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      8 days

  10. Poemas Historias Poems Stories says:

    well im messed up. cuz i keep forgetting to eat. and i know i have to eat
    at least somethin but ive only been 3 days on this pill and the second day
    and third i only ate not even half of a $1 cup cheez it….with that being
    said….i need to put a damm alarm to remeber cuz i be working 12 hrs and
    dont eat…then again no wonder i get hedaches. but it does work! i started
    at 244 and im 236 on my 3 day. im feeling really good. i want to put myself
    at 175-180 im 5.8 but i dont see me weighting 140….i would look sick as

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      Sometimes u have to set an alarm to eat, I did cause I forgot too

  11. Diamond Taipe -Florez says:

    would u recommend this?????? :)?

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      I would most definitely recommend this only to lose for three months
      followed by healthier eating and exercising afterwards

    2. Diamond Taipe -Florez says:

      Okay thank you:)

    3. Angela Miller Varner says:

      U r so welcome

  12. Anonymous One says:

    u take the pill and not the capsule??

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      Anonymous One Yes it’s a pill

  13. Catrice Hubbard says:

    Lol!!! Love your bluntness! And your tell it like it is personality lol!!!?

  14. Ertugrul Akkaya says:

    lady youre really telling truths.Some people really depends on the drug to
    lose weight as soon as stop the drug theyre starting to gain weights.I
    think the doctor describe this medication because they want u to change
    your eating habits.Thanks for information about this drug because my doctor
    will prescribe this medication for me too.?

  15. Ertugrul Akkaya says:

    if i take half pills does it work?i mean whole day a half pill??

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      Ertugrul Akkaya That I’m not sure but I took half at 5 am then the other
      half at 8 am

  16. lela terrell says:

    Omg I’m considering trying this. Where did u purchase it.?

  17. Courtney Rae brown says:

    Hey Angela this was really informative!!! I live in Ga as well and I’ve
    been looking to start phentermine is it really hard to find a doctor to
    prescribe it?? If so where is your doctor located?

  18. yami j says:

    your funny I like that keep it up?

  19. BlackCat 56 says:

    how would you compare phentermine to over the counter diet pills like
    hydroxycut (bad speed) to me.?

    1. Angela Miller Varner says:

      BlackCat 56 I’ve used hydroxycut and it didn’t work at all for me, however
      I do know a few that it did work for. I prefer the Phentermine over and
      over the counter. It is very important though to get a check up through a
      doctor prior to taking because not everyone can take Phentermine. Be very
      careful when doing so.

    2. Angela Miller Varner says:

      BlackCat 56 Sorry lol, auto correct went crazy. I prefer the Phentermine
      over any over the counter

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