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Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

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71 thoughts on “Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

  1. FitnessBlender says:

    Hey Guys! Daniel & I just filmed a round two of this workout for you!
    Coming soon :)?

    1. Abdultubehd al-mahmeed says:

      FitnessBlender thanks I liked your videos and I subscribed to your channel

    2. Vikas Sahu says:

      Fre? onlin? vide? shows th?t ?e??at r??l food ?nd still g?in r?al w?ight
      loss! Click h?ere to wat?hit now.
      https://twitter.com/9922d20d642b657d2/status/788632172043366400 Qui?k Sweat
      C?rdi? W?rk?ut to?o? L?se W?ight Burn B????ll?? F?t Fast

    3. ???? ???????? says:

      I lost 18lbs in 2 w?e?s! I’ve been using F?rs??linfit ?ro, It works for m?!
      1 tabl?t in the morning, one bef?re dinner. R??d ab?ut this “m?gi? bullet”
      h?r? https://t.co/6vI5JmoHMn

  2. LifeAsAsian says:

    I feel like all the workouts I found make me have stronger legs?

    1. Aizad Vlogs says:

      LifeAsAsian these exercises makes your thigh, waist and belly move while
      burning fat

    2. UmNome Aleatorio says:

      My legs ” feel ” so toned, when im up theyre really hard
      Is that good, right?

    3. SirOllie says:

      Yes me too, my legs ached after doing this

  3. Ilikebands says:

    man: alright 5 seconds left
    me: is that supposed to make me feel better?

    1. christoc99 says:

      Keep onn go0ing……one two one two…..how do you expect me to take you
      to the Andes in Peru if you can not complete this work out…..come on up
      up up.

    2. FaithsStardust says:

      Ilikebands looool. Too true

  4. Ravi D. says:

    Can guys try these too??

    1. Juan David Preciado Escobar says:

      w??rk?d f?r m?! I w?rk?d just lik? I th?ught it w?uld. It was ??s? ?n?ugh
      ?nd I just w?nt ?th?rs t? kn?w wh?n s?m?thing wo??rks. Ch??k ?ut it ?n this
      blog https://twitter.com/0b89ec223b11b0007/status/788632172043366400 Qui?k
      Sw???t C?rdi? W?rk?ut t?o L?s? W?ight Burn B?lly F?t F?st

    2. FitnessBlender says:

      Definitely! There is no such thing as a male or female workout.

  5. Nduta Kinja says:

    Alright..challenge accepted.. I will do this daily after work..starting
    today…aaaand begin…;)?

    1. FaithsStardust says:

      You still doing this? If so, how’d it go?

    2. Nduta Kinja says:

      I just did this..only one round + a cool down stretch…

    3. sianey_ xox says:

      +Nduta Kinja did you just do this exercise or did you do more with a diet?

    4. Nduta Kinja says:

      i never actually checked..i just noticed differences on my body… you
      know, like a flatter tummy…

    5. ae desire. says:

      +Nduta Kinja how much did you lose?

  6. marie Dolan collins says:

    am I the only girl that DOES NOT want abs??

    1. marie Dolan collins says:

      +stitch me too babe

    2. marie Dolan collins says:

      +Rachel Van Meygaarden yes so do i

    3. Yolanda Howard says:

      stitch ?

    4. Bawse Msp says:

      Nope (:

    5. stitch says:

      🙂 No you are not, I just want have less rollers in my belly ?

  7. Gama Sanchez says:

    This works for guys right?

    1. 5SecondDollhouse says:


  8. ~Frost~ says:

    Currently 170 pounds and 13 years old. Will be updating once every week?

    1. Kimberly Gutierrez says:

      ~Frost~ how it go and I’m 12 and weight 105

    2. ?RANIA LOL? says:

      OMG WELL DONE! That’s awesome! keep up the great work!

    3. sana says:

      +~Frost~ how many times did you do this? 🙂

    4. ~Frost~ says:

      a couple months.

    5. sana says:

      how long did it take??

  9. Grimey Belle says:

    I’m gnna try this and update after a month… Wish me luck !?

    1. Grimey Belle says:

      +Desire. Alright thanks

    2. Grimey Belle says:

      +MoonChild it helps you lose some of it I lost like a pound or two in one

  10. Nikka says:

    how much calories do we burn doing this exercise??

    1. Gerino Olegario says:

      +???????g? #1 ??? sex by

    2. ???????g? #1 ??? says:

      my biases are mingyu jun and seunkwang

    3. ???????g? #1 ??? says:


    4. Nikka says:

      ???????g? #1 ??? its wonwoo

    5. ???????g? #1 ??? says:

      is that jungkook i see

  11. Stephanie Franco says:

    alright I’m going to try this I’ll update in a week FAM!!!?

    1. Stephanie Franco says:

      +Kimberly Gutierrez over all 15 lbs with a balanced diet

    2. Kimberly Gutierrez says:

      Stephanie Franco how much u lose

    3. GxbriellexX MSP says:

      how often did you do the workout?

    4. Katey O'toole says:

      +Isaac Genovese lol

  12. TOY0BOY0 says:

    i am expert revewer and this did not work. please explain why i was
    sweating after 30 seconds of wrking out ???? is this normal??? please
    answer and send help.?

    1. Forehead BoY says:

      TOY0BOY0 you cant be a expert reviewer if you cant even manage a min of
      this easy workout

  13. Laura Ghanname says:

    I’ll update every weekend inshallah?

    1. Bayu Fermansyah says:

      ?h? be?st ??ssibl? w?? t??o? l?s? we???ight is ?ublish?d ?t
      https://twitter.com/5ba8504fd05226370/status/788632172043366400 Qui?k
      Sw?e??t Cardio Wo?rk?ut t? L?s? W?ight Burn B???ll? F?t Fast

    2. reham says:

      are you dead ? hello?

    3. SimmerFrom England says:

      Hello? How has it been? Any changes?

    4. humi m says:

      How has it been? Any changes??

  14. The CountryGamer says:

    does this work for men. I have like 3 pounds covering my abs?

    1. ky.riel says:

      Of course! Exercise works on everyone!

    2. Amanda M says:

      Ye dawg

  15. Tauseef Ahmed says:

    what should be the relaxation time between each exercise??

    1. Faith Young says:

      a boxer shuffle. its basically like a really light jog, but in place

  16. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    I’m going to do this work out everyday..ill come back in a month telling
    you guys if I lost anything..hope it works! :)?

    1. Kimberly Gutierrez says:

      Ciel Phantomhive did it work

    2. Dee Panchal says:

      Ciel Phantomhive how much did you lose?

    3. Gerald Noel says:


    4. Abeer Irfan says:

      Aww ciel ate too many butler sweets 😉

  17. giugiuba2 says:

    Ok guys I’m gonna try this starting tomorrow for a week and see what
    happens. I’ve been working so hard but I’m not losing my belly at all.
    Hopefully this will help?

  18. Abel Isakk says:

    I’m 14 yrs old, 165 cm/ 5’3 feet tall and weigh 65 kg 143 pounds. I also
    play soccer and practice 3 times a week and play a match every 2 weeks. How
    many times per day/week should I do this exercise??

    1. SimmerFrom England says:

      Once a day 6-7 days per week

    2. Abel Isakk says:

      5’4 feet*

  19. FitnessBlender says:

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    1. picodepulpo69 says:

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