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Running Tips : How to Lose Weight Running


Hi I’m Les Whitley. I’d like to talk to you right now about how to lose weight running. Running just as any other exercise is all about the energy expenditure. The more energy you expend as opposed to what you take in the chances are you’re going to lose weight. Your goals being defined by weight loss should be narrowed down more effectively to fat loss ideally having a more lean look, the athletic look that we all strive for when we get in an exercise program.

Running is a great way to condition not only the heart and lungs but the overall musculature of the body. You involve the lower body muscles to propel you through space. But your arms are used as stabilizers to make sure your run is as efficient as possible. Ideally looking at the frequency of your runs. How often are you running? Starting out with as little as one day a week, progressing upwards as your intensity either decreases or increases or your level of conditioning improves as well to two days to three days to four days.

So it’s something that becomes part of your regular routine. If you enjoy running, find different places to run so that you continue to stay challenged but your mind also stays engaged as well. The more you look forward to the activity the more likely you are to stick with it. Running and losing weight also becomes a balance, again that energy expenditure. Your running will expend a lot of calories but also you’ve got to keep in mind what you’re taking in.

So a proper diet along with that running program will help you reach the the success that you achieve. By minimizing the unhealthy foods you’re taking in, having a well-balanced diet, incorporating running as part of a regular overall conditioning routine, the chances of your success improve greatly.

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